March 31, 2002

From here:

The first band was called Orange Park, a very tight pop outfit with actual melodies. I cannot stress enough the pleasure it is to see bands who have songs with melodies. Take it from me--if you're trying to get people to like your band, a good gimmick is to have good melodies. Not just repetitive ones.

We played second and finished the night on the two-band bill. Given that we had enough time to play as long as we wanted, and that our friend Catherine (who was visiting Mike and his friends for a while) had a list of requests, we managed an eleven-song set, axing only one song at Judah's throat's request. It was great. Despite the nearly-overwhelming amount of cigarette smoke, Judah sang a top-notch set with a voice that's back up to 99 percent power. There were quite a few people there, and they all seemed to enjoy the show. I mentioned to the audience that I had my They Might Be Giants shirt on because they were from Brooklyn. One guy in the room, who was also wearing a They Might Be Giants shirt, screamed "THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS! WOOOO!" while flailing about madly. Someone in the back said "Let's hear it for that guy!" and the crazy fan received a warm round of applause. Josh asked the audience how many of them were from New York originally, and only two or three people raised their hands. A lot of them were originally from California.

Heh, they mentioned Tim and his "flailing about madly" thing. Yes, he definitely did. Flail. He was kind of mad overall. But it was cool. If you want to hear it (along with the crap recording where there is a distortion about every millisecond, I think it's mainly the bass drum, and I think you could only appreciate it if you really liked the music...and even then, maybe not) click here. At then end you can hear the THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS WOO bit. You are so unexcited, I can tell. Actually, I'm tired too.

Hey, I'm from NJ. But Diana is originally from California, so I guess she fits in that California crowd. I am not cool enough...[insert fake]

So why the hell am I up? I got up before 9 AM and I went to bed after 3, which (if I do my math okay) does not equate to a buttload of sleep. Why oh why. My uncle, grandmother and some distant relative came over last night and stayed the night, and they left early to go to NY. I mean, that was the point, we are a stopover. YAY. I don't like any of my relatives. I mean. I don't hate them. I mean my older relatives, I'm sure the people of my generation are somewhat okay, but I think if I knew Chinese I'd be worse off. My relatives talk about the absolutely dumbest things because I don't think they socialize with anyone outside their own families. The other relative who is related to me in some way, she is from Costa Rica and said I was tall or something, which any normal person can tell is completely untrue. If I am tall, then everyone else is a midget. I think my grandmother was telling my mum she was too skinny and that she should see a doctor. Well, you should never listen to my grandmother actually, but just that she said something like that is completely ridiculous. I think my mum is of a normal (not average) body size. I think most people know that doctors are not wonderful people anyway.

I don't think many people read my last post, but I figured if you wanted to read it, then you would have. Or maybe it's in the achives now. Here is another song "Death" where the sound isn't too bad at first. You can really hear all the people talking in the back, which sucks (unless it makes some kind of atmosphere, wooha) since the song is pretty low-key. I like it. Bwah. I'm in the process of making proper pages for the Velvet Teen photos and things. Here is "You Last Words" which during the first seconds Judah was singing into his guitar.

I didn't know those were the ghost towers thing. I think I saw it then without realizing. Does anyone thing the whole idea was pretty dumb? Oh well, maybe I shouldn't say anything since I didn't lose any loved ones in there. They're just lights! Or not just lights. [shrugs]...maybe not dumb. Maybe. Taco.

...muh. I think I'm going to NY today. I have to take the 2 o clock bus to catch the Miyazaki movie. Crap, I have to tell...Jen...since that's somewhat important to know. Crappin crap. I'm in an okay mood, not a typical one, sorry I can't think of anything wittier to say. Not that I usually do...yeah, I've just assumed I could. Crap. Actually, yesterday I was in ...actually, nevermind.

[wants to go back to sleep, ooh glorious ears are starting to bleed listening to this recording, I think. I don't want bloody ears. Muh. Muuuh.]

And now I realize the Velvet Teen did not have a blue and white van, making me wonder what van I've immortilized in digital photo-form.. Crap. And I just took a look at my window with Hotmail in it, and I think it said "Hjotmail", which makes no sense and now I'm scared. I'm seeing extranneous js, what is that a sign of?

<---wow, that rules. Jeez.

March 30, 2002

The photos. Oo..

I ended up going to bed at around 7 AM, and I woke up at 3 PM. That still isn't a whole ton of sleep. But then I shouldn't have gone to bed so late.
God I'm tired. Maybe because it's really late/early. I got home at 2:30 AM. Buhhhh brain no workee.

Okay, I woke up I forget. But I took the 4 PM bus, so just fast forward to then. Yup. Ladeeda, going to NY is fun daadeedoodee (see, my brain isn't working) and I got to NY at around 5:30. Nothing very interesting happened on the way to NY. I did not reach any life changing revalations of any sort. What a bummer.

Well then! Diana met me by Au Bon Pain and we ate dinner at the new Yoshinaya that opened on 42nd street. Cheap Japanese food, isn't that appealing? For $5.33 I got this nice beef/chicken thing (I'll have pictures later, bwa) and I ate it in about 2 seconds. I guess I didn't chew or something.

After practically inhaling my dinner (hey, for lunch I had an apple and a banana, but I was still recovering from the matzoh overload of the night before) we trotted over to HMV because I wanted to get "Quiet is the New Loud" by the Kings of Convenience, but they didn't have it. Then we trotted again (why are we trotting, I don't know. Why can't I just use a normal work like "walked"?) to the Virgin Megastore, while weaving through crowds of people, reminding me that Times Square is hella crowded and somewhat not a fun place to be if you're not a tourist. Anyhoo, they didn't have the CD either. Both stores had a ton of copies of the remix album, although I want the ACTUAL album first, yes? They had the Royksopp album, but it was too expensive for me to want to buy it. So some other time, I guess.

After that we decided to walk to the subway station. Diana led the way since I had no idea where we were going. I bought us each a bag of honey roasted nuts from a street vendor ("NUTS ABOUT NUTS") and happily munched on what I'm sure was very unhealthy. Screw it. They're just NUTS, dammit. Diana liked my almonds better, so I switched with her peanuts. I don't think I care what I'm eating sometimes. A nut is a nut. As long as it enters my feeding tube (points to mouth/esophagus) then I'm alright.

I think by this time it must have been around 7 or so. ...wait, that much time passed? [thinks very slowly], I don't remember. Gug. So we went to Brooklyn to make our way to VELVETY TEENY HAPPINESS at North Six, which is at 66 Sixth Avenue, nice address eh? Easy to remember. Well, we somewhat wandered around that area a bit (Williamsburg) and generally, it was somewhat deserted. Kind of a weird feeling. It's more a nightspot I found out later, but at that time there weren't many people and I would definitely put it on my list of "Places to not go to alone at night". Then again, that could include ANY place, but just imagine, okay? When we found the place, it was pretty inconspicous, just a door that had a small sign which said "North Six" on it and something about showing ID. At first that made me think there would be an age limit, but there isn't, just if you're drinking you need ID. The place itself seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. It was kind of odd. "Where the hell is this place?" we were thinking as we kept walking down to the end of the street.

Anyway, they weren't going to let anyone in until 8, so we had a bit of time to kill. We took some pictures We walked around the back of the building which was even more deserted, but better lit. We proceeded to take some random photos of each other (every picture of me came out really horrible, I think. Diana seemed to cringe at any picture which showed her face. Why, I do not know, she is all kyoot, right?) and I'm sure people passing by (well, a car every now and then) had no idea what we were doing. I didn't know either, acutally.

At some point I guess it nearly turned 8 PM. So we waited in front of the place again. It was just us and this other guy. Diana started talking to the guy named Tim, who we (and him, I guess) decided was very weird. Not in a bad way, in a way that you could admire I guess, in that he didn't seem to care about the people around him. So the three of us kind of stuck together throughout the night. Actually, he made me realize that there wasn't anyone else Diana or I could have really talked to, everyone else there was what I would call of a typical bar/live music seeking crowd (we refered to the groups of 20-somethings huddling together as "the in crowd"). We never really fit in that description, which you can interpret however you feel like.

Well, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. So we waited out there until they let us in. Tim, also from Jersey and traveled three hours to see the Velvet Teen I think, also think Jersey sucks. God, who in Jersey DOESN'T think it sucks? I mean there are places worse than NJ but in general I would agree that it sucks. After going in, we had to do a bit more waiting, but first we had gigantic Xs written on our hands to show that we were too young to drink (because I could really pass as a 21 year old, riiight). They weren't going to open the doors until 8:20, I think. And then I saw a sign that said "THE VELVET TEEN - 11" and I thought jesus crap, 11 PM?! It's a tad late, yes? Another band called Orange Park was scheduled to play at 10. We decided that Orange Park was something like Jurassic Park, except with killer oranges.

So when inside, more waiting commenced. It wasn't so bad, we found ways to kill time. We sat on some of the last barstools and I was looking through Diana's sketchbook as she went to the bathrooms there (which she said I should definitely not use, unless they were the last bathrooms on earth or something in that sense). Then we drew some things in the book. Of course, Diana was something like a billions times better of an artist than Tim and I were. We each drew something on a page, and Tim drew a person with a penguin growing out of its head. ...I think. Well, it was because Diana had drawn some things with penguin, I don't think the idea would have come to him otherwise. I filled a page with blobs and random words ("I like burritos! Yooha! I am sobby!") which might be somewhat amusing to look at, if you are on crack.

Diana drew tons more things (she draws so friggin fast and everything comes out lookin perfect, gah!) and drew this really funny picture of our imaginary band called "Exit Sign" with Tim on guitar, me on drums, and her on bass. We had a conversation earlier about how leaving the instruments just LYING there on the stage was too much to bear as we all wanted to play them. I guess if we did that we'd be kicked out and left for dead, but it was a nice thought at the time. And then of course, what do we NAME this imaginary band? Exit Sign, of course! ...I don't know if I'm even being sarcastic anymore, I just don't know what I'm typing. [shakes head].

Oh yes, and at certain parts of the evening up to the point, we saw members of the Velvet Teen just walking around. Like when we had entered the building but still had to wait to get into the actual performance area, we saw Logan and Judah and that other girl whose name I can't remember but I wish I could standing out there talking to...someone. And again when we were drawing things, Logan and Josh were standing behind us. Bwa. I think some of the members of Orange Park were around there too, which was funny because Diana thought that this dude looked like he was in a band since he was dressed up pretty nicely, and later he ended up being the bass player for Orange Park. ...I think. We also bought some stuff while we were waiting. There was a giant bin of stuff on this table by the end of the bar which I guess had Velvet Teen things in it. Judah and the girl who has been with them throughout the tour were sitting there. Everyone seemed kind of tired, I mean I was too in a way, I guess. Must've been something in the air. So Anyway, I bought a nice picture disc of theirs and a set of buttons for $8, and Diana got their two albums, which made her completely broke I think. :(

And more waiting. "When is ORANGE PARK going to start? I can't wait to see them! THEY'RE MY FAVORITE!" Of course we had to joke, it was either that or go insane. Actually, Tim and I talked about the song Chad Gadya (I wrote about that in yesterday's entry, if you don't know what it is) and when I told him that at the seder I went to we all made sound effects, he said he never heard of that and one does that, apparently. Or they were trying to trick non-Jewish folk like me. Hmmmm. Yes, maybe.

I'm not sure what else we did, but Orange Park decided to play at 10:30. Yes, it's just one of those rules of the universe that nothing can ever start on time. They were a nice band, played some nice music, although nothing I could really get into. Not my type of music, I guess. Despite that, I bought a copy of their demo CD for $5 (actually, Diana wanted one so I decided I may as well get one too) although it's only got 4 songs, so after I found that out it didn't seem like such a great deal. Hey, I'm cheap! Poot! But it's not bad to have not many songs, because on the bus ride home I listened to it two times. It's nice, I guess. And the band members themselves were kind of funny looking, I would say...British looking, ha ha. Or non-American. Maybe I'll just say European. They were pretty skinny, maybe that was it. And I think they were all smoking, or if not all, 3 of em. Diana took some very nice pictures of em with my digital camera (I'm really glad I've got a digital camera, definitely a good thing to have at concerts).

Alrightee then, after they were done, the Velvet Teen started setting up. Yay! The drum kit was very cute,, it was. Yup, you'll just have to take my word for it. And they are a very nice band. [Why am I writing like a 3rd grader? Sigh.] But they are, and I'm glad I'm not completely obsessed with them because then I would be in some trouble. I just like them for whatever reason, and they are all kyoot (there is a difference between cute and kyoot, although I can't really explain it). I wrote down the setlist in Diana's sketchbook so I can't really recall it now, but during one song Judah sang into his guitar at first and it sounded really cool. Oo. There is some Jonsi-ness in there. And they played really well, although they managed to play everyone from "Out of the Fierce Parade" except for "The Prize Fighter" which is one of my favorite songs from the album. At least, it was my FIRST favorite song when I first gave the album a listen. They played lots of other nice things, although it would have been nicer perhaps if they played "Counting Backwards". At some point, a girl shouted that out for them to play, but I guess they already planned out what songs they were going to play. I mean, of course they did. ....doot. At another point, either Logan or Josh said something about Tim's "They Might Be Giants" shirt, to which Tim replied something enthusiastic like "YEAH WOOHOO" (he is the kind of person who would do that a lot. I think after Orange Park was done playing he shouted "YEAH ORANGE PARK!") and then another guy said "Give it up for that guy!" It was funny. ...maybe you had to be there. And the last song they played was "Death" which is one of my favorite songs...wait a minute, how many can I have? Well, it's a really nice song, Judah sings really well in it at least. I recorded the entire show with my MD player, and obviously the quality is pretty much crap but I've done worse.

Okay, I guess it's over now. Sniffle. The show was very good though, I'd love to see them again. I sat the entire time, by the way, pretty close to the stage. It wasn't really packed, but there were a lot of people in the back closer to the ALCOHOL talking and stuff, which kind of sucked because some songs call for a more quiet atmosphere and it was just weird to hear all this chattering in the background, especially during "Death". To the pooheads in the back I say "Bah poot!". And honestly people, don't smoke! It's something I will never understand, smoking. I can understand drinking but smoking is just...GAARH! Fills Robyn with Robyn-rage! It's a milk rage, but it's still there. Gr! Well, after the show was over, Tim must have immediately left to attempt to catch his train/bus/some mode of transportation back home, but he had already told us that he would probably miss it anyway since the Velvet Teen ended up playing so late. Mm, well.

looking at slowdance...oh my god, there WAS a party! "Also, after the show there will be a loft party at "Slowdance East," the poorly named East Coast version of this West Coast label. If you come to the show, track down Mike (the prettier half of this tag-team duo) and he will give you directions and such." Tim was actually talking about that ("I heard there's some party after the show") but neither Diana or me had any idea what he was talking about. Not that we could have gone, but...yeah, nevermind, we wouldn't have went even if we did know where it was!

Diana had drawn a picture of the Velvet Teen from the cover of their "+ - =" ep (looks like this) while we were waiting and she got Judah and Logan to sign under their pictures. :) Josh was nowhere to be seen, I guess. Two-thirds isn't bad. Hell, I would have never approached them anyway, Diana is much more outgoing than I am.

And we left, stinking of cigarette smoke. I didn't know this until Diana told me that we both smelled, to which I took a whiff of my sweater and...yup, I was practically a walking cigarette. My shirt smelled pretty awful also, I found out later. Meep. The show itself ended at around 12:20 I think, so I obviously missed the 12:20 bus. I had to take the 1:20 bus home, which was the last one. Wasn't like I was anywhere near missing it, but still, that's cutting it pretty close.

When we got to the subway station we saw Tim again. "I think I see him at the end!" said Diana, obviously more perceptive than I am. So we talked a bit more ("You just left without saying anything?") and took the L train to the Union Square stop. When we got there Diana told Tim how to get to Penn Station, or at least she attempted. The last words she said to him were "Take the L train!" as he hopped out of our subway car (we transferred to the Q line, and he wasn't really supposed to be in there with us, but Diana was still explaining everything and he was almost trapped in there when the doors suddenly reopened). So there is someone we will never see again, but I don't think we'll ever forget how weight the whole night was. Well, maybe not weird, but certainly unique. Maybe that's a better word. [nods].

A bit more walking to the Port Authority and finally, I'd be going home. Woo! Home is nice sometimes, yes? I felt bad for having to drag Diana with me, but I don't think I could last very long on my own. Well. Maybe I could, but I don't know. She lives in Brooklyn so it would be a bit of time for her to get home as well as me. The bus ride for me wasn't too long though, about 45 minutes. So I got home around 2:30 AM, and had what I'm sure was one of the most interesting Friday nights of my life. I can reflect on it and other fun crap like that. Woo! REFLECTING TIME! [pause]...

I have nearly 100 photos, which I'll work on to put up here later. I think I'm going to make an entire site for the Velvet Teen, which won't be too hard since I don't have much about them, but I have my recording and the photos Diana took to SHARE WITH THE WORLD and sharing I shall do, YES YAHOOHA! [did anyone notice what a painfully long sentence that was?]


Before I forget:

The Velvet Teen Setlist:
1 - a special gift to you
2 - naked girl
3 - your last words
4 - four story tantrum
5 - mother love
6 - red like roses
7 - caspian can wait
8 - radiapathy
9 - into the open
10 - penning the penultimate
11 - death

March 29, 2002

I already posted this, but god, just looking at Phil run makes my day 5 billion times better.

But it's technically Friday already. The seder ran from 6 PM (well, I guess it started at 7, but I got there at my friend Aliza's house at around 6) until 12:30 AM, hehe. PARTY YEAH! PASSOVER STYLE! Anyway, it was really cool! I mean, it was a heck of a lot more fun that the Christmas get togethers I've been going to each year at my great uncle's house. That's just eating and talking, nothing very special. Seders are filled with lots and lots of singing (although I didn't know most of the songs since they were sang in...not-English) and lots and lots of eating (after I was done eating, I thought I was gonna puke up matzoh, really) and I guess lots and lots of drinking (I didn't take part in that, of couuurse).

Well, maybe I should go into more detail. Um...[thinks]...god, what happened? Well, we all got ...a book. Dammit, I already forgot what it was called! I'm retarded. I just called it the Maxwell book because they had a whole lot of em distributed by Maxwell (the coffee company. it was really funny, on the inside cover, it had an ad for their coffee, as though it was the official coffee toi have at Jewish celebrations). There were something like 30 people there, I think. I think fitting us all in my friend's living room could have been considered a fire hazard, but HEY it's all good. Made everything feel...cozier! :) Anyway. I can't remember the name of anything. Except the charoses, which was this yummy fruity stuff I put on the matzoh that I think was supposed to represent mortar for the bricks that the Jews used to build things in Egypt? Okay, if I'm really wrong, don't kill me.

And there was lots of singing. My friend's dad played the guitar and sang, and her godfather played the accordian, it was pretty nice. Well, I guess anyone who could sing along also did that, I just stared at my book kind of like "Huh?". But a lot of songs were also in English. I remember one mainly at the end called Chad...something. Well, it was about a goat who got eaten by a cat, who got bitten by a dog, who got hit with a stick, which caught on fire, but then the fire was put out by water, and then a cow drank the water, then a butcher killed the cow, then the Angel of Death killed the butcher, and then a good holy something got rid of the Angel of Death. Got that? Well. Yeah, I remember that because we had to make the sound effects for the animals and stuff. "Baa! Moo! Meow! Woof!" It was fun, I think. ...yes! :)

And I ate too much. I said that already. Food just KEPT COMING OUT of the kitchen and I was completely "Holy crap, this is tons of fooood!" The brisquet was really good. I dunno if I spelled that correctly, but it was yummy. I've never had it before at least. Matzoh ball soup was good too, although it was really chickien soup with a matzoh ball in it, hehe. There was something else, which I haven't a clue how to spell but it sounds like "koogle" and that was really good. Well, the matzoh one at least, since it had fruit in it. A kind of cake-bread-thing...thing. And...blah blah blah, it was nice.

I need to digest now.

March 28, 2002

March 27, 2002

Hehe...David Sedaris. Well, it's around Easter time. I think that excerpt is from "Me Talk Pretty One Day", and that's probably the funniest part of the book, when he's talking about his misguided French class. BWA. He's doing a show (well, not like he'll be dancing and singing) at the John Harms Center sometime...soon? I don't think I'm going, but there were some postcards promoting it at Barnes & Noble and I took a few anyway. Bwa.

Another poor soul is downloading my Radiohead remix on audiogalaxy. If I named it the "Robyn remix" I don't think anyone would download it. Maybe I SHOULD! ...but I'll let em download it so they can have a good kick out of it. I didn't really change the song much in any way. Buhhh.

I cut my mum's hair today. She pretty much stuck her head under the kitchen faucet and told me to chop off 2 inches. I'm not exactly the hair cutting expert (although I have cut my mum's hair a few times, and I used to cut my own in 8th grade, and now I just let it GROW) but I guess she wasn't too disappointed. Getting hair everywhere wasn't very fun though. "You're going to look like you got mangled by some dog," is what I told her, I think. [Shrugs].

God, I'm tired. [looks at watch] the hell did it practically become THURSDAY already?!

Oh yes, and a note to Stephanie, if she decides to read cheesy song about friends came out much worse than I expected, and it was just crap as hell. So I'm going to leave that alone for now. I did not fulfill the requirements of FOLK POP DUO-ness. [stuffs song in a paper bag, ties it up with dental floss, and beats it repeatedly with a stick].
I cannot remember if I have homework or not. ...that's never a good thing. I went upstairs (which is where I do homework, not in this hellish dungeon...mwa) and ate an apple, then played piano and realized I didn't know how to write music, so again I've got a piece of paper with lines and black dots on it. It's like...a secret code. And I can hardly play the first few bars of whatever gibberish I've written down, so it's quite pointless. [sigh]

hehehe look at thom there, what a guy. i'd like to see a statue of him made in butter. hm yes.

That is definitely one of the weirder things I've seen in my guestbook. But a butter-ee-fied Thom? Buttered Thom. ....glaarghrar [insert Homer Simpson-esque drooling noises], that made no sense. Sorry. Sounds like some weird entree. "Is the buttered thom FRESH today?" "HELL yeah! Caught it this morning from fabolamafoombaa!"

...[insert lengthy uncomfortable pause]...ow, I bit the inside of my cheek. Eating chocolate. Definitely not losing any weight/fat but I don't feel so bad. Of course, only I could gain weight on a diet consisting of mainly fruits and vegetables. What wonderful Jewish FOODS will I eat at tomorrow's seder? MATZOH GALOOORE, I think. I will tell you about that tomorrow after I potentially stuff myself with matzoh and become part Jewish for a day.

I think the worst name for a folk pop duo would be "Robyn Lee and Me" although you have to admit, the rhyming makes, horrible, but it has that. Um. That. Thing. You see? Yeah, alright then. :)

ROOOYSOOOOPPP! Is great. Is it pronounced how it's spelled? Is that a dumb question? I'll put up another Royksopp song later, because I know you don't give a damn, but maybe. You should!

Oh I just remembered, there's a physics day at Six Flags sometime in May and I wasn't planning to go when I first heard about it. And I still don't want to go. I'm sure if I don't go, I'll be the only one. Bwa. I have to be the odd one out, yeah? Generally, the park is filled with some thousands of physics students (no one and you learn about the physics of ROLLER COASTERS and such stuff while going on the roller coasters (although you don't have to, of course) so I figure, why don't I just save $40 and do the crap work on my own? I know that's not the point, but honestly, how much fun will I have in a theme park with no friends? Well. I guess I COULD just take some crack before I went and have a nutty jolly time but...actually, I'd rather just stay home. That's the Friday before the SATs. What a crap poo. Isn't it great how I've pretty much got three semi-good friends in my school and none of them take physics?
Please please tell me that and my Even site work. I spent something like 5 hours altogether for the both of em, isn't that's so pathetic, I don't know if I want to think about it.


Then again, I was in school longer than 5 hours and that was definitely worse. I would rather sit here all day and strain my back/neck/brain staring at the computer while trying to make tables work and crap. I used style sheets this time, which definitely made things easier. Yes, I now luurve style sheets. ...what the hell is lurve? [shrugs]

And now I really must pee.

And I don't care what STEPHANIE thinks, I still feel that her song is wonderfmuhful. Full of wonder and muh. But if she protests then I guess I will not link her song. FIIIINE BEE THAT WAAAY!

..:) ...

March 26, 2002

I didn't think I'd be posting again so soon, but here I go (I'm sorry if you read this page on a daily basis, I'll think about that when I'm in hell)

Stephanie debuts the ROBYN SONG oo yeah isn't that neat? Bah, and she says it took "not very long at all" to do. I like it, don't you? [you nod, like sheep!] It might be worth looking at the lyrics:

robyn says hello to the bluebird today
"i found an earthworm would you like it split away"
i dug a small hole in the loose dirt
and look what i found, my just reward

robyn wants to know what is aching at her side
a broken wing is not
it can't coincide
with a day where the wolf is lurking nearby
to sink its fangs into her soft cheeks

robyn run away get off the ground and hide

robyn just got bitten with an appetite
because the poor thing had a broken wing
and now her song is never heard again
and now her song is never heard again

"tweet tweet! tweeeeeeeet....*plop*"

YAY! Yeah! Stephanie rocks like 6 foot cheese wedges!

Okay, and here is something else from slowdance:

We'd like yo say THANK YOU to you. It only took one day to sell out of the first pressing of THE VELVET TEEN's "Out of the Fierce Parade" CD. The record was released to stores on 3/19 and by 3/20 we were on the phone ordering more. Damn...

Just a quick note to say that we are TEMPORARILY out of the new Velvet Teen CD. I know, I know, but we sold out so quickly that it even took us by surprise!
But no worries, we will have more back here at Slowdance HQ in about a week. The CD should be at your favorite Mom & Pop (+ corporate) record store RIGHT NOW, so maybe pay them a visit and pick it up. We'll post it here when the friendly UPS man arrives with his mighty booty... and the CDs too.

-- posted by: ezra

I know none of you got the CD. But. I did! I thought it came out earlier though, or I've just felt like I've had it for a while. I've managed to half memorize the new songs (half because sometimes I haven't a clue what Judah is saying so I just mumble something nonsensical, while I could look at the lyrics I suppose) although I still don't know all the older songs. [thinks]...I don't remember when I got the album. It's good, buy it!

I have misplaced my pants.

I don't know why, but I want this book. Doesn't anyone have an extra $30 on hand? Maybe?


Oh myyy, he actually put my gross distortion of this up. It's so robyn it's sick, isn't it? The flames are licking his butt! I feel like I did something horribly wrong now. [insert quasi evil grin...ow, it hurts to grin]
Right up the pooter...yes, why was I playing poowarrior and why in the hell was it so much fun? Something feels awry. Leave it to Morten to find something like that. Of course, I am silly enough to use the translator to read that page, although sometimes you get some funny stuff:

Have you always was dreaming to pan barnerumper along with spruteflaske? no matter Høytrykksspyler? No matter I rather . But draughtsman am nevertheless humorously.

...dammit, yes, I WAS!


I just remembered something weird that happened today, which has made me pretty sure that one of my friends is a homophobe of some sort. We were talking about colleges (we were really bored, I guess) and I mentioned that my mum wanted me to go to NYU. Then somewhat whispering, she said "People there are weird. Like there are a lot of gays and theatrical people." To me, that doesn't sound weird at all, at least better than what I heard (that it's full of snobby people) but I guess my friend doesn't see it that way. That scares me, I mean I know she thinks that way I guess (not really close minded as much as...not open minded. [shrugs]) but I guess the way she thinks is as weird to me as the way I think is the way to her. Buh. I'll be off now.
Diana got her own domain --> art - without words...oo. :)

The Velvet Teen has been all sickly and such (actually, they appear kind of sickly when they're in normal health, perhaps because of all the coffee/beer/burrito consumption, har har..HAR), which is why they haven't updated their site in a while. ...okay, only I care, I guess. If I don't read one of the band member's lovely prose/photo commentaries each and every day, I lose a bit more of my sanity (maybe that will explain why I've been acting so oddly lately...although I have a feeling that's just because I'm odd). But yet, you read on! You are like robyn slave meat! Bwa. Here is a nice tour diary excerpt:

Logan, who had since died and risen again wasn't in the mood for cheesy bread and spaghetti, though. His only craving was for human blood. He was considerate enough not to drain it from any of us.

Sometimes I too crave the sweet sweetness of human blood! ...wait...nono, that's just chocolate bunnies. Nevermind, false alarm. I was kind of thinking it would be nice if there weren't a ton of people at the show Diana and I are going on (ON FRIDAY!!!) since, you know, I don't have much affinity for being around a bunch of strangers, but that would be kind of mean, eh? The size of the crowd when I saw Even was nice, although I don't think I would have minded if there were a few more people who were more into...Even? Maybe they were, I don't know. Maybe I just appeared to be a casual bar-goer as well (although I highly doubt that, no matter where I go, I never fit in, except for maybe TAIWAN...that entire island).

Who wants to go to the Miyazaki show with me? Anyone?...alright, I'll ask my mum. For some reason last night at around 1 AM I thought "Where did I put my tickets?!" and decided at that very time I would go frantically looking for them. I hate my brain.

Oh yes, school today was pointless, like usual, right? First period I think my class was watching Family Matters and Saved by the Bell. Remember those shows? I can't believe I used to watch those all the time (although that episode of Family Matters I actually hadn't seen before). Okay, WHY in god's name were we watching TV? Our teacher was absent and we didn't have a substitute, hehe. And of course, ALL the TVs in my school get cable and HBO, but the regular channels don't work. Don't ask me, I haven't a clue what's wrong with the school (everything). Oh well, I certainly didn't mind too much, the people in my first period class are generally a nice bunch of people if not a little foggy minded (then again, I look at most people as foggy).

I think I singlehandedly managed to "waste" 20 minutes of my physics class! How did I pull such an amazing human feat? Well, my teacher was telling us last week about an experiement in which a guy had to wear goggles to turn everything upside down, which was a study to see what would happen to people if they saw everything...upside down (when you are a baby, everything looks upside down for a while, although you don't know that of course, being a BABY and all). I remember that in last winter's issue of Giant Robot they had an article about that (a funny one of course, that magazine is great) in which the guy being tortured with the experiment wrote about his less than wonderful experience. So I made a copy for my teacher and during the break between our two periods of physics, he made copies for the entire class and talked about it for a while. Then he started talking about a blind student he had for about 10-15 minutes, which was interesting...about the student, I mean, not that he took up so much time. I can't imagine being blind and having to learn vectors, can you? [shudders]

And I did take a nap. I'm kind of hungry again. I ate some hard boiled eggs for lunch (I had two initially but after peeling em and kind of smashing them they got somewhat gross and I didn't eat all of it) and a bown of carrots and peas (not an entire bowl...that would be kind of scary). I want apples now I think. I mean...EPLES! ...yes. Hm, I think I wrote somewhat comprehensibly today, wouldn't you think?... ... ... [insert uncomfortable silence here]
A song for you. If you don't like it, don't complain. But it's fun, dammit!

...I think I'll take a nap now.

March 25, 2002

This is what the image on the Rufus shirt looks like.

HAHA! Oh god. I'm buying that? Yes! I will wear it on special occasions where I must flaunt a very-close-to-naked Rufus, which would[thinks]...probably never. Well, I will find a use for it.
I know I've gone off the deep end because I made a website for my imaginary record label of nonexistant artists! It's oh so much fun. Actually, it's just that one day I was fiddling with Photoshop and got a lot of weird lines, and wanted to make a page showcasing the MARVELOUS USE OF LINES and a bright electric blue background!

Oh well. Hakan Hellstrom makes such incredibly horribly cute music, I wonder why I'm even trying to sing in Swedish. "Blaah blalh ahlahl a..asomsiogsdgdf..blal!"

Yeah. That's Swedish, Robyn style! ...sorry, if you are Swedish. I haven't a clue what this song "En vän med en bil" is about. But it's makes you wanna go "Hooha oohhahaha *bounce*" and other fun things!

JESUS why am I always so awake late at night? My mum thought it might have something to do with my change in diet, that all those carbs don't weigh be down so I'm actually able to stay up later and get less sleep without sicking myself and having hallucinations of dancing jelly beans, but this can't be such a good thing. I just don't get much sleep! But I don't wanna! Cos I'm gotta have things floating in my head to the tune of Swedish songs. I'm being deprived of chatting with one of my favorite people (I think you can have favorite people, right?) who I think is on spring break leaving me all alone with too much time on my hands.

...[fidget]...mweef!...I would never say "mweef" in real life.

Which Kotex Product Are You?

NO that is not true!!!


Anthony wants me to make a new page for Ackerman's Music Center, but so far this is all I've got. I don't think he'll expect a marvelous professional looking thing. He had the idea of using the phone book ad though, I scanned it color brown popped in my head. On my monitor, it's a LOT of brown and white on the screen, but I wanted to make it fit for all resolutions so

[shrugs]...hell crap, how much time did I spend on that? NOOO! [sob]

Whoa, how could I forget! Even is playing tonite somewhere in the UK which is all very nice and exciting for me who is definitely not living in the UK. Damn, that bar looks neat. I doubt they'd let 16 year olds in though.


Oh well. Today I made a nice suggestion to my mum:

"Why don't we just get a big chunk of Valrhona chocolate, melt it down, and mix it with tons of nuts and raisins and crap?"
"...yeah, we should! Why didn't we think of that before?"

Buying something similar to that in a store costs $45-$60 a fricking POUND, and while I was sitting there staring at a jar of walnuts, and after cutting a chunk of chocolate, I put two and two together. Of course, this isn't exactly akin to the discovery of fire, but I predict we will be melting chocolate and stuffing it with crap. And then we will FEAST! Yeah. Can you tell that we eat too much chocolate?

Holy crap, what is this? I LOVE IT! FUG!
A random note...don't screw with me, if that is possible. Does this make sense to you? Alright, don't ask...[sigh].

Anyway. If you like Rufus Wainwright, maybe you can make something of this e-mail:

Subject: Rufus T-shirts

Hiya guys. I'm trying to scrape up enough money for this upcoming southern tour. I gotta get myself to 8 shows. So...I figured this might be a good way to do it. Daphne and I are collaborating to make Rufus
T-shirts. We're gonna be doing 2 different ones, each $15.... and then....custom ones for $20. Here's what we're thinking...

The first shirt:
Front: Rufus Who? (kind of looking like a "got milk?" thing.)
Back: PIC, and quote underneath.. "The parts don't fit? They fit!"~Rufus

The second shirt:
Front: A PIC and his name..
Back: another PIC, and a quote from a song underneath.
I'm thinking maybe.. "Life is a game, and true love is a trophy"

We're also doing a few little things for fun... Rufus tattoos $3 for a half sheet, and $5 for a whole. Bracelets...saying whatever you choose. We're basically making anything asked.... People have mentioned Tote bags,
Calendars, boxers.....ect.

So...if you're interested in anything...just e-mail me. (If you want a T-shirt, I'll send you the pics we're using, so you can see what you're getting)
Thank you so much
Keep in touch..

~Much Love~
Adrienne G

She is an absolutely gigantic mega Rufus fan, maybe you can help her follow Rufus to all his shows. I think having the first shirt would be funny. The parts fit, says Rufus., you can use your imagination. That is from the time he was on Politically Incorrect, I think.

As for this, there wasn't any magic of Photoshop involved, just cutting and taping. How...unintriguing, hehe. Well I used photoshop to make the background a little off-white, so I'd know where to cut it out. I think it reminds me too much of the Amnesiac packaging...NOO! But that is red and my notebook is orange! So isn't that a really big diference? maybe? Um. ...[shrugs]

Today sucked, I think. I mean, really, the only way a day does NOT suck is if, at the very least, I'm not in school. Supposedly it will snow tonite but not very much. Something funny did happen this morning...but it wasn't actually that funny. It made me kind of sad. I think it will sound stupid for me to complain about this, but I don't like it when people think I'm smarter than I actually am. Then it's as though I'm misleading everyone. I should wear a giant sign that says "DUMBASS" and maybe people will get the idea. YEAH! That is a wonderful idea, which I thought all by my sorry self. Yay!

Why would anyone search for i am made to wear a nappie on Yahoo? And the biggest question maybe, why did it lead them to my site? Another one I got a few times was Lord of the Bling. Did I ever mention that? What in the...yeah, I hope not.

I put up more songs so you better listen to em. YOU BETTER! Don't you want to enrich your life a bit? Maybe?

March 24, 2002

Whoa, this is not a real quiz! And you are definitely not Robyn! And I'm using too many exclamation marks!

...oh well, that is from here. I had a lot of trouble finding a suitable picture that didn't make me look drunk or emo (bashes Sandra on the head! :D). But us bloggers can do the same thing as those livejournal-ers can! Eh. EH? Eh. Oh well, someone better do this too so I don't feel like some blogger idiot.

I really wish I wasn't on the Internet right now. Although not enough to get off, I suppose. Silly me.
My brother is so so so so very odd. He took all those penguin photos last year, but you should check them out. Or just this one. Penguin is just sitting there. Something seems very awry here. Or this cute one. Or this scary one. Mr. Penguin must be incredibly corrupt, living in college with my brother right now. Sigh.

Oo, firesuite is working. It probably has been for a long time, and I just haven't noticed. I'm sure it was dead for a while. DEAAATH!

Palm reading, anyone?

  • You have a good imagination, and often exhibit sensitivity to others.
  • At times, you may tend to be overly sensitive to criticism. You can be excessively cautious or narrow in your outlook unless you receive the right kind of encouragement.
  • You are a warm hearted person, with much love to give. You probably like children, and exhibit many playful characteristics.
  • There may be times in your life when you give in to feelings of sadness or depression.
  • You are likely to make decisions based on intuition or feelings rather than intellect.
  • There are inconsistencies in your energy level, possibly triggered by external factors or emotional changes.
  • You have a basically strong constitution, and should enjoy good health most of the time.
  • You were probably given a good start in life by your parents. This could be based on your general upbringing, or on physical characteristics you inherited.

I practically got the same thing as Rebecca. Well, I know that "You have so many interests that you may have trouble deciding which ones to pursue." doesn't apply to me but I don't know about that second one. I like to give up though, YAY YAY YAY [throws confetti and makes a big mess]...wait, I don't like children. Do I? This IS incredibly vague...
This is what the liner notes of my imaginary CD look like. My handwriting is kind of like...crap. Now you know the horrible truth. And the lights above my computer are somewhat flickering brighter and more sporadically. They're DYING!
Crap, I kept playing the piano thing over and over and still kept getting mistakes. This came out the best, but there was a little mistake at the end, and I decided to take it out. You can probably tell where I cut it out...but I'd like to believe it sounded worse with the little mistake. And if you play piano you can tell that it's not even such a hard song...gah! I'm sticking to my guitar.

And I didn't really do anything today. Not very different from any other day. I ought to do homework. Maybe I'll just take a nap then...oh crap, my laundry! Probably sitting in the drying just waiting to be folded. Fug.

And I think I had just hit the ultimate low of all lows of crap-ass internet connections. 4,800 bps. I didn't even know that was POSSIBLE! How could it be 44,000 bps (which is what it is normally) and then go down about 10 times? And the fluorescent lights right above my computer don't work, so I'm sitting in half darkness right now. They're kind of flickering, like they'tr trying to hold onto whatever life it's still got. It's sad, actually. I hope staring at the flickering doesn't have adverse effects on my brain.

March 23, 2002

I can't believe I already got two reviews of the electronic dooda that I didn't like very much at first. Now I've been conditioned to like it. Muh. [braindead]'s short because i couldn't bear to hear it for any longer. It really is too short though. It starts, then it ends. Boom. If anyone cares, I didn't just use Fruityloops (which doesnt work for me anyway, like most programs on my computer it crashes), I just used the drum things and such from it and used Acid Music[insert something here]...I feel kind of bad now, actually. For the record, I still have yet to encounter a female who liked electronic music and such stuff.

I finished it. The book, I mean. Good book. I don't expect I'd read it again anytime soon, but it was interesting, although I wouldn't be able to tell you why. [attempt to think about it]...nope. I wouldn't really say it was a funny book. But it wasn't completely depressing either. ...yeah, I really cannot say anything about it, you'd have to read it yourself.

That is the longest survey I have ever seen in my entire life.

Because I like it, here is that Mogwai song I was listening to. I think I would buy Rock Action just for that. Something is very comfy-feeling about it. Err, at least in my head, which doesn't mean much I guess.


Weird. After going to elasticheart which rerouted me to this page about Badly Drawn Boy I find out that "About a Boy" is a movie. And I was thinking about that while I was reading the book..."This would be a really weird movie." Oh well. So I watched the teaser which doesn't have the "boy" in it (well, I guess the adult and the boy = the boy...nevermind) and now I have a movie I want to see, and maybe a soundtrack I'll want to buy. Yay. I do have "The Hour of Bewilderbeast" and I barely listened to it. Aren't I a mean one? I haven't even a clue when I bought it. Sigh.

I already knew that. I used to joke about dying my hair blue. "What if I just did that? Would anyone even notice?" Har. I won't. My lovely too-long greasy black asian hair will do fine.

take free enneagram test

I guess I'm content with that analyzation. ...did I just make up a word? [shrugs].
Sherison DOES have a site. So not all the prettyswankers aren't dead. Jesus crap, why are her sites also so cool and fuh fuh fuh mumble? YOU CAN'T BE 5'1 AND WEIGH 89 POUNDS!!!!!! [looks at self], I'm so old. I should enter a retirement home right now.

...I'm okay. Listening to "Kompromissen" by Bob Hund because stephanie told me to do so. I just caved in under the peer pressure. [cough]

My mum went somewhere. [shrugs]

Holy crap, Euan got a ton of Libido bootlegs! 5 = a ton! Hopefully we'll be able to work something out and I'll get my Libido-loving hands on them...[mwahaha].

[Eating a chunk of white chocolate]...yes, this is definitely yummy. Can't you tell that out of everyone in the whole world, I eat the healthiest? [rolls eyes]. I lost about 5 pounds this week and my fat percentage has gone up, and now I am eating chocolate. [makes some kind of weepy noise]...5 pounds isn't much for someone who weighs a lot to start with, if you are wondering. But the only people who know my weight and my mum and myself. She reasoned "Well a lot of your fat is in the lower part of your body, so that's why it [the scale] reads so high..." Thanks, mum. I have the body proportions of a teletubby. :)

Oh yes, Euan also informed me that Even will be supporting the Dove's touring in May. Which is all in the UK, but that is positively...spiffy. When I cannot think of another word, I just say "spiffy".

Last night I stayed up until 5 AM reading About a Boy, so obviously my recommendation would be to read this book. Do you have a clue on how hard it is for me to find literature that I enjoy? I must be incredibly picky, because I hardly do. At least, Jack Kerouac nearly put me to sleep. I think he did. But anyway, it's a great book, although I can't tell you much else besides that. It's funny and odd, and it's easy to read. I'm sure I've haven't picked up any vocab words of SAT caliber, but who gives a crap? A book is a book. However, I'm only halfway through at this point...

I tried to make some short little piano piece...on the piano. It worked out okay, except I can't play it the whole way through without screwing it up. I wrote out all the notes, fingering, and flats (B and E, I forgot what key that is. A? ...if I have to learn any more crap about the cycle of 4ths/5ths I'll go nuts) but I'll have to practice it a lot more before it's listenable. Actually, it's probably crap, I've just realized...and while on Audiogalaxy, someone downloaded my radiohead remix, which made me feel kind of bad cos they'll listen to it and be disappointed at how I've screwed Radiohead's song, eh? Haha! Oh well. :)

And today I woke up at 2 PM. I got out of bed closer to 3 PM after reading a bit, and I am. My whole day so far has consisted of eating, playing piano, playing guitar, listening to music, and writing e-mails. And of course being here, but that goes without say...where else would I be?
I look like this every day...every fhhsfsdireks day...

Neh, I won't put up scary pics of meself in here a lot or anything, but I thought "Yeah, that photo really captures that ROBYN essence! YEAAAH! Hoorah."

And now I am listening to songs from the movie "Amelie" and it sounds nice but it's kind of sad. But don't you know, that is the best way to be. I'm not sad, but I didn't get to do what I was planning to do and then I wasted a buttload of time just sitting here. Yesterday's entries were crap anyway. I'm starting off to a fresh new Saturday at 3 AM. And now I want to play something on the piano except I can't really since SUCKING never ever helped anyone. If it did, please tell me. This is like John Tesh music...wait, no, that would be scary. Remember Yanni? Okay, nevermind that. This reminds me of the "Ghostworld" theme song...

March 22, 2002

I wish I didn't suck so much at whatever this is but I appreciate my guitar playing more now. There is no singing or guitar in that song, so maybe you will not find it so irritating, and it's very short, so it's ...wait, it's pointless. But if it means anything, I did make the loops (Fruityloops + Acid Music)...AND THAT IS MY TENTH SONG! So it is finito, I've got my 10 (or 11) crap-ass songs

...err, yeah. I don't remember what happened today. I watched my mum make the yummy squash soup she's been making all week. She cooked a ton of vegetables, stuck em in a blender, and pureed them into a deathy soup. It was a bit sad. But it was a delicious sadness and I ate it ALL! Mwahahaha!

Last night, it was windy as hell. All the garbage cans on the street this morning were toppled over or had their lids blown off. HA! Ha. And last night I decided I would open my window and let in that nice breeeze, which carried in some kind of odd smell as well (or maybe it was the smell of FRESHNESS!) and made things nice and cool. But I was already in a non-mood, which means I was just doing nothing except thinking about why I wasn't dead already.

Heehee, I'm okay now, probably because it's Friday and I can sleep tomorrow. I'm not tired at all right now though. A cool song I downloaded today (and am listening to right now) is "Sine Wave" by Mogwai. I have Come On Die Young (I know I listen to very slow depressive brooding guitar music, but this was almost TOO much of that) but I didn't like it that much. And then I listened to some stuff from Rock Action and it sounded a lot better. Like this song. A very odd song I downloaded today is "Stick 'Em Up" by Quarashi. Think in the lines of Icelandic rap. I just wanted to know what that would sound like. It's not the worst thing in the world, but I don't like rap, so...[brackets, whoa]. The only rap that doesn't annoy me is by Beck, the Beastie Boys, and Outkast. Well, Cibo Matto too, if that counts. That's kind of...something.

I bought a book. I'm expanding my literary horizons with About a Boy by Nick Hornby. Someone told me it was funny as hell. Well, I don't think those were his exact words, but I hope I enjoy the book and don't want to rip it to shreds and turn it into a makeshift bonfire.

Ah, don't you feel like this dude? Looking at the March 19th entry, that is. Ah, yes, life is failure-esque and other fun things! Which can only be made better with pillows full of bread dough.

Hometown: This box doesnt' say anything, so I will say poopie. Why? Because it's a funny word to say. Just like scoot. No matter how big

I thought that guestbook entry was worth quoting. Why IS that box blank? I agree. Poopie. There are few words in the English language that could sound so melodious.

I actually did notice all the Hollister clothing on the backs of teenage zombies in my area. Whoa. But I didn't see it as another Abercrombie & Fitch creation. But I could already tell it carried a fake aura, although that article was somewhat interesting. What is the fascination of the surfer's persona with people, in general? Or east coasters...[coasters. mweehee]. This is where I shrug. [Shrugs]. I notice they've got three stores in pretty much the only three malls that I ever seem to go. I haven't been to a mall in a while for a real purpose. I go to Palisades to eat, usually, although my mum and I have decided to cut down on eating out, or rule it out entirely. Cannot escape the grains! Anyway. I still don't understand completely why people want to be branded with a name like "HOLLISTER" or...things. Yeah. Then again, if I wear a Radiohead shirt, am I doing something similar? [commence shrugging]...

March 21, 2002

Stephanie says many funny things. But I will believe them, because I may as well...and I will bask, like this. [reclines, goes into basking mode]. But she did a very important thing as well, being an inspiration and all, isn't that important? Tell her that before she wallows too much in something unpleasant. Yes, we are both part of invisible bands...that was a terrible Travis reference. I apologize. Profusely. Actually, to be fair, I think the song is called "Stephanie Wanted To See Radiohead", although "Stephanie's Song" would be much simpler, heehee. What a lovely...title...sigh. I think I will just make that then tenth (and final) for my pseudo CD just to say I am done with that. And I'll have to think of something else to waste more CD space. BUY YOUR COPIES NOW BEFORE HELL TAKES THEM ALL!

Oh, I will never be in a band. A duo, at most. Two is not much more than one.

And now I just blab. I think I will eat an apple. Or an eple, if I am to get all Norwegian on you. I have successfully learned ONE Norwegian word, go me! I am so unsmart. Yay. I have a buttload of math homework. ...oh my god...[feels pain].

Robotic Obedient Being Yearning for Nullification
I took some kind of reading comprehension test at and got in the 34% percentile, or somewhere around ther. Doesn't that make me a dumbass or something? Well, I already knew, but I was thinking...hoo. Yes, I'm screwed. I'm not too fond of reading, apparently.

And this is funny (not in the "haha" way, in, other way). Okay, I wrote a song about Stephanie (well, some random chords last night and today during school knocked out some lyrics, ha! It's STEPHANIE'S SONG and no one else's!). The story is, she was going to see Radiohead, but because of rain (and bad luck, I guess) the show was cancelled., I wrote a song about it. There's the story. I only put it here because it didn't suck as much as it could have. Yes, the sucking potential was high, but I defeated most of it. I will hate it soon. And it's funny because in real life I don't sound like that. I'm not sure what my speaking voice is like, but it's quite annoying. Especially when the maniacal laughter sets in. Besides, I put reverb on it, and that makes things sound better. Oh well, that's like the second song with words I've written in my entire lifetime (made a song about Rebecca some time ago. Yup, if you're my friend you may possibly be made into a song, but most likely I will be too lazy, joy to you!), although I guess it was done much faster than those non-word songs I've done. I think then I can only write lyrics about...people. Or burritos...

[Sigh]. I had an odd day. Probably carried over from last night...which was also odd. For one thing, I went to bed at 2 AM, maybe. Actually, that's not rare. But all day at school I was relatively awake. I took a nap during lunch, but only because I didn't want to do anything else and just sitting there staring at the wall would have been a stupid choice. So drifting into a state of semi-unconsciousness it is! Yup. And I wasn't close to falling asleep in any of my classes. In general, my classes were pointless today. I mean, in physics and math we ALWAYS do something. They would only be pointless if the teachers were absent. But for Russian, English, and History, we all did out own work since we had big assignments to work on. Blah. Math was crap-ass for me. I thought I got at least a B on my math quiz, but I was off by ONE EFFIN POINT so I got a C. I'll never get an A in that class. It might be surprising for you to know that I was actually good at math before. I mean, I think I was. [thinks]...yes, although it's nothing to brag about, now that I suck crap. I'm sure I've gotten dumber over my high school years. And well, I haven't taken a nap today. This is going to catch up me soon, either in the form of extreme lethargy, or hallucinations of dancing hot dogs in water fountains.

And I thought something else happened today, but I can't recall. Maybe that's it. [Thinks...slowly]...this is where I'm supposed to say something absolutely hilarious. The hilarity level would potentionally be high and dangerous. ...but I'm drawing a blank right now, so I guess not. Oh I know, would anyone like to think of a name for my imaginary music publishing company? And not "Robyn Lee Music 2002" or something. Actually, I would also like proper titles for my songs which are extremely...untitled. Sandra wants to use a song for something. I have to create a cooler aura around my songs to make them fit the ultimate coolness of Sandra a bit better. She is psychotic in the greatest way possible, which is great...we all are.

Oh, I remember what else made my day better. I got a wonderful Radiohead "Amnesiac" postcard from Holly. Radiohead rocks the socks like no one else. So I say many thanks to her! So far, just her and Cristen have sent me Radiohead postcards. For some reason I was only able to send one free one out, while everyone else seems to be able to send...more. I may as well pay for them, they're pretty cheap and still nice. But it would be even nicer if some other people out there sent me some Radiohead goodness in postcard form....
I've just realized that this site must look like utter shit (for lack of a better word) to anyone who has got a resolution of 800x600 or below. But if you're that person...Stephanie says, "well, that person should go out to best buy and buy a new computer". I agree. HAHA. Nono...uh, don't.

So why am I still here? This whole week, I've been spending the most insane amouts of time on the internet and barely any time on work. I suppose my English essay due on Friday (just a rough draft though) is almost finished. And my history project is nearly completely. I didn't finish my math homework though because I completely forgot how to do determinants. Hm.

I think I absolutely love the Kings of Convenience. Wait, I forgot...I don't like the word "love", so I guess I'll have to use something else. "you are getting all lovey dovey" says Stephanie. Um. Why am I quote stephanie? Cos she's full of wisdom! If I ever get lovey dovey, you can shoot me or bash my head in. Brain cells grow back, don't they? they don't. Maybe you shouldn't shoot me then. But this music is incredibly lovey. I put up a song (among other fun scandinavian pieces) in the song-o-matic page, which I don't think many people go to. But some (wait, ALL) of the music in there is good. I swear! Er. And you definitely have to listen to the Haken Hellstrom song, it's in Swedish and it's lovely. Oh damn why am I saying that? Morten has told me about a buttload (which is a large amount, I guess...actually, I don't know what a buttload is) of wonderful music that I really really must buy or else I'm going to go crazy. Actually, I already am. I'm completely wide awake and it's getting closer to 1 AM. I haven't showered yet. I haven't done a lot of things yet. I'm not eating any less. And I think we should all move to Scandinavia. Maybe. Hell, they probably know English better than I do...

Actually, I think Stephanie was on crack (and I mean that in the best way possible), she said many strange things:

well, we *can* start an even tribute band.
become orthodox even ministers.
form an even johansen university
make even majors and even minors. even computer science. even graphic design. even studio art. where everything you do...FOCUSES ON EVEN.

What else did I do...I wrote an e-mail to Logan of the velvet teen to defend cheeseless burritos. They deserve a wonderful burrito-ee life as well as the ones with cheese, I believe. ...and only 8 more days until seeing the Velvet Teen, I'm happy. Or maybe it's more like 9.

And I ought to shower. I haven't a clue what kind of mood I'm in right now. But I kind of wish I was in this mood more often. I have to pee. Nature calls. And I'm sorry if the colros on this site give you epileptic seizures.

March 20, 2002

God save us all. You have any idea how long it took me to get this to work? Or to make front page work for me? Oh man. And I think my ability to choose colors is getting...worse. The bright colors give this site a false sense of Bwah. I'm evil.

There was snow...and now there is mush. I could take pictures of the muggy weather right now, but it's not that spectacular. I like gloomy weather, but snow is still the best. Sigh. All that snow pretty much disappeared by the end of Monday though.

Gaah I MUST redesign this site! Fff ff mumble! I didn't want to turn into one of those people who decides to redesign their site every week or two, but I think I already don't like it. Why can't I ever be satisfied? FARK!

...I don't remember what happens in school anymore. Somewhat. I remember nearly falling asleep during health. And during physics, my teacher got very angry with the class, although I don't blame him. The sounrce of his anger involved the two morons that sit beside me. Before class, the guy on my left put a wad of his chewed up gum on the seat of the guy on my right (they're really good friends, which I find utterly frightening) and when the other guy saw this, he took the gum and threw it at his friend. Except his aim wasn't that good, and it hit the girl sitting behind his friend. She was just like "What the heck?!" and the teacher was right by, which was COMPLETELY moronic. Alright, if you ask me, putting gum on the guy's seat was really stupid in the first place. But I wouldn't say it was the second guy's fault completely, it was both of their faults. The really dumb thing (it gets dumber, sadly) is that the teacher was shouting at us, asking who threw it, and the right-side moron said nothing. No one said anything. Well, the left-side moron said "I didn't do it" which was true, but...these people are just...[fill in the blank].

...and. Um. Yeah, that class sucked. Oh what the hell, I would hate to leave out anyone...THEY ALL SUCKED! HAR HAR! Har. ...I still don't understand why during lunch, a 5 minute nap feels like an hour. I could swear that my dreams last much longer than 5 minutes, but how can the time difference be so great? [meh]...I must be that dead tired. One of my friends mentioned that it must be loud in the cafeteria, so how do I manage to sleep? And it is pretty loud, all the talking, but it doesn't do much to me...yikes.

In English class we got to use the Computers On Wheels. Or, as you can see...COWs. "We're going to use the COWs today." Okay. Well, they are quite nice, for every department of the school to have 20-something mac laptops for students to use, and for them to still be in working order. I typed some of my English essay on it, and e-mail what I wrote to myself. Macs don't really have disk drives, eh? Well, it was easier. I wasn't really used to just being able to go on the internet without having to plug anything in. Yeah, me and my giant PC, we make such a great couple. Like one of those dysfunctonal ones. On Monday, we actually used those computers in History class also, but for some reason I didn't get one. Either my teacher read my mind (I didn't need one) or she completely forgot I was in the class. I don't think either of those is true though, so I still find it odd. Meh.

And I am getting less and less sleep each night. Last night (aka, this morning...oh, HAPPY SPRING by the way, it's spring now. And gee, sure does feel like it...not) at around 1:30 AM I thought "Well, I can go to bed now and be tired in the morning, OR I can sketch another picture and be...tired in the morning." So I opted for the second one and drew another picture of Jean-Benoit (I swear, he just must be easy to draw or something) before going to sleep. But it actually came out kind of bad, so it's not really worth showing. :)

Oh and another thing, joined a webring for people named...Robyn. Oh god. OTHER PEOPLE NAMED ROBYN! I will put the code for that on my page when I think of a new design. Yes, if you are getting bored of THIS Robyn, check out another one.

March 19, 2002

March 17, 2002

Oh my god, I think I got this to work. Not that I expect anyone to use it, but it's there and it seems to work, so you can fill it with spam for all I care.


And this is the 5th post of the day. You have permission to kill me...oh well, I've still got pre calc homework.
Aw, Morten is da coolest (dammit, I said "da" instead of "the" which instantly renders me a loser) .

Jeg fant en fanside for Magnet alias Even Johansen (vokalist i Libido, og ex-vokalist i Chocolate Overdose) og sendte en mail til sidens kreatør ettersom jeg selv liker Magnets Quiet & Still veldig godt. Hun har et bra øye for form og farge og på hjemmesiden hennes (en blog som denne) har hun postet noen tegninger hun har laget. Jeg likte i sær den av Jean-Benoit.

...I don't know what he wrote, but I'm sure it is something nice. He draws stuff much better than me, so check out his site and click aimlessly. Maybe I should learn Norwegian...(well, the first language I should learn is Chinese, and THAT ain't happenin'). Or not. Jean-Benoit...JAY BEE BABY. Oh god, why did I say that. OH ...damn, my brain is going into hibernation again. I say dammit a lot more than I used to...dammit...dammit, I'm really odd, dammit.

Oh wait, I tried to translate it:

I found a fanside for Magnetic tape alias Even Johansen ( vokalist in Libido, and ex- vokalist in Chocolate Overdose ) and dispatched a am not sending at afterwards creative as I herself likes Magnetic tape Quiet & Calm awfully be comfortable . She has a a good one eye for admonish and color and at hjemmesiden her ( a blog as this ) has she posted a few designs she has layer . I liked in sær it at Jean- Benoit .

Yup, I've got a site for MAGNETIC TAPE! Well, this is the only translator I know. :)

Maybe I swear when I'm happy. Oh well. I will stop. Um. Yes. So there is another addition to my horrifyingly exciting day, and it's not even 7 yet. This, and the discovery of my eraser twin have made me happy as a pancake drowning in syrup, marmalade, and other confectionary substances that I would never ever eat. :)
British men are less fertile than hamsters.

I just though, well you don't see THAT headline every day.

I've done another 1/6th of my history work. YAY. The fractions mean nothing.

What If the words still run off the screen, then there isn't much I can do. You can wait until I make a more suitable layout, or you can increase your resolution. I think I will change the layout sometime anyway, every time I see a nice website, I think "Goddammit I suck suck suck" and then I shoot myself in the head and somehow regenerate. The human body is amazing. Now I need an idea. Another Thom Yorke inspired thing, I'm sure.

I think the date header is in French now. Why? I was getting bored of English. And out of all the languages available, that was the only other one I knew, somewhat. You want to see how proficient I am in French? Je suis le fromage! J'ADORE les petits gateaux et le chocolate! Et tu es un grenouille.

I bet I spelled a lot of that wrong. Har har.

admit it rob. you ARE talented. you can draw you can sing you can play guitar you can play drums YOU MAKE ME SICK. yes, you get the royal "YOU MAKE ME SICK" that i only give to uber talented fiends.

Oh Stephanie, my poor deluded child (did I just call you a child?), it is a lie. That is just my evil slave twin who I forced into a cage to do that for me. Sometimes I feed it worms. HAR! But Stephanie, you are smart and funny and write cool (that was probably bad English, I have baaad English) and take pictures of people lying on cars and SOME DAY YOU WILL SEE JONNY IN THE FLESH and you make cool sites and draw extremely firkin well and design neat stuff and your hair is probably pillow soft.

HAHA, I don't know where that last thing came from. Mmboy. We all make each other sick. As my physics teacher would say..."I'll look at you, you'll look at me, and we'll all puke."

I think it would be fun for me to rattle off a list of nice things about all my net friends. Cos there many, yeah, right. HAR HAR. Hm.
I can't understand why someone is downloading my dulcimer crap stuff off of me on Audiogalaxy. They're going to be sorely disappointed. And I must be the only person who has it, so...[shrugs]. Maybe they just want to know what a dulcimer sounds like. So far out of all the songs I've done I think I like magnet2 the most, but probably because I haven't had as much time to get sick of it yet.

[I will in due time...yay.]

I have no ideas for my next song. Crap. And so far I think I've done one twelvth (that definitely looks like it was spelled incorrectly) of my history project:

Northern Democrat David Wilmot first proposed the Wilmot Proviso as an amendment to a bill, which would give $2 million to negotiate a treaty with Mexico, that slavery will not be allowed in newly acquired American territory as a result of the Mexican War in 1846. It has been passed by the House of Representatives, but not by the Senate, which is Southern-dominated. It has been proposed again, alongside a new bill to appropriate $3 million instead, but the Senate again would not pass it and instead has drawn up its own bill, which excludes the proviso. The Wilmot Proviso has created much tension between the North and the North on the issue of slavery, illustrating the constant refusal of antislavery action by the South.

How is that for some badly written journalism? It's really crappy, wow, my crappiness is crappy. Ugh. And I'm writing another informational article about the Compomise of 1850, how very exciting.

I had some bad eel for lunch. Which could have cause some weepage.

I'm listening to a song by Ralph Meyerz and the Jack Herren Band right now, it's pretty funky. I should try and make better music. Last night I listened to Even (I updated his page as well, although barely but meh, alright?) and thought...damn. Okay, my thoughts are getting very very pointless to the point of insanity. It's a bit of a backwards insanity, inverted insanity. Hooha. I'm cold. This Radiohead shirt is not very warm. But you'd think being covered in layers of fat would keep me warm, jeez. The discovery of my eraser twin has been the most freakin exciting thing that's happened to me all day, although I think I find it more fascinating than my twin. Then again, I am amused by mere dirt. And I think I want to take a nap, how pathetic.
What can you tell about me by looking into my backpack? The idea was blatantly stolen from this page. I haven't quite got that much spiffy Radiohead gear.


[don't ask]

Find out which LifeSaver you are.

I agree with a quiz result for once!

March 16, 2002


Oh my god, this is terrible...but i'm laughing, OH GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD!!!???

...ohmygod...I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT A DUMBASS I AM! I've got an effin digital camera right next to me! ARRRGH! I tried to take pictures but I was too late. I just sat here the entire time oh GOD WHY AM I SUCH A DUMBASS A AGHGA*U*H(ADHFfhiuasihusudf ....and someone told me the words still go off the page. I've suddenly turned from being happy into being completely disgusted by myself.
Okay, is the page corrected now? I had no idea it was screwed up before, sorry. If the words still don't fit on the page, I don't know what's wrong. [sob]...someone smart should correct it. SMART! Brains! [points to head]

I actually went into the world today. To see a movie, no less. Whoa. My mum and I saw "Ice Age" and it was a pretty cute movie, actually. Funny too. Kind of odd. Acutally, I think I was more excited about seeing the Star Wars trailer. It looks cool, but then I guess nothing will be as good as the first three movies. Sigh. What is with the surge of advertising at movie theaters? I hate hate hate hate it. Remember back in the day when there weren't commercials before the previews and you weren't given free junk food after the movie? And there weren't advertisements on the friggin TICKETS? God. [shakes head]...

I sound like some disgruntled adult don't I. There's some annoying Burger King commercial on right now...when will the pain stoooooop? Okay, now there's a "Fear Factor" commercial on. Now I remember why I don't watch TV usuall. I am watching Saturday Night Live. WHY? I watched TV yesterday night also. I think I'll only watch TV on Friday nights from now on, to see Conan O Brien and "Late Friday" which to me is one of the funniest shows ever. There was this one stand up comedian, whose name I don't know, but I've seen him on David Letterman I think, and he was a very odd character. But I was laughing my bum off. Yeah, it just FLEW off. No joke. I do not think I make sense.

Oh wait, SNL is actually pretty funny right now. "The Delicious Dish." I laugh, but I don't know if I really want to...

Oh yeah, and the broken image was on my Even Johansen site, not here. So you probably didn't see it. :)
just a note to spoonycancan (yup, I can screw up EVERYTHING), thanks for telling me about the broken image...either no one else noticed the big red X or no one cared to tell me. [sob].
"All our base are belong to him."

...whoa, did he just say what I think he said? It's not wrong for me to be so amused by the Velvet Teen's tour diary, is it? Yes, it's the best one I've ever read, although it's the only tour diary of a band I've ever read... but that doesn't make it any less special.


Look at my awesome use of HTML:

Okay, not awesome. I just stuck images in here. Nothing special. My knowledge of HTML is so limited, it's sad. [weep]...anyway, I drew those today. The first one is supposed to be Beck, and the second one is supposed to be Jean-Benoit. Pseudo-art! Am I making any progress?

Holy crap, someone sent me a long e-mail about Even...[reads]...

Magnet has the best voice of all of Bergen, though (expression of opinion, not stating of fact :).

I agree. He DOES, dammit.

Wow, this person wrote a pretty nicely thought out e-mail. Usually I get little short ones that, while nice, are just...meh. Of course, I appreciate ANY kind of feedback about my site(s), don't get me wrong.

Speaking of Norwegian music (am I?) I just downloaded a song by Royksopp (Norwegian duo making electronic music type things) called "So Easy" and it's quite nice, although not the bliptronic stuff that I like so much. So. Go about listening to that.

Today I went to Borders to buy some SAT II prep books. I am extremely screwed, honestly. What IS this crap?! I can't write...I think I'll probably end up doing really badly on all the tests, which woudl render taking them somewhat pointless. I'm not being pessimistic, I'm being REALISTIC; physics, math, and writing are not my strong points (although I have none, so...there's no consolation). I also got this little vocab workbook which I was planning to work on, but then I ended up sketching those pictures up there...I'm just wasting my time.

Oh boy, I am so content. Say hello to Holly, who is probably killing herself trying to work out all the kink of BLOGGER. But I think she's doing a good job, yeah? She's got the "wet rat" photo of Thom, which is marvelous. :)
Oh, all of Radiohead are sleeping! I didn't know they were in the Face in January, I probably would have bought that issue then. I guess this is what I get for not going to the bookstore every month...or

And since I'm sure hardly anyone read my last entry, I will say listen to my song because I've only got one opinion about it so far. And I forgot what it was I think. Oh well.

And it is past three AM. What did I do? Well I updated junk. Oh, radiohead is all sleepy...that makes me sleepy...

And I signed up for three SATIIs to take on June 1. Gee, won't I want to kill myself taking three tests on one day? I signed up for writing, math level 2, and physics. Eh well, if I do crap on em I just won't tell the colleges. And I probably will, you know.

March 15, 2002

I finally finished my song. I swear, these things just keep taking longer, and getting suckier, I feel like I spent way too much time on it. I think it might sound a little different from my other songs, which is what I was trying to do, but then...maybe not. You tell me. So I think after this, one more song will complete my "CD" and I will try and make different sounding songs after that...

[godammit the guitar is sort of out of tune..but..YOU WILL NOT NOTICE! ..yes, that'll work.]

Okay, what happened today. Ah. Nothing. I was especially tired, I think the entire school was. First of all, I was the only person today in my homeroom to bring in more food for the food drive. How pathetic. And then during first period, all the juniors had to take an HSPA field test. It was completely stupid, we had to correct this essay a "student" wrote and I think a 5 year old wrote it. It was just horrible, we could either write corrections in the margins or rewrite it, and I rewrote the whole thing (wasn't that long) which seemed easier.

And then I almost fell asleep during physics. And I felt nauseous, although that may not have been purely because I was in physics. Then again, physics does affect your brain in strange ways. My teacher made this whole nice powerpoint presentation about waves and printed out the slides for us. I think he must have used up an entire redwood to make all those copies for the class.

I finally got my Clinic CDs. I didn't get that Clinic EP though, it wasn't out yet when I ordered it. I knew that but I thought maybe they'd ship it well, I'll live, I've got the two albums now. [Listening to "Harmony"]...Ade Blackburn's voice is definitely a good thing. Too bad I can't see them on their US tour...but I can see the VELVET TEEN! Oo...alright, that's not really the same thing, but thinking of prospective concerts in my head...

[wants to see LIBIDO]

My mum let me eat the chocolate bunny we got the other day. I cut off it's feet first. Mwahahaha. That probably sounds bad, but cutting off the head first would have been more grotesque, I think. But it's such a yummy, chocolate-ee wonderful bunny...

Today I was thinking, "I am a great big giant dumbass." There is a nice thought for you. I don't do math. Math is about as dreaded as physics now. Sigh.

Holy crap. That's pretty creepy.

Mika is probably a million times smarter than me (ah!, she made a typo and spelled "smarter" incorrectly...I am too picky, heehee) and I too am too cheap to shell out the $14.95 to determine what the heck being a facts curator is all about.

OH I remember what has been bothering me most of the day! Apparently I have to join the National Honors Society, but I don't want to. This morning anyone who qualified to get in got a letter, and I'm sure many people do, all you need is a 4.5 GPA (remember my school is on a 5 point scale, whatever that is) which would account for the top 15% or 20% of the class I think. And honesly, I don't care enough for it. You're supposed to be a well rounded student and I'm supposed to go to various club/activity advisors and have them sign some paper about me being in certain clubs (cos you know I've been in like...two) and I'm NOT a leader! I don't want to be! My mum will probably kill me if I don't join, but it's not just a matter of joining, it's a matter of being accepted. Once you're in NHS you do have some responsibilities and then you're supposed to be some model student, which is a load of crap in my opinion (I mean, for ME, not for some other people). I even asked my brother if he had to join and he said "YES"...that is not true. What kind of family do I live in where you're expected to fail miserably if you don't hold some meaningless title which...[trails off]. Really, after I told my mum I didn't want to be in NHS, she said "Well fine, you can just go to William Patterson University then, blah blah blah," as though that is the most terrible lowest school in the nation. It's not, jeez. I am living in some kidn of world with grotesquely (I use that word too much) strange expectations...

I didn't see much point in arguing with my mum. I would lose any argument anyway, which is why I'm prone to giving up...99% of the time I'm wrong. Which correlates to my lack of everything and hellll I just don't feel like trying. I probably sound like I'm in a bad mood, but I'm not really, I just don't understand why I'm expected to do as well as my brother or be smart in general. I'm not I'm not I'm not, this has been proven before! THERE IS SCIENTIFIC PROOF of my lack of...that I'm lacking things. I don't want to be a parent ever and put stupid pressure on my kids...

March 14, 2002

Dammit, still here, but I had to show something.

This is a very sad water fountain. So sad, it filled me with sad sad sad feelings. SAD. Makes me weepy.

FARKIN POO, those are MY penguins! These pictures are from my brother's site. Well, his college site at least. I bought that penguin on the top, the one on the bottom I think my brother and I both paid for. He was a bit more pricey. Since he's gigantic and all. But he was actually 60% off, so I guess no one wanted him. [weep]

How the hell could it be 10 ALREADY? I have homework!...[thinks]...yes, I have to type an outline for English. Well. ...

What HAVE I been doing? I spent an insane amount of time on this (warning: it's a song in realaudio, in case you want to protect your ears) and it's not even finished and...well, the realaudio version does sound pretty crappy, but in general, it kind of sucks. Oh well, I got to use the new (drum) brushes I bought today. Which reminds me that I owe my mum $15. Argh. Okay, I can already tell that the electric guitar sounds too loud, at least in my opinion and now...

...I ate too much (again). Feel like potato sack. SACK of potatoes. Lumpy potatoes. How can a stomach hold so much JUUUNK. There must be stuff from the ice age in my intestinal tract! Just so you know. Yeah, you definitely didn't want to know that.

My biggest problem with my..."music" (or one of them) is that I can't seem to play at steady beat and everything is off so I chopchopchop it up like CARROTS until it all flows and even then it doesn't and well, now I'm frustrated.

...and I have to pee. And I want to sleep. And I want it all!...or none...none! yes. That's it! All I want is to eat the big chocolate bunny I got today from Whole Foods. That's all...and I want the sun to disappear for a while. It's making everything hotter than I'd like it to be. :(