February 28, 2002

Why did I do this? Well, it took less than 2 hours, I'm hoping. Ha...ah. I messed up the end, but eh, I dunno how to tween...shapes. TWEEN THE SHAPES! The song in the background is "Plaything" by Plone. So obviously I didn't take a nap. I was hard at work, perfecting my flash skills (HAHAHAHAHA please laugh, it will make it less painful) and this is what my mum was talking about today...that I spend too much time on the computer when I could be studying PHYSICS or something. I'd probably fall asleep doing physics. Well I feel like I'll fall asleep soon anyway...

...WHAT IN THE...what, I thought I was considerably happy today, but what the hell is going on?! I placed an order an insound nine days ago, and I've been wondering what is taking so long. And according to my order history, I didn't even order it! But I got an e-mail saying I ordered it...so did I or didn't I? Ugh, I guess I'll have to e-mail them, while in the mean time I've been checking the mailbox every day hoping to see something for no reason, and it's not like I get any normal mail...

ARGH that annoying girl is sending me a million e-mails! I don't know if she knows what she's doing, but she'll send all these e-mails with NOTHING in them and then other e-mails that say the same thing. ...................................yeah today sucked.
Why was today not such a bad day at school? Well seeing this has something to do with it (I guess Stanley does exist! That excites me. And he resembles a creepier Phil!...well, that's not as exciting). WHAT HAPPENED TO THOM?! Oh, he's so funny looking, in a nice way. He looks like he could be a lumberjack...I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay, I sleep all night, I work all day...

Oh, anyway. Ah...during Russian, we went on the Internet to do research for a Russian thing (My topic? Lacquer boxes...yeah! ...it's not such a bad topic, if I had something about history, I would hate that much more) and I checked to see if there were any pics from last night, and...there you are. It was the most amusing thing I had seen all day.

So anyway. Today all the juniors got their class rankings. I've always thought class rankings are kind of stupid. I mean, they are, they just depend on how competitive your school is. I think my school is semi-competitive. Although I'm not...really. I was hoping just to get in the top 50 (there are 296 people in my class) and I did. I don't really need to get much more specific, I think, but I was VERY VERY VERY surprised with my GPA, and it wasn't just me, my mum was too. So then I thought maybe the school screwed up but...I guess they wouldn't do that. The school GPA system is based on a 5 point scale. Is anyone else's school like this? Because it seems like most are on a 4 point scale. Anyway, I found out about that right before my pre calc class, and was feeling pretty happy...but my math class is full of the smartest people. The top 8 are in my class. Maybe the top 10, I don't know who number 9 and 10 were, but...yeah. So that kind of killed things, haha. But that's only a little less than half the class. One guy was number 29, which is the highest you could be and still be in the top 10%, and my teacher was making fun of him. It was funny though, I mean my teacher isn't cruel, he would just refer to him as "Number 29" instead of his name, heehee. I was surprised, I honestly thought he was...smarter? Actually, in a way not really, he's one of the annoying guys that sits next to me in physics (today I think he was shooting spitballs at his friend who sits on the other side of me. I'm RIGHT in the friggin center, it's...it's...!!!) and he seems to take mainly honors/ap classes (I don't) so...mm. *Shrugs*. Which is why GPAs and class rankings don't mean much to me (although this did make me somewhat happy)...do you know what I mean?

My problem now though is that I can't do any more worse in any of my classes if I want to retain my rank, I guess. I don't care as much as my mum, though. I'm looking at my PHYSICS grade mainly, which always seems to be thisclose to a C. I have a test on Monday and I am completely unprepared! Well, as long as I'm not stressing out....that's the other thing, when the guidance counselor handed me my rank, she said "You must work hard," and I'm thinking Eh..eh...ack...no. I really don't. I do what I have to do to get by, and not much more than that. I am a terrible, aimless teenager.

February 27, 2002

Well, Stanley Donwood and Tchocky won a Grammy for "Best Recording Package"...for the limited edition of Amnesiac. I guess that's nice. Well...yeah. Full of odd drawings and things. So no Best Alternative there, not for Bjork either, that went to Coldplay. I figured they'd get it, and it's alright since the album is nice, yeah? I was thinking though that Bjork's album was very good, just didn't have enough presence, I suppose. :P
BECK AND THOM SANG TOGETHER! Okay, there is says "Thom and Beck", but it's more like Beck...and Thom....since Thom joined Beck. What did he do, hop onstage? [Imagining Thom hopping on stage, and falling]...hehe...uh.

This would be more worthwhile of looking at if I could draw. Those are random doodles I've done on my physics notes. Because physics is very very boring. And I just realized that I barely pay attention. Well not just...anyway. I think the first two things are pseudo-bunny creatures. The last four are just blobs. With psychological problems, most likely.

The desert sky...something something something...well, Beachwood Sparks songs aren't the most unintelligible songs in the world but many times I just have no idea what the words are. I made this page a long time ago but never really did anything with it. Well there ye go. Sometimes I will put songs there that I like. Yeah that's...not very exciting. You can pretend it is.

And if you read my post last night (yeah...right) then you know about me wanting to see that Miyazaki children's film festival thing. So I figured I'd call and buy the tickets today. I also thought "Gee, wouldn't it be funny if those tickets sold out tomorrow" and, lo and behold, checking online when I got home from school, they were sold out. Well, there are two other shows that I could go to, but it was just so predictable, I guess. Nothing is surprising anymore.

February 26, 2002

Argh, I'm stupid, I thought I could buy tickets online to see this, but I can't. So I think I will...*gasp*...call the number that lets me buy tickets. I'm surprised I want to see it that much. It looks cute though, and kind of rare to see that stuff in the US. So I think...yup. Except it's kind of late so I guess I'll call tomorrow. I don't really like to use phones. Aren't I just crazy. But for some things you just have to...like when buying Beck tickets from someone on eBay the day before the concert... and...I bought sat/act type preparation books, which will probably collect dust and be neglected because I don't like...reading...thiiiings.

I put up more links so you can go somewhere else. I think that would be best.

To sum up my day, I have discovered that my health teacher is very very odd, that the epidermis isn't as thick as it should be, and that physics is...well, you can figure it out. As much as I would like to sleep now, I think there's a meeting at school for juniors that I should go to to ensure my future as a human being.

February 25, 2002

Oh man, why am I here? Well, I ate too much. No problem, it was quite good...had a hamburger for the first time in ages (fries also). Yes, I'll embrace my unhealthy-ness, alright? Also at the end of dinner, Aliza, her mum and I shared two pieces of pie. I've never had pecan pie in my life, but I really liked it...mm, pie. [MPIE! You all know what that stands for, right? All you Radiohead fans?...yeah, well, nevermind.] Also had a chocolate mousse pie thing, cos ye know...chocolate is good. I think I liked the pecan thing better. During the dinner Aliza mainly told me the story about Passover, except I've forgotten a lot of it so I guess I'll just have to relearn everything on that day they're celebrating...the day before Good Friday. I won't be the only non-Jewish person there though, supposedly, hooha.

I have many amusing links I could post, but I think I'll post em on the other blog. Why have two blogs...because I have no life, that's why! HAHAHAHA OH GOD oh...god, I know, this is getting pretty bad. I should definitely be doing something else with my life. Perhaps sleeping. I went to bed pretty late last night. Well, it took me an hour to fall asleep, I'm thinking. Sigh.

Oh yes, don't you want to know what amusing Google/Yahoo search engine queries I've been getting lately? You DON'T? Oh well, if you're still reading this then you've already been sucked in. The suspense is killing you, I know....muwahahaha!

  • how it feels to be a blakc child
  • jared leto+male eye candy
  • +mulder +eat-your-vegetables
  • what to do if you get toiletpapered
  • "easiest way to commit suicide"

    I'm afraid I don't know what it feels like to be a blakc child. Then again, I must have spelled it wrong too. Of course, MY favorite was "easiest way to commit suicide" because you know, that's what my site is for. It's a handy-dandy guide to commiting suicide! Don't you want to? Heehee.

    Oh yeah, I was really happy for about a SECOND today. Well after doing some research (I looked at a calendar) I found out that the Velvet Teen show I want to go to is on a FRIDAY (ON A FRIDAY! Radiohead...when Phil had a lush head of HAIR...wait, did he ever had lots of hair? ha...ha). But not just any Friday, Good Friday, and I don't have school that day! THE CONCERT GODS HAVE FINALLY DONE SOMETHING RIGHT! But anyway. Still, it's in Brooklyn. The L train goes there. I'm still not very knowledgable about taking subways though. I mean, I've taken that train once, my friend and I ended up in Brooklyn because we took the train on the wrong side...oops. Oh well, it didn't cost us anymore, but eh. [That whole night was crazy, that ONE night.] Anyway. If Diana can go...okay, I haven't even asked her yet, but I'll talk about her anyway, if she decides to go, then I think my mum will only let me go if Diana will take the train back with me to the Port Authority. The thing is, Diana lives IN Brooklyn and it would be an awful lot of unecesary traveling just for my sake. Well. I think I should ask her first. Ha. But I was pretty happy when nearly EVERYTHING seemed to work out, except that the show is not in Manhattan...well. You can't have it all.

    [I must sound spoiled. I'm rotten. Like old stinky socks.]
  • Okay, I can edit this post because no one has read it yet.

    I forgot to add another college thing that I got from Ithaca College. It looks nice, except I don't really want to live in Ithaca. Why am I so picky?

    Oh DOODA, tour dates for the Velvet Teen! Oh crap...oh well, they're playing in Brooklyn at a place called North Six. Could I make it there? DIANA HELP MEEE! Oh crap, I don't know if I signed up for the Slowdance mailing list...well, I could just sign maybe for the second time, but that might look stupid. Oh what the hell, I am stupid! So it all works out then. Great!

    Holy crap, for the past week whenever I fill out forms or have to push a form button, the browser completely freezes for a few seconds...maybe my computer is in dire need of a defragging or maybe I should just reformat the whole stupid thing.

    Oh, I'm going to complain some more...Velvet Teen stuff on sale. I already bought "The Great Beast February" although I haven't got Comasynthesis. Fine, that and the new album are only $18, which is kind of the price of ONE regular CD so I suppose I can get that dough. The dought that would have gone towards the Gorillaz concert if I had decided to go (and if it wasn't sold out, haha). ...ah. Um. ...

    Oh, I already signed up. It told me so. Well I guess I am stupid then, HOOHA!...oo..ah.

    And my mum just said I could buy the CDs. Not that she would refuse, but I always have to ask, right?

    Mm well...today my physics teacher was telling us about how the way we live (in Bergen County...where I live...yes, hunt me down, why don't you) is only representative of something like 1% of the living standards of the entire nation (well, that's not really true, but he was emphasizing these things a bit). Alright, I don't live in a million-dollar mansion, but I know what he means...as in we should all be very thankful for how we live. He went down south and was telling us about how some of the houses are about the size of one classroom. And that they all had satellite dishes. I guess TV provides lots of..entertainment. I'm sick of television. But I remember in Taiwan even the smallest place would have a nice sized TV. I always thought it was a little odd, but I guess not (well, also seeing Taiwanese TV shows and wondering "This is entertaining?!"). Well then. Oh, it's not like I'm not thankful for life...oh wait, I guess it sounds like that a lot. But still, some of the worst living conditions in the US don't really compare to those of third world countries. Not that they should...they shouldn't, but well, visit Indonesia and it'll put things in perspective (maybe...you have to get off that resort beach first).


    Whoa, I...talked on the phone!

    Actually, I was thinking that in the entire day, I only really have conversation with one other person besides my mum. Or...maybe TWO people, but neh, generally just one. Ahh...well then, my friend Aliza called me about joining her during a Jewish holiday...thing...okay, I forgot the name already, so sue me. [I'm completely non-Jewish.] But it's something that goes on during Passover, a bit thing with..uh...singing and drinking and eating, that's about all I got. Something about a song about a goat. And lots of drinking. ...I've got it down to goats and alcohol, but I think I'm missing something. Ah yes, her and her crazy Jewish family will shove wine down my throat and make me sing songs about goats.

    Well, Aliza said I can just say "watermelon bubblegum" the whole time, which sounds like something I am capable of doing. Yes! And tonite I'm actually going out to dinner with Aliza and her mum....a last minute thing I guess. I don't mind stuffing myself with Italian food. Haven't had that in ages.

    HOLY CRAP there's a cat in my backyard....okay, that was random. It just walked by. I dunno who's cat it is. [Do I have a cat?]...no.

    Oh yes, anyway, today was the first day back in school since this horribly exciting vacation has ended. I say I hate school, but it doesn't really deserve to be hated. I just hate...going to school...oh wait. Well. I hate things that don't deserve to be hated, I know it's not their fault, but it's much easier sometimes to hate things than to like them, isn't it? *smiles*

    [yeah I'm mean sometimes]

    Oh well. I've got a freakin physics test next Monday, I find out. [Please kill me]...oh yes how I love physics! [kill me]. Everyone in my class was like "Can we just bribe you?" "Yeah, $100 for one point."

    I suppose I'll fail then, hooha! I got a C on my math quiz/test (technically they're quizzes, but they're all hard and CRAP POOP FGGG...[fggg?]) which is ye know, great. The teacher added two points to everyone's test. Well, without those two points, I still would have gotten a C.

    Oh joy, more college crap stuff! Yahoo! Let's examine some snippets (did I just say snippets?....damn, I said it again) of the letters. Well, none of em are from Pennsylvania, wow!

    St. Mary's College of Maryland - In a small way, we're different because we don't pretend to send you a "personalized" letter that was really produced by a computer...blah blah blah<...Do the unexpected--learn more about Maryland's public honors colelge by returning the form below.

    [thinking...thinking...honors? I don't even take that many honors classes. Ah...well. If it's unexpected, why should I do it? Hooha!]

    Actually, the back of that letter says "EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED FROM A COLLEGE"...and I was thinking, how am I supposed to expect the unexpected? Wouldn't that just make the unexpected the expected? I know I'm being too literal here, but ye know, just think about these things...

    Northeastern University - With a degree from Northeastern University, you'll graduate with more than a diploma. You'll have a resume sure to dazzle future employers.

    [Man, there ain't nothing more that would warm my heart that to dazzle those employers...I DAZZLE! HOOHA!]

    Oh god, what's wrong with me...*shakes head*.

    Mount Holyoke College - In my 15 years in college admissions, I've observed that smart, motivated students know who they are. They might not talk about it, but deep inside they know they've got what it takes to contribute to the world and to be successful. I have reason tobelieve that you are one of these students...

    [STOP right there...no I'm not! You tell lies, Mr. Bunny.]

    University of Delaware - Life shouldn't be ordinary. Not now. Not ever.

    [Okay, honestly it says a lot more than that, but it was in it's own little paragraph and I thought, golly gee whiz yes, you are right!...and then my mind completely wandered off to thoughts of cookies and pillows.]

    Actually, I think I'll put all my college crap in my other blog, in addition to that. Keep everything organized. BLOG OF COLLEGE THINGS AND WHY I CANNOT GO TO THEM! Joy.

    February 24, 2002

    The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
    The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz

    Behold...I am a a cute-as-hell tasty gingerbread cookie man.

    And still, no one would want to eat me, because I have an odd taste that no one can appreciate...mm, well. Thus is the demise of my gingerbread-cookie self...

    I'm going crazy making icons. I like the Plone one the most.

    I made a new icon for this page too, it should say "CO" now...get it? ...looks better than "CM" I think.

    And now I'm watching Olympics stuff. I guess if the Olympics weren't on, tonite would be much poopier...but it is pretty poopy anyway, so ...BLAH! Yes.

    Oh yes, and I designed the diskobox.net blog (I had to stick Willie in there), which so far has two members...HA! It's a group of two, you see? It's my little community of bloggers who don't know what the hell they're doing. It will probably just consist of Rebecca and me saying back and forth "Life sucks"..."Yeah, life really sucks."

    This has got to be one of the most annoying irritating things ever...so you will click on it, right? Yes, you curious human you.

    Wait a second...do the mario! Oh god, that was really frightening. I used to love that Mario Bros. show though.

    This will be the quote of the day. And for you to base the rest of your life on:

    "I think it's maybe best to let our earth be blighted by letting everybody die from a giant catastrophe from the sun - instantly & without any pain. If you didn't know life, then you certainly can't regret or miss life. Then, everybody wins." - stephanie

    ..why, HELLO. ...lovely Sunday we're having. Eh. Today I did pretty much nothing. I wouldn't mind taking a nap, but I figure I should just keep myself up until a NORMAL time to go to sleep. And then I can wake up all bright and happy for SCHOOL AAH YEESS THAT LOVELY INSTITUTION where naive kids are crammed into classrooms with naive teachers to learn about wonderous things like the equation of a parabola, yes, thus is the meaning of life! ! ! ! ! !

    [Yes, by the way, I am in an odd mood...whoa, brackets, I've never really used those in here before. There's a first time for everything. I guess I'll use italics if I want to stress sarcasm or...whatever, and brackets to convey random thoughts in my head, although technically everything on this page is random, so it should all be in brackets. But it's not. Well, sidenotes, then. Fwish!]

    I installed another browser on my computer (which is on its deathbed, I think) called Opera, and it's quite nice, but I'm already using two browsers so I figure three would be...a lot. Mmwell. My computer froze 6 times today, although four of those times were because I unsucessfully tried to install and uninstall an icon making program. Another time it froze during startup which is just pathetic but I'm used to it. Honestly, all the computers I use really end up being pieces of junk after a while, just because I'm using them. Odd. Well, I am the destroyer.

    Well I downloaded something like 4 different icon-making (or more like converting) programs to see if I could MAKE one, and I think I did. The nicest one is this one so far. I didn't make my icons pixel by pixel, tweaked em a bit maybe.... Supposedly, if you're using Internet Explorer then if you bookmark this page there should be a really crappy icon I made next to it in your favorites. Same for diskobox.net, my Plone site and my Even Johansen site. Wonderful. It's completely spifftastic...sigh. Yeah, I wasted too much of my life on that.

    Would anyone like to join a group blog that I'll make if...um, anyone wants to join? It's a dumb idea. But blech, I guess I'm bored and want to make another page. It'd be for diskobox.net...you don't have to be one of my hostees, but it would just be a blog for anyone who wants to...actually, I have no idea. If anyone wanted to tell me something...haha!...or if there's some weird site that the world must see or else the world will perish in it's own ignorance. Also it would help if you already had blogger and knew how to use it. And then I could make the most freakin fun group blog on the face of the unverse, unable to be surpassed by any other because IT WOULD JUST BE THAT GOOD...[oh no, I've gone drunk with power again].

    [I don't know many HTML tags but I'm determined to try and use all of the basic ones.]

    So what...am I...u...m...m. I guess I'm just tired. Not depressed or anything, oh, never! Just...just as always. I can't believe it's so late already....I could say more, but then I'd sound too much like a teenager.
    Eh. Crap. I woke up at 2:15. I went to bed earlier though, like 4 AM this time. What was I doing? I don't know! School tomorrow...I ought to get to bed a bit earlier, considering I wake up around 6 AM. Oops.

    And I'm too lazy to even make lunch. Isn't that sad? "Eh, I couldn't possibly expend the energy it takes to plop some frozen dumplings in a pan and just let em SIT there...noo." Sigh. But I am a bit hungry...AARGHFFFFFFFFF! Hunger is an important human...characteristic thing, but only to keep humans from STARVING and obviously I'm not. What has happened? I mean really...I shouldn't be hungry unless I'm really starving or something. I'm too used to being stuffed with foooooods. I am stuffed like cabbage.

    Hm, I wrote someone an e-mail, not expecting to get a reply, but I did get a reply...and I wasn't sure what to write back. Oh well, maybe the person will get bored and not reply. Hooha. My dreams all packaged in bubble wrap...

    yeah, that didn't make much sense...oo, this site was updated. I know you don't care, but eh, I can write whatever I want, yeah? So blah blah deeda, I'm trying to download the mp3s, my modem is being incredibly pokey, but I should be used to that by now. Not like I have anything else to do...

    Actually, I should have probably started my stupid history project. Of course, this whole vacation I did absolutely no homework. I think I have a little bit of math, but eh. I don't think I understood it anyway. I'm still hungry.

    I think I've become an advanced Stephanie-user.

    basements are...cold.

    I'm idealist...go me. And I think I must be the sensitive type. I find it a bit unsettling that I can just be plopped into one of four categories whose characteristics are generally correct...mm.

    Is it normal to think about conversations you have with people online (that you don't know in real life, I mean) long after you go offline? And then to think...even more...yeah, it's probably abnormal, so I'll stop right here.

    I'm Randy Goldman!

    Take the Jimmy Fallon recurring SNL character quiz here.

    created by stomps.

    How the hell did I get that? *shrugs*

    February 23, 2002

    I'm sorry, but I'm going to do a survey now because it will amuse me for a short time period of my meaningless life.

    1. What facial feature do you find the most attractive on others? ...hair? eyes? then again, if someone just had hair and eyes that would be scary. not that that would happen. ...oh god.
    2. Would you vote for a woman candidate for president? ...why not? as long as I thought they'd make a good president.
    3. Would you marry for money? ...no. i can understand why people would do that, but it's just...*trails off*
    4. Have you had braces? yes. good thing too, I guess, my teeth would look quite horrible by now without them. i would scare little children...wait, I already do.
    5. Do you pluck your eyebrows? I have done that, I was wondering if it hurt much (no) but generally, no. what's the point?
    6. Do you like hairy backs? why, GOLLY GEE YES who doesn't? ....erm
    7. When was the last time you had a hickey? when was the first time?
    8. Could you live without a computer? technically, yes. technically.
    9. Do you use ICQ, AOL Buddy list etc..? i use it ALL because i'm..pathetic!
    10. If so, how many people are on your list(s)? let's see...37, after I cleaned it out a bit. I don't know why though, I only talk to maybe 5 people on a pseudo-regular basis
    11. If you could live in any past time period, which would it be? the 60s. i think i would have fit alright in that time, except for the drugs and sex...uh..hm, maybe not then.
    12. Do you drink enough water? well I've been trying, and I end up going to the bathroom a million times. oh well, I can only recall 4 times in my life when I was REALLY dehydrated...
    13. Do you wear shoes in the house or take them off? take em off...the shoooes!
    14. What is your favorite fruit? apples..bananas. persimmons. yum.
    15. Do you eat wheat bread or white? i don't really eat bread.
    16. What is your favorite place to visit? NY I guess, figuring this "place" is somewhere I go sometimes...
    17. What is the last movie you saw? ....hm. does Beauty and the Beast at IMAX count?
    18. Do you kiss on the first date? ...um...*shrugs*
    19. Are you photogenic? ...I don't know. not un-photogenic
    20. Do you dream in color or black and white? color. I don't think I've ever dreamt in black and white
    21. Are you wearing fingernail polish? nope
    22. Is it chipped or fresh? ...
    23. Do you have any dimples? I don't know...uh...I guess not
    24. Do you remember being born? yes, it was a most magical time...um, no.
    25. Why do you take surveys? because I'm bored and pathetic! yes, I encompass...everything into one neat little package
    26. Do you drink alcohol? never
    27. Did you like or do you like high school? hell no, get me out please
    28. What is the most beautiful language? icelandic is neat. well, when sung by Jonsi, hm.
    29. When you are asleep do you like being kissed awake? ...what?
    30. Do you like sunrises or sunsets the most? sunset. sunrise is crap, then you realize you have to live through another hellish day. well, it could be hellish. well if you have a NICE day, sooner or later you will have a crappy day, unless you die on that nice day...ponders...
    31. Do you want to live to be 100? maybe. as long as I can walk around and not live in a hospital and my brain still works
    32. Do you think women should be expected to shave their body hair? they are expected too, but they shouldn't be, I think
    33. Do you like salty food or sugary food the most? can't I have both? CAN'T I HAVE IT ALL? *boohoo*
    34. Is a flat stomach important to you? would be nice, but I think it's an impossible goal to reach
    35. Do you or have you played with a ouija board? once, it was completely pointless
    36. Are you loyal? to...whom?
    37. Are you tolerant of other peoples beliefs? ..yeah, as long as its not "I think it'd be great if we could kill everyone in the world with a giant blender, ya!"
    38. When you watch movies at home, do you like the lights on or off? ...matters. if it's day, then i don't have the lights on anyway and...uh...I don't know. I don't like movies very much.
    39. Do you believe in magic? ...eh...no?
    40. Do you have nightmares frequently? Not really.
    41. Do you like your nose? if I can breath through it
    42. Do you like abstract art? i guess...I don't NOT like it
    43. Do you think you can draw well? I can draw ..stick figures! although not very well
    44. Do you listen to music daily? yes....tooo much
    45. Do you like to watch cartoons? i...guess?
    46. At what age did you find out that Santa Claus wasn't real? I don't know. once I asked him for socks though.
    47. How many pairs of shoes do have in your closet? well my closet has no shoes.
    48. Do you like to wear the same shoes everyday or do you like a variety? the same pair every single day...exciting! and they're still in good condition
    49. Do you write poetry? neeeeh. i write meaningless strings of words though...like right now!
    50. Do you snore? sometimes
    51. Do you sleep more on your back, front, or sides? ..hm...I dunno. i toss and turn. because i'm just difficult
    52. Would you rather have a poodle or a rottweiler? a penguin
    53. Do you lick stamps? Envelopes? well, if i have to...eh..
    54. Do you use an electric can opener? why yes, when I open CANS.
    55. Have you ridden in a hotair balloon? yeah, it was pretty freaky.
    56. Which hurts the most, physical or emotional pain? emotional. then again, I haven't yet had my body smashed into many tiny pieces or had to undergo major surgery. so maybe i can't say
    57. Do you think balding men should shave their heads? ..no?
    58. Do you know anyone who is clinically depressed? well, I might, but I don't really know it...does anyone really know? DO YOU!?
    59. Do you prefer a piano or a violin? violins sound nicer, if they're played by someone who knows what theyre doing...at least
    60. Are you a sex addict? ...how could I be a sex addict?
    61. Do you know someone who has cancer? my grandma? heh..eh.
    62. Do you like to argue? not really.
    63. Do you hunt? ..no.
    64. Do you like fast food joints, or expensive resauraunts? well i'll assume that there couldn't even be a "good" fast food restaurant, so I guess I'll have to go to expensive. as long as I'm not paying
    65. Would you rather visit a zoo or an art museum? ...thats hard. matters what kind of art museum.
    66. Do you have a middle name? What is it? Pace. ..eh.
    67. Are you basically a happy person? I don't know.
    68. Are you tired? yeah, all the time...ugh. unless I'm seeing EVEN JOHANSEN LIVE or something, but that doesn't really happen often.
    69. Did you drink anything with caffeine in it today? ...no.
    70. Have you ever met anyone off the internet? two. maybe in the summer i can make that three.
    71. How many phones do you have in your house? ...hell, I don't know!
    72. How long is your hair? its like..um. um. I dunno. I don't know my measurements very well, but more than 6 inches past my shoulder.
    73. Do you get along with your parents? ... i guess?
    74. What color of eyes do you prefer? ...i dunno. prefer? what am i'm choosing for? light eyes always seem the nicest, but then they also scare me the most for some reason. i have this issue with looking at people straight in the eye...I usually can't. I don't know why, but it just makes me feel uncomfortable...*shrugs*
    Would you like to hear a run-through of my day so far?


    Oh well, you're going to hear it anyway.

    Well, I went to bed at 6 AM. Why? Because I'm stupid? Eh. You know something's wrong when you go to bed and the sun is coming up. I was listening to Sigur Ros, which I haven't done in ages, and yeah...that's definitely some nice stuff. sigh. And I was doing more dumb paint-by-number puzzles, which I stopped doing because I got...tired. Naturally. Of course, would have been more natural to go to bed when the sun was down, but sometimes you just can't help these...things...okay, I could have. I'm living out my last days of vacation to the last moment, I guess.

    one more day before school...sob.

    Well I woke up at 2 PM. Alright then...went on the Internet a bit, completely wasting my time. Got the mail, realizing that I probably won't get my insound crap for some time since I haven't gotten an e-mail telling me that they shipped the stuff. Or maybe I'm wrong, but anyway, I really want my Phonem cd. I just went to the website and listened to the stuff when I wore out listening to Radiohead for too long. Uh...yeah, well more fun COLLEGE CRAP in the mail today. Why do alumni members of certain school send out mass letters to prospective students also? I mean, I know why, but it hardly make me wanna go to the school. I got one from someone who works at Tommy Hilfiger...yes, my dream is to one day work there too! Eh. So that's four letters from places in Pennsylvania, and then one from the University of Tampa. I'm ruling that out immediately, even though it looks like a nice school, because one of my uncle's families lives in Tampa along with my grandparents (well, they're going to live there) and if I go there for college I can expect that I'll have to visit them a whole lot. This is why I don't even GO to Florida anymore with my mum and bro like we used to, we'd be pressured to have to visit out relatives and well, we don't want to! What's so wrong about that? Yeesh.

    Retreated back to my bedroom for more Sigur Ros/paint-by-number fun. HA...ah. I somehow got really tired, and decided to read a book (I'm somewhat skimming through a Carl Sagaan book right now) and then fell asleep at around 5 PM. Ye think something is wrong with my internal...sleeping clock?

    I woke up sometime before 7 PM and went straight for the KITCHEN cos I was...hungry. Yeah, aren't I always hungry...ugh. I ate a lot. One of my friends had perfect timing though and happened to call JUST as I was sitting down to eat...! I mean, I don't mind helping her with stuff (I just haf to fax her a few things) but I just hate phones. I mean, talking-phones...obviously I'm using a phone line now, but it's not phone lines that annoy me. It was ironic because during this entire vacation, the main phoneline in my house has been getting 10-15 sales calls a day (what would I do without caller ID?) and I was completely surprised to get a REAL call. Generally the only other real person who has called during the week was my brother. And what are those other people trying to sell? It's ridiculous, maybe they call twice because they're bored...

    Advertising is scary...but I knew that!

    I made a really bad font.

    Oh god. I'm in some random chat room. Except it's not...it's a PENGUIN chat. I wanted to see what it was. Everyone is a little penguin and you can waddle around. Whoa. You can see why I'm so amused then. Except people in these chatrooms have got...uh..problems. Seems like everyone wants to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Isn't that somewhat sad? "Ne 1 hot in here? Any girls who wanna chat?" sigh. I think I'm older than most of these people anyway. I'll just pretend I'm smarter.

    February 22, 2002

    I'm watching that Canadian pair skating....cute.

    Well then. ...wait, I think they're doing an encore...okay, not really. Just another flippy thing in the air, that's all.

    Alright then! Uh. I spent 2 and a half hours playing the Neverhood. Too bad the official site doesn't exist anymore, but then I forgot that the game is about 6 years old already. There are a ton of fan sites there anyway...do they still make the game? I think you can download a demo. I didn't think it would be that fast to beat, but then I've got a cheat guide...yes, I'm too stupid to figure out the game on my own. Saaaaaad. But I love the game anyway, even though there isn't actually a whole lot you have to do. It just looks cute, all made of CLAAAY!. There are two endings...one is a lot suckier than the other. Actually, another funny thing about the game is the black and white "Making Of" segment. In one part apparently the gamemakers had a bet of $1000 to whoever could drink 4 liters of fruit punch soda. They show a nice clip of one dude barfing it all up. Yum!

    I LOVE WILLIE TROMBONE! ...No, that doesn't mean much. "Hello chum! I have a hole in my head!" I have some pretty freaky weird e-mails from Willie Trombone.

    The skating exhibition is so much more fun than the competition...the Russian pair is doing...uh, something...cute! :)

    So today I've accomplished pretty much nothing. I ate two brownies...okay, that's not an accomplishment. Ate some nice Japanese food. I've only been up for nine hours...on a regular school day by now I'd be up for 17 hours, I think. Ack...school, go away.

    And I think that's all the wisdom my little brain can offer you right now. Aren't you lucky?

    Oh wait, I forgot something else. At the Japanese restaurant, I ate shumai and dipped it in some yellow sauce which I figured was mustard sauce, but I failed to remember how SPICY that stuff is. So I stuffed it in my mouth, and thus commenced A SERIES OF TINY EXPLOSIONS taking place in my sinus area. Ow. It happened two times. Watery eyes...cleared sinuses (well they were already clear, so it was really ...yeah) and me going "Oh crap!" And my mum in the meantime saying "Ah, I was going to tell you about that..." Uh huh.

    Scroll down a bit on this page and look at the dog/radiohead look alikes. The Thom one is quite perfect, isnt it? Hooha.

    I took this test incorrectly...cos I'm stupid...yeah, I should stop taking tests. But...eh, I dunno.

    I don't know why I was reading this, but I didn't really agree with most of em. Actually...mm. I'll agree with nice hair, good manners, and creativity, although as for the creativity I don't think I'm thinking about it in the same sense. I can't understand what a cool car has to do with anything. Ack, I haven't even learned any driving yet...ugh. As for scent, I just find cologne quite...bleeeech...I'll stop thinking now, for your sake. And mine, I guess.
    Oh well, I guess I'm not seeing the Gorillaz after all! Not so bad, I save $40. Haha....eh.

    But I just spent $9 sending something by Global Priority Mail. $9 I could have used for...COOKIES!

    Or...not. Mm, well. Vacation...finished, practically. I woke up at 2:30. There's my excuse to skip lunch. I ate a banana though, I guess that was a lot...of...banana....m.

    Ah well, haven't gotten my insound stuff yet. Apparently I haven't been checking the mail very carefully lately, some college crap stuff has been coming in for me. Which is making me think that my other friends who get much better grades and did much better on the PSATs that I did must have their mailboxes STUFFED with letters from colleges. Oh well, at least some colleges seem to think that I'm intelligent, or...something. Most of the stuff I got is from Pennsylvania. Well, because they have so many colleges, but I don't think I want to live there. Why would I move from the suburbs to live in...the suburbs? In these brochures all I see are TREES and colonial-era looking buildings. Well, just the trees that make me think "middle of nowhere"...aren't I nice?

    Out of the college things I got today, the nicest one seems to be from American University in Washington DC. So, of course, I doubt I could get into that. The brochure has the nicest design too, ah...eh. Okay, the FIRST page of the brochure goes like this:

    Some universities describe their students with numbers...test scores, grade point averages, percentages. American University got beyond the numbers. We describe out students with adjectives and nouns...leaders, intensely engaged, pacesetters, global thinkers, pragmatic, enterprising, creative, doers...
    Are these words that are used to describe you?


    ...well, I could think of some adjectives and nouns to descibe myself. Lazy, aimless, tired, follower, boring...god, yes! ...stupid college. They try to sell themselves to thousands of prospective students, but in the end YOU have to make yourself seem worthy of going there, and I'm too honest so my college essay will probably not look very appealing. I don't like ...that. I don't like the whole world of advertising (this is like advertising, isnt it...maybe?).

    Ah, great, I dunno what I'm talking about. That university seems to be the most global, if that means anything. I don't wanna be shoved into the forests of Pennsylvania.

    Anyway. Rufus was on the Rosie O Donnell show this morning. I taped it, I mean, cos I wasn't going to wake up at 10 AM...ha. She did a nice 5 minute interview after he performed "Across the Universe", which was nice. Geez, Rufus is skinny, although lots of people are skinny, but...I don't know. I was thinking that if I was skinny, I'd probably look different, so maybe I should just keep stuffing myself with sweets and stay my same ol' self, yahoo!

    I got a postcard in the mail too. Highly unexpected, but really nice I guess. From a friend in Taiwan who went to Vienna during the Chinese New Year vacation. Vienna...wonder what that place is like. In the meantime, I'll just sit here in from of my computer like...a...person who sits in front of their computer. I should probably keep in better touch with my old friends, but then I'm kind of too lazy to do that. Yeah, I'm horrible. shrugs....

    They were both drunk? You don't say!

    National Slacker Day May Be Too Much Effort...oh god, what's wrong with this world?

    And for whatever reason, I think this is stupid too, although I'm not Jewish so maybe I shouldn't say anything...

    Would I be crazy to want this? ...yeah, I guess so. But holy crap, slowly downward has been updated, which means that stanley donwood is NOT dead. . . . . .and. . . . .doot.
    This has got to be one of the coolest sites I've ever been too. Except:

    1. It made Juno crash
    2. It made IE crash
    3. My entire computer subsequently decided to crash, I suppose, since it was already rolling along quite nicely with the crashing...yeah

    God dammit, Friday already, eh? What have I been doing? Ah, pretty much nothing. I can't believe this vacation is practically finished already. It's been a week since Rufus, at least. Ugh. So what did I accomplish this week? I'm thinking...ah....er...um. I got...no, I didn't even get that much sleep. No matter when I go to bed, I can't seem to sleep any later than 1 PM. Of course, that SOUNDS late, but if you go to bed at 4 AM that's not actually a whole lot, I think...

    Well, I decided I wanted to do a few things.

    1. Learn some more flash junk
    2. Read a book...with words
    3. Burn all my journals. Have a big freakin bonfire and go "WOOPA" while celebrating amidst the ashes of dying memories which should be dead dead dead
    4. Lose some weight...ha!
    5. Burn other things

    Sounds good, no? Yes?...no.

    So anyway. How fun was that ice skating, yeah? I would have liked to see Michelle Kwan win..alright, I think a lot of people did. Sigh. Oh well. I won't think about it too much.

    Can someone tell me why there is so much space after I make an ordered list? It's probably something stupid, but then my HTML skills are sub-sub-par.

    For some reason I think the flash thingy looks better if you zoom in a lot...and I just sneezed everywhere. why.

    February 21, 2002

    Click here if you want to have nightmares for the rest of your life.

    Don't know why, but I made another flash thingy, and it really has absolutely no purpose. So if you decide to watch it..you can keep that in mind. I have no infatuation with the word "worm" (that I know of). I would like a cookie, though. The music in the background is a short clip from Godspeed You Black Emperor, although I don't know what the name of the song is. Eh well...one of those long ones.

    Watching women's ice skating right now. Mm...hm. "Michelle is the reigning world champion...and that is a good omen." Really, you don't say? I would have never imagined. That's just what the commemator said, I think. Ha...ha...uh.

    Why does this exist? Okay, I didn't even read the page, but the title was enough to make me think...actually, no it didn't. However, I could be the poster child for mundane behaviour.

    And as for the milk comment on this page, DRINKING COWS MILK IS COMPLETELY UNNATURAL! You all see that? Yes! Alright then!

    Ah...Canada. I remember seeing Mr. Sub. I just liked the name. The US really has to change to the metric system at some point, I mean it would take a long time so when will they start?! Ugh.

    Ah...I think I'll eat some sushi now. Yeah, so what that it's about 11 PM, last night I ended up going to bed at 4 AM, for whatever reason. Damn paint by numbers...oh god, what is happening to me?

    wait, another note...holy crap, the American skater, Sarah Hughs I think, she just skated...perfectly! Practically...! It seem...! whoa...!!
    Check out Diana's art page, Without Words. She's been putting some stuff there lately. Or if you like Radiohead, just go here, it's a funny flash South Park-esque Jonny and Thom interview doo-dad. JONNY'S HAIR...it MOVES! Yes.

    And check out release1 as well, while keeping in mind not to take it too seriously. Oh, but it's so much fun! But really, if I could just get my hands on some SuiCIDER...

    So the most exciting thing that happened today was getting a new issue of Adbusters. Well, I also got a muffin, something called a whoopie pie, some brownies and a package of biscotti (all from the local Whole Foods, whenever I go there I end up getting stuff that isn't all that healthy, unless chocolate and various baked goods have amazing medicial properties). Anyhoo. Haven't read the whole thing yet, but I usually find the letters from the readers to be really interesting. The magazine smells a bit. It's not as bad as National Geographic though. If anyone reads that magazine, then maybe you know what I'm talking about when I say that the magazine reeks of chemicals from all the ink. A great magazine, but holy crap...

    Anyway, I was talking about something, I guess. I wanted to put a letter here that I liked...or at least struck me in some way:

    I am a male, 27-year old high school teacher in Canada, and I've noticed myself becoming more depressed over the past three years. I just brought my first house. My career is doing well. I have lots of close friends. I play soccer and hockey year round. You'd think I'd be satisfied with all this. I feel selfish to say I am not.

    I think I am depressed because I grew up watching television sitcoms and movies of "normal" lives. But these lives are not normal. I grew up expecting the "TV life." I have also spent a lot of my life worrying about money--how much money I have and how much I'll have in the future. Now I see other cultures have survived and flourished without focusing on money. They focus on the primary needs of humans--food, water, fresh air, community and love. I was hoping my new insight would allow me to be a happier person, but I think it will make me even more depressed.

    Happiness will only come with social change. Corporate rule can only be addressed after more people really analyze and reflect on what is really important in life. It's time to kill up the emptiness.

    So...ah...um. I guess I liked that letter because I agreed with it, although I'm not really depressed about anything. It's just...true. And I'm not good at putting those kind of thoughts in my own words, so I took his. There.

    ...here's another one:

    In the mall there is a store called Hot Topic that sells punk, rock, metal and rave clothes. They also sell anarchy t-shirts. They're a corporate entity looking to co-opt underground music and sell to today's disaffected youth. I saw someone at school wearing an anarchy shirt. When I asked him if he was an anarchist, he said anarchy was "stupid" and that he just liked the shirt. The traditional anarchy symbol is meaningless; it's become another corporate symbol. Perhaps you could have a contest to desgin a new anarchy symbol.

    yeah..well. Hot Topic. You've probably guessed I don't like that store much, for those reasons. They sell Invader Zim merchandise. Sigh. Anyway. I'm not into anarchy-punk-rock-metal-rave anything, but if I saw someone wearing an anarchy t-shirt and they just though it was "stupid," that would bother me. It probably shouldn't...but it would. It does bother me, actually...like when people display on their clothes or backpacks that they're "PUNK" in some sense , I'm thinking "Eh, no you're not, you're living in an upper-middle class white suburban neighborhood..."

    :) Oh well, it's not up to me. I try to be an unnoticable as possible. I try to blend in...with the walls. Hooray for walls! Anarchy probably shouldn't even have a symbol. Whatever is considered an anarchist action is just a symbol of...oh well, I lost my train of though. It's sluggish today.

    Listening to the "I Might Be Wrong" live CD. It's great, you can hear the audience singing. Especially during "Idioteque", they're practically shouting the lyrics. Doesn't really surprise me that the CD wasn't recorded at all in the US...not that audiences in the US don't sing along also, but there's definitely a difference.

    What is YOUR Highschool label?

    Oh, that's...great. And they've got the picture of the pooping animal keychain in all it's wonderous glory. I used to have one, what happened to it? I used to have a bug-eyed animal keychain, and my friend squeezed it so hard that its eyes were permanently buggy, and so she pulled all the white goo out of the plastic panda figure. Needless to say, it was pretty nasty, and looked like a grotesque white bear-shaped squishy grub thing. Ah, memories...

    For whatever reason, I'm listening to Belle and Sebastian right now..."Electronic Renaissance." I've had "Tigermilk" for a really long time, and I never really listened to it. Yeah, I'm evil, sorry.
    Mmwell, haven't gone anywhere for the past few hours. I decided to clean out my favorites, although I ended up not really deleting anything. But I've added a chunk more links for you to go to, because you sure as hell won't stay HERE for long (I hope).

    Gee-golly-hoo-haw. Farkinpootdammit (that was not a word, I know), why can't I think of such wonderfully lovely prose such as that? I'm such a waste of human life. Someone should use my brain as a sponge...or a pea holder (if there are no other sponges or pea holders within walking distance).

    rolls around laughing on the floor for a bit...actually, no I'm not. Have I ever rolled around on the floor laughing? Could be fun, except for all the dust mites...

    Because I'm a loser, and I'm downloading a 5 meg mp3, I'll do a survey, because there are some things that you are dying to know...and this survey isn't going to fulfill any of those desires. sorry...wait, no I'm not...

    * Full Name: robyn pace lee (pace? ...yes)
    * Nicknames: "rob" "robbo" "robbie" "stupid head" "you there"
    * Sex: female. we think...if not, then I guess I'm just a plant
    * Birthdate: august 27th. yes, you best mark your calendars, because now that you know I expect you to lavish me with gifts.
    * Age: 16. i think. I don't do math.
    * Where do you Live: new jersey. Hey, it wasn't my decision.
    * Do u have a pager?: no, who the hell would page me?
    * Ever stolen before: yes...I've stolen people's thoughts, and then I made a cake out of em, and then I ate the cake...and then I puked it up because it was a bad cake, because I'm a horrible cook, you know.

    note: I have no idea what I'm talking about. I really need to take a shower. I haven't showered in many many many hours. I think colonies of unidentifiable organisms are starting to form on my scalp

    * Height: 5 feet. maybe. and an inch, if I'm lucky. wait. being short is absolutely peachy...um.
    * Eye Color: I used to think my eyes were black. But they're just dark brown. you like, like everyone else.
    * Hair Color: i guess technically its just really dark brown, but it looks black to the UNTRAINED EYE...yes...gasp!
    * Curly or Straight: straight, but not the nice asian way, its straight, and then it goes foop because it's not very soft, so my hair can shove it
    * Nationality: chinese. unless...
    * School: ramapo high school
    * Grade: 11...ONE MORE YEAR.
    * Do you have a Job: hell no. ha! no one in my family has a job, and yet we still manage. don't ask me how.
    * Any Piercings/Tattoos: nope. I really don't see why anyone would want to pierce themself someplace. ears are conventional, but anywhere else it's like they're trying too hard to do something trendy or something that's against the grain of society which isn't true because...wait...I'll stop now.
    * Do you wear Glasses: yes...since the 4th grade, I think. they're premanently attacked to my head. I superglued em.
    * Ever been involved with the Police: yes, that one time in mexico...I mean, no
    * Who's Your Role Model: I have no idea, which kind of scares me. I'm more likely to just observe what dumb things people do and not do those things
    * Best thing you've done this summer: probably seeing Radiohead. and listening to Even. God, doesn't that sound lovely? ITS SO FREAKIN LOVELY...yeah. okay. Peering at Thom through binoculars...yes.
    * College: well, what do you know, holyfriggincrap I still don't care which is definitely not good, but eh.
    * What style of Clothes do you Wear: I dunno. the kind that covers the skin, I suppose.
    * Sibling name(s): Hubert (...yes)
    * What Shampoo/Conditioner do you use: I forget. I got it at the Whole Foods Market
    * Do you have any Pets: nope. unless my stuffed animals count.
    * How many Languages do you speak? one. English. Because I'm stupid and can't learn any languages. forget asian languages, I gave up on that a long time ago, I think. and european languages don't like me either, unless I can survive in Franch just knowing "J'aime le fromage!"
    * Do you collect anything? ...not really. do dead bodies count?...no?...*shrugs*
    * Are you a Ditz: ...I don't think so.

    My Faves....
    * TV theme Song: I still dislike TV...sigh.
    * Spice Girl: ..uh
    * Backstreet Boy: .....
    * Fruit: persimmons are good, although they don't seem to have a very long season. so apples and bananas for me, how boring.
    * Teacher: ah, this is hard...Mr. Lindgren, my 6th grade science teacher was beyond cool, but then my 7th grade math teacher Mr. Puckett was really cool too. Yeah well. that was ages ago, now all my teacher are just...well, teachers, and nothing else.
    * Day of the Week: any day without school.
    * Candy: chocolate. CHOCOLATE! GIMME!
    * Disney Movie: ...hm. hm...I'm drawing a blank.
    * Thing in Your Room: my bed. to sleep. my stereo. to give my muuusic hooha!
    * Rapper(s) and R&B singer: eh...
    * Restaurant: ...mmm...a japanese one
    * Actor/Actress: ..mm...*blank*
    * Songs: a ton. "How To Disappear Completely" comes to my mind first, though.
    * Celebrity: ...um.
    * Animal: penguins
    * Radio Station: i don't listen very much, but WFUV plays the best music it seems
    * Drink: ..water. :P
    * Thing to do on Weekend: sleep
    * Season: winter, except this winter has been the biggest pile of crap I've ever lived though
    * Number: one wth a lot of...zeros.
    * Characteristic about Yourself: ...*blank*
    * People to talk to: myself...not as much of a favorite as much as a last resort
    * Sport: ehhh, maybe like basketball and badminton, and tennis
    * Movie of all Time: ah..um.
    * Perfume/Colonge: perfume and cologne have got to be some of the dumbest products out there. I can understand why they're made, but I can't imagine myself ever wanting to buy it.
    * Toppings on Pizza: i'm not supposed to eat pizza. but basil and tomatos are good. as in, no tomato sauce.
    * Sesame Street Character: ...probably cookie monster. god, i want a cookie right now.
    * Song Lyric: "i'm a loser baby"...I don't know.

    Do you believe in:

    * God: ..neh
    * Aliens: ..mm...yeah
    * Yourself: e...no
    * Heaven/Hell: neeh
    * Love at First Site: neh
    * Do you Have a Religion: yes, robynism. join me on a pilgrimmage to the mothership...

    My Future :)
    * If you could have any Occupation: ice cream tester...ha...ff.
    * What's Your Dream Car: i really don't like cars
    * If you could Live Anywhere: in the middle of nowhere, preferable located somewhere
    * Dream House: a nice ...one. that's circular. and has a million windows.
    * What Age do you want to get Married: married? i don't want to
    * How many Kids do you Want: ...zero. :) i have that loving motherly quality, as you can see
    * Girl's Names:
    * Boy's Names: well my imaginary kids will all be named Sigurbjorn, har har

    Have You Ever...?
    * Given Money to a Bum: yes...although not much. I was little and in NY with my dad. I think i only gave like 50 cents, what a cheapskate...
    * Named Your Goldfish: ...I haven't had goldfish. so I guess, no
    * Gotten in a Car Accident: not really
    * Sat through an Entire Dawson's Creek Episode: yes. oh god, why

    Things to make You think
    * If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring 3 things...what would they be?: lots of food...ots of cds...a cdplayer with lots of battiers
    * Where were you when you found out OJ Simpson was innocent: i think 5th grade in my science class. there was a radio and we were listening to it. and we all thought it was a load of crap.
    * Where were you when you found out about September 11: physics. we just continued class as normal though. great.

    For Girls...
    * Do you prefer Guys With or Without Hats:...uh. hats?
    * Facial Hair: well, Thom can pull it off. kind of.
    * Do you prefer guys with or without Boxers or Briefs: whatever goes, boxers are cool though.
    * How often do you REALLY shave your legs: ...i don't know!

    And for the Guys... (if I was a guy)
    * Do you Prefer Girls With or Without Makeup: ..without?
    * Do you prefer girls with Long Hair or Short Hair: ...uh
    * Why do you wear your Pants so Low?!?: because i'm a dumbass

    Nightie Night :)
    * What do you Wear To Bed: clothes. i mean. yes.
    * What's Your Bed Time: usually around 1 AM, for some reason.
    * Do you Wish on Stars: I look at them and think "the light from that star is really old..so it's acutally dead already..yay!"
    * Is there a TV in your Room: nope
    * What's the Last thing you do Before you Fall Asleep: turn off the light?
    * Person who knows the Most about You: people who i dont associate myself with anymore, which is really crap
    * Who do you talk to on the Phone the Most: phones suck
    * Parents Married/Divorced: married, but I dont know why
    * Any Siblings: a brother. a very disturbed individual
    * How many Schools have you been to: ...5? three elementary school, 2 middle schools, one high school...wait, thats 6.
    * Do you get along with your Parents: i get along with my mum fine
    * Vanilla or Chocolate: chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    * Craziest/ Funniest Dream: ...*blank*
    * Would you rather be Hot or Cold: cold.
    * What is your Curfew: curfew? ..whenever I get home? ha.
    * What is your Favorite Halloween Costume of all Time: i never liked halloween very much. every costume looked dumb
    * Do you Play any Musical Instruments: yes....not well though.
    * Talk Shows = Real or Fake: ...uh..how about pointless?

    Silly Stuff [You're almost done!!]
    * Do you Glow in the Dark: doesnt everyone?
    * Do you Possess Magical Abilities: sure. i can make food magically disappear into my digestive organes
    * Do you keep your underwear and socks in the same drawer: nope
    * Can you name all 4 Teletubbies: po, lala, tinky winky, dispy...oh man, why can I do that?
    * If there were a 5th, what color would it be and its name: smpoooosh.

    February 20, 2002

    I think I was just watching skeleton on the TV....so what's that like, sledding for psychos at at insanely high speeds? Mm, looks like fun! I think I would like to try that once (once because I'd probably die doing it).

    Anyway. It's raining!...yay! I think. This winter has been the crappiest winter I can remember. Nearly no snow. No snow days at least. There's always at least ONE but I don't see it happening this year, unless it flurries in the middle of March.

    I've definitely watched enough Beck for the day. Make a 6 hour video, smushing as much stuff as possible on it. Making me believe that Beck is the coolest human being on earth...really, who could be as cool as Beck? I was watching this video of a concert he did in Germany in 1997, and while he was singing "Minus" (I really like that song, although I don't know why) I swear he was saying "blah blah blah blah blah bluh blah blah" or something, and then suddenly he said "TAPIOCA!" and resumed the "bluh blah"-ing. A bit hard to understand him sometimes...yeah. Also watched the episode of Futurama he was in, god that show is hilarious. I heard FOX is cancelling it....first Invader Zim, now this? Then again, it's not as though I really watched either of those shows religiously, so I can't say I was much help. Hopefully they'll have videos.

    And that was my lovely exciting day! Tomorrow is another fun filled day of staying home and doing nothing! Maybe I'll watch some more Olympics...woo. God, this vacation is practically over, what the hell have I been doing? ARGH!
    Damn, I just spent way too much time playing this game. GAMES ARE EVVIIL! Even ones with lots of pretty bright cute colors!

    I wish I could go to the Coachella festival, don't YOU?...oo? Just to see Bjork.

    Okay, today I WILL make that Beck compilation video I've been putting off for so long. I WILLL WHAHHAHA I just need to hook up the VCRs and then bask in Beck-fun-happiness for a bit. ...why am I doing this? Because it will make someone happy! And it's best that someone out there be happy! Or...because I've got the time since I don't do much? Yeah, I'm definitely not doing anything today, my mum just went to the bank and the bookstore and asked if I wanted to go. NO, I'M A HOMEBODY! EEE!

    Yeah I am. sigh. So last night I was debating whether I should have gone on the internet at around 2 AM. I mean, I didn't, because I should stay FAR AWAY from my computer (although right now I'm not...um) so I popped some neglected CDs into my stereo and gave them a straight listen-through. And here are some useless thoughts for you to read, yahoo!

    Supergrass - Supergrass: This was...nice. ...actually, I don't remember much else. Except that it wasn't bad. But then it didn't strike me as something I'd listen to a lot, either. Well, I like more morose/depressing/slow stuff usually, so...yeah, that says absolutely nothing.

    Pulp - This Is Hardcore: This was kind of nice, and weird (although not a bad weird, if you can imagine). Something about the lyrics struck me as funny too, but not in a HAHA kind of funny. I don't usually listen to this kind of music. Sorry, another useless observation.

    God, wasn't that enlightening. Yeah well. I was doing paint by numbers as I was listening to the CDs. Yeah, doing paint by numbers isn't really the national teenage late-night pasttime, but well...actually, I don't know. But I didn't screw up any of em, so...yay. There was a gameboy game for paint by numbers actually, and I've even got a handheld Tamagotchi themed paint by numbers themed game. It's insane cute, when you finish the little picture kind of dances...um...yeah, Japanese stuff is definitely odd, but cool, no doubt.

    Actually, I was planning to do logic puzzles, but those require a lot more thinking, and I didn't want to think very much. I suck at logic puzzles...sob.

    what's wrong with me? aack...

    Well, I'm definitely not a feminist, I have this warped idea that everyone is just human and...I dunno where I'm going with this (nowhere, I suppose). But why would anyone want this?

    February 19, 2002

    Why does this even exist? The world is full of frightening cheese-related possibilities, as I've always said...

    Um...no. So anyway, guess I'm going to the Gorillaz concert if Diana can get tickets. WOO...ha...ha! I will use 800 film this time. Uh huh. Then again it'll probably be a big screen with the actually people behind it, eh? Maybe I should check on that...

    Another fun site, which will direct you to such fascinating places like this!

    And because torque rhymes with Bjork, here is a delightful song for your listening pleasure. Actually, this is really amusing me, does that make me a...dork? Actually, I will download the song so I can make the magic last forever.

    Gee, this was so much fun...yes...lookit those SKULLS! HOOHA! Man, this is just one of those crazy sites that makes your head bleed, kind of like superbad.

    Am I missing out on something by not listening to the Boards of Canada? I like the Geogaddi artwork...oo this site is pretty. Hooo...aaa.....*falls over in chair*.

    Well, not literally. Gee, this sounds very unsafe...yeah. Great....Oh man, I must be bored out of my mind, to have gone to so many sites. And I guess it's a good thing I didn't go to that Liberty State Park Radiohead show, because I wouldn't have been remotely in this crowd, I'd probably be in the back of the line...in another state...yeaaah.

    Anti-Bloggies? Yikes. The Radiohead obsesser isn't that obsessed with Radiohead, ah. See what wonderful prizes that person got? Well. Sometimes the world just sucks like that. HA! Crap, that's a lot of quizzes.

    For whatever reason I can't understand what a meme is. Actually, there are many other things than that that (I said that that...damn) I can't understand. Like HTML. HTMfreakinL. I use Frontpage, you know. Am I one of the dumbest people on earth? I can't understand CSS either. Or...or...*feels useless*...

    *yawn*...three posts today, I've hit my limit. Boohoo. I think I've hit a new low in my life, that during my vacation, no one is really online. Nice how these kind of things work out for me.
    I ate snails for lunch.

    ...well, not just snails. That was just the appetizer. I mean the HORS D'OUVRE...wait, did I spell that right? Eh. I'm quite disappointed that after taking French for so many years, I've pretty much forgotten everything already. But yeah, doesn't that just make your mouth water? The snails! Hey, don't say anything if you haven't tried it...

    Oh well, I just blew a chunk of money at insound. If you ever buy stuff from there, use my code roboppy and then you can help me save some money, pleeease? Please? Eh well, here's what I got, if you're curious enough:

  • Zealectronic Aubergine - Fleischmann
  • For Friends: Tomlab + Audio Dregs - Various Artists
  • Hydro Electric - Phonem
  • A Choir of Empty Beds - Fleischmann
  • Battle Record - 8-Bit Construction Set

    Yeah doesn't that just...uh...I dunno. I hope it wasn't a waste. The restriction I put on myself was to keep everything under $50, and I had a coupon so I kind of got free shipping, phew. I don't usually spend much money, I think. So it's alright...right? I always feel guilty for some reason when I buy stuff that I'm not really DYING to have, because it's not as though I did any hard work earning my money (besides just living) and maybe I'm just throwing money around too carelessly when it could be used for much bigger better things in the world. Is that odd? Maybe I could save children in third world countries instead of eating those SNAILS! Goddam snails!

    And this Beachwood Sparks album is great! Yeah, trust me, okay? I like the dude's...voice...all the dudes. Four dudes! It's all sweet sounding. Maybe it'll give you nice dreams. I had some very odd dreams last night, but I think I've forgotten them all by now. Which is weird because I had them...YES I remember! Alright. I was...nevermind, I can't explain it. But I can picture it (yes, I know you don't care).

    If the some of the images didn't work before, can you tell me if they work now? Or if they still DON'T work? I think I corrected it. :)

    I think we should have a moment of silence for Rebecca's teeth which have just been RIPPED from her skull. *bows head*....

    This might be a dumb question, but should I go to a Gorillaz concert next Thursday? I wouldn't think twice about it if it was on Friday, but ugh, THURSDAY! I hate that. School! I HATE YOU, SCHOOL! Diana asked me to go because one of HER friends asked her, and she said she'd go if I would go to. I haven't even got their album (not really a fan, but I don't mind them)! Diana at least has it....mm. Well. I think if my mum lets me, then I'll go, and then I'll just suffer the next day. Eh well, Diana has to work the next day too, so we'll all suffer in unison, how about that? :P
  • AAAAARRRGH! I just remembered what I forgot to buy at the cd store (about 9 hours after I was there, of course)...Godspeed You Black Emperor! How could I forget? *sob...weep...getting all weepy for no reason*...well, I could have saved a DOLLAR, you know? A FREEEKIN DOLLAR!

    ...sorry. I dunno what's wrong. It's just a dollar! It's just music that I really wanted, but obviously not enough to have remembered in the first place! I should make a list of crap I wanna buy, my memory sucks, and it sucks, and I suck! There will be other opportunities for me to throw my money away, yesss! Wait...yeah, now I really don't know what I'm talking about. I guess my Tuesday has gone off to a good start, eh?

    I think the simplicity (and pinkness and whiteness) of my new design for this site gives the false impression that maybe I'm a calm peaceful thoughtful artistic mindful person who loves the world. Well let's just say it doesn't make me look like a homicidal maniac, but in any way, it's all wrong! EVERYTHING! Well...no, not a homicidal maniac. Let's just get that out of the way. I haven't a clue.

    February 18, 2002

    This amused me for a while, although I'm not sure what it...does. And what the heck is this?

    Watching ice dancing right now. The Canadian pair completely fell down at the end, ack! I mean they both...totally went down...it was kind of funny at first though. Sigh.

    So what the heck have I been doing for the past 2 hours? Going to a million sites of record labels and such stuff for electronic music type...stuff. Am I that bored? It's not really boring, actually. But so many of these sites are really flash-heavy and my 40 k connection doesn't appreciate that, I think. I wouldn't mind having some nice techno-ee stuff to listen to...

    Oh man, they're replaying the canadian pair falling again...!

    Anyway. I'm going to download this now, even though I don't know what it is. Great, yeah? I may as well waste some time, hoodeedoo yeah HOOyeah-oo!


    many minutes later

    WHAT THE HELL IS THIS PROGRAM?! It won't work. Yeah. Well. I want it to anyway. Error: The buffer memory has been lost and must be restored. Well, that tells me so much, I practically hold all of the world's knowledge in my pinky, now what?

    Ah well, to make me feel better, the New York Daily News did a review of Rufus's concert. :)
    Okay, so I guess this works? Besides the site tracking icon ending up in the middle of nowhere, this layout somewhat works. *cheer...CHEER dammit*

    Because there's nothing more I'd love to do than buy a t-shirt for 30 pounds...mm.

    HOLY CRAP...why does the phone keep ringing? It's safe to assume it's not for me, and then my mum never really expects any phone calls, so they're all CRAP I guess. Actually, at around lunch my grandma called and neither my mum or I like to talk to her. That might sound mean, but...it's true! First of all, she speaks to me in Taiwanese as though I'd understand (I don't, by the way) and then she speaks in English (somewhat) about stuff that...actually, nevermind. No matter how annoying I must find it all, it must be more worse for my mum.

    Anyway. Finally went to CD World. A pretty good sale too, I got "I Might Be Wrong" for $10. I waited long enough to get it I guess. There was a sticker on the CD that said I'd get something free with it, but they ran out. And they ran out of sampler CDs that they always give out. SOB...alright, I've recovered. Also got the Beachwood Sparks self titled album for $9! I don't know if I could have done much better than that for a brand new CD, so I'll be content at the moment. And it's a very good album, although I don't think it's very long because I listened to the entire thing without really realizing I had...listened to the entire thing. Ah...yeah. That's not a bad thing though.

    And of course, no Clinic CDs. They had that little plastic insert that said "CLINIC" on it in the cd rack, but no CDs in sight. In addition to that, the free monthly magazine they publish had an article about Clinic. Uh huh...great, thanks. So I'll buy those now, yeah? ...*goes to insound.com*....dumdeedum. FAARKA they have...sorry. Um. Mm. They have Clinic stuff, but I also would like the 8 Bit Construction Set album. Yeah, now I'm really just talking to myself, sorry...that you are still...reading this....bloop bloop...bleep bleep.

    Actually. I can just wait till the end of the month until their next album comes out and buy everything at once. Yeah, why not I've already waited a few months...I'm patient (or maybe it's just laziness).

    ...um. uhhh...wait, is it Monday? I barely noticed, having no SCHOOL and all. I woke up after 1 PM. Hm. I guess I should dinner now...tofu and salad, here I cooooome!

    Wait, watch this first. Hooha. It amused me, at least.

    February 17, 2002

    Man, look at this picture Diana drew of a young Rufus wearing an apron (and damn proud of it...HA!).

    Okay, a little silly, but it made me laugh. She also drew a picture of me playing guitar in the bathroom, hm.

    Well then, my Sunday got off to a fabulous start. Initially, I felt like puking. I could almost swear my body temperature went up a few degrees, it was about the most uncomfortable thing...well, that's not true, there are many things worse than nausea. But still. And then it went away, and I went back to sleep, later waking up and eating my lunch of EEL and rice. My mum says it's a symptom of menopause, which I definifely don't have, so...hormones. Screw em.

    While I was eating lunch, I wanted to read something so I picked up an issue of US News about colleges which was buring in the back of the magazine rack in the kitchen. Blargh. I skimmed it and have come to the conclusion I'm screwed as for getting into any college my family would consider good (then again I didn't need to read the magazine to figure that out). My essay would go something like "I hated high school. And I'll hate college. YOU SUCK!" Ah, yes, it practically screams Accept me! I am good student-slave-meat! But really, if there are so many other people out there who are better, then why should I even bother? At least I don't think I have to take any SAT IIs...in the school I go to, I've beem made to believe that I HAVE to take a science, a math, and an English (I mean, I know you don't have to, but anyway) but that's because these people in my school say things like "Yeah, I wanna go to Amherst, no where else," and related ideas that make me wonder where I've gone wrong. Honestly, there's no college that I want to go to. Just stick me in one where no one will bother me, 'kay?

    :) I know, I sound absolutely pleasant, so full of potential and crap! Yeehaw. Actually, I'm just full of semi-digested organic material.
    I took this test although I'm not completely sure what my results mean yet:

    Anyway. I took a nap at around 8:30 after reading The Universe in a Nushell (it's interesting enough, but if it didn't have so many illustrations I probably would have stopped reading it already) and I woke upat 11:30. So generally, this is why I'm still completely awake after 2 AM. Not that I care, my mum is still awake, she was taking a nap too.

    Mm. Well. I wish I could see Homesick for Space tomorrow. But. Eh. I just saw Rufus, I can't be too greedy. :) Roof.

    ...man, I don't want to make another post. I'm editing this one, haha. mm. Here's a survery type thing from this journal and some stuff I left in that that person wrote, if I agreed (in italics!):

    1. food made from eggplant
    2. the current state of America
    3. ignorance
    4. insane clown posse
    5. the ocean

    <--I agree with all of those...at least I can't think of anything better. wait, the idea of a neverending universe scares me. maybe that number six.

    1. an army of emoticons
    2. cheese...not the cheese itself, but the word I guess
    3. a drunken Thom Yorke
    4. Rufus Wainwright
    5. blogs of weak, spineless people (I don't think he'll kill me for linking to his page...or maybe he will)

    1. Kid A (listening to it right now)...okay, music in general. :)
    2. chocolate
    3. people who can be thoughtful/intelligent and completely loony/psychotic (you must be both to win my affection, ha!)
    4. Idioteque (sorry, still listening to Kid A...it's warping my results...warping my BRAIN)
    5. sleep + food + internet

    1. extreme hypocrisy <--yeah...sigh...I'm probably very hypocritical myself though
    2. big giant corporations having too much power (actually, maybe that should go under things I'm scared of)
    3. school
    4. periods (yeah...well you couldn't possibly like that, could you?)
    5. not being old enough to see certain concerts...*cough*

    Actually, that list I made was very pooly thought out, but I guess I'm thinking very...locally...if that makes sense.

    1. mean people and their motives <--yes...stop the mean-ness!
    2. goth, punk, indie (etc) people who think they're "nonconformists" <--same here, although I kind of understand it. But not really. Because I wonder if these people realize that by being "nonconformist" they're actually conforming to that standard of nonconformity. ...you know what I mean? just nod and smile.
    3. myself
    4. why boys don't like me (oh wait...)
    5. everything

    <--actually, all of those are good. Except I actually know why "boys don't like me" so I'll replace that with "people who drink/smoke/do drugs which I do somewhat understand...these people are idiots! :)

    1. a pile of albums <--Vespertine is at the top of my pile
    2. a cabasa (...yeah)
    3. astapler
    4. a pair of scissors
    5. a scanner


    ...five? I can't even think of five people I'd consider my close friends, but honestly, you'd know if you were my close friend. ...maybe

    1. listening to "Motion Picture Soundtrack" and thinking it's aboslutely wonderful
    2. perspiring
    3. realizing its about 3:30 AM
    4. scratching my ear because it itches for some reason
    5. having a sore butt from sitting here too long

    1. think too much about everything except what's imprortant
    2. extremely shy for some reason I don't know but I can't help it one bit
    3. thinks everything would be better off without my existance (in some way...hope that didn't sound too drastic)
    4. has minimal interests...somewhat
    5. not talented enough in anything to do anything so I think I'll just be a garbage man when I grow up, except I can't even do that because I'm a weakling

    1. nice, most of the time
    2. semi-intelligent (maybe)
    3. open minded (maybe)
    4. don't hate my family
    5. ...um. I've run out of ideas.


    I can't think of anything. I haven't got any plans. I have "hopes" that don't mean anything though..! Yeah.

    1. write <--technically, I can write...hoohaa, look at me go, write-ee write-ee! Okay, that's not really what that means...
    2. play guitar <--technically...I can play! somewhat
    3. make toast <--I can burn toast...woo!
    4. make some people laugh <--sometimes
    5. dance badly <--yes, I can DEFINITELY do that!!!

    1. talk to strangers <--talk to anyone. ugh
    2. do physics/precalc well
    3. sleep at normal times
    4. control my eating habits
    5. many many many other things...

    1. even johansen - quiet & still
    2. bjork - vespertine
    3. poses - rufus wainwright
    4. homesick for space - homesick for space
    5. clinic - internal wrangler (haven't actually gotten the album yet, but I will, really)

    I have to add GYBE too...!

    1. ...hair?
    2. ...glasses?

    yeah a poor list. I don't think about it much I guess. I could tell you the opposite, but that applies to all people I guess.


    I don't really like movies. I mean there are good movies..that I liked...but. I like all movies by Hayao Miyazaki though. And then there's always "Happy Gilmore"...:)

    1. um...Even? Heh.
    2. Thom...wait...PHIL! (that would make Alex happy, maybe)
    3. Rrrruufus.
    4. ...Beck? Well. I dunno. He's cool, how about that?
    5. Another? I can't think of another. screw you!

    ignore this...its for my future reference

    D Bbm
    D Bbm
    G A D A
    G A Bbm G
    A Ffm Bbm
    G Bbm
    G Bbm A D

    February 16, 2002

    I finally finished the Rufus page! And I'm gonna assume all those links to the songs work. Now you can listen to Hallelujah...actually, listen to the apron story...:)

    So that's pretty much what I did today. I woke up, ate lunch (eel rice, I'll get tired of it some day, maybe) and then spent the next few hours doing...this stuff. I was planning to go to Ackermans (that's a page I made for them although Anthony, the guy that runs the place, never seemed to get it up anywhere so I've just left it here for now) to buy some brushes and mallet things for the drums but then I didn't feel like it. And. Well, yeah. Maybe Monday.

    And I was planning to go to NY tomorrow, but I just got my period today. Which is something like 5 days early (not that you need to know...but...I don't want these things to happen!) and ugh. I could go, I don't think I'll feel too sickly (although I usually feel a bit ill) but I don't want to go searching for public bathrooms in lower Manhattan, you know? Yes? The worst time I had my period was during a group tour thing in..Asia. That's a bit vague...Asia...well.

    So I've got a fuuun week ahead of me. I suppose it's better to have my period now than during school, just like getting sick or something, but...eh. Mm. R..rar. I think I'll go eat a cookie now before I am glued to my chair.

    A new Wallflowers album...coming out in the summer. I barely listened to the last one, maybe I should go listen to it again. Last night I was listening to their first album which might be my favorite, since I forgot it was in my stereo, hehe. I mean...mm...I guess I'm not really into them, but when I do listen to them it's really nice, for some reason. But them going on tour in the summer sounds like possible concert-ing for me, heehee. A few of you could imagine if I could see them 3 years ago, I would have gone absolutely nuts. It WAS three years ago, the whole...yeah...anyway. But the first album is very good...didn't anyone buy it? :)

    Oh yeah, wanted to show you another picture of the internet cafe Diana and I went to. That's Diana and her page on the screen. So you see...uh...lots of screens. Tons more than in that picture at least. I didn't even notice all the cameras at the top..oo. And next to all the screen there's a "phone" to listen to audio.

    February 15, 2002

    Rufus singing "Hallelujah" = very good stuff...like...FOOD...no, nothing is like food.

    Ah, they look so happy! I'm glad...yeah? They skated perfectly it was scary!

    What's Your Style? Find out @ She's Crafty
    You're a true nature chick who loves the outdoors. Because you're always running from activity to activity, you have zero time for a full, fussy face of makeup. Instead, you want to be able to hop out of the shower, pull your hair into a ponytail, slap on some sunscreen, and go. Just make sure that your laid-back, all-things-natural attitude doesn't lead to you become lazy -even on-the-go girls need to glam themselves up sometimes!

    HAHAaaggagGAGGEA *explodes with evil laughter*...it's funny cos I'm just lazy, period. And that's about it! The idea of me having many activities is funny to think about though..hooha...ha!

    *yawn*...this is a pointless post, I thought I had something to say, but then I...don't. I am tired though. I had a weird frozen dinner for..dinner. Something my mum got at the chinese supermarket. Beef and something. Hm...

    Oh yeah, the picture that I thought came out the best (forgot to put an "h" in the tag..uh..anyway) is this one:

    I have another picture that looks nice, but for some reason it was developed panoramic. I've probably said this before, but my camera doesn't take panoramic photos, and almost every time I get them developed there's a panoramic one in there. Anyone in the field of photo development that can explain this? It stinks because Rufus is cut out of the picture...a...then again all you can see his the back of him, eh? Heehee. This one came out okay..this one too, but the other one is more...colorful! :)

    Damn, that's funny, and so very wrong, but I laugh of course. Nice sound effects (I'm thinking of the cupid one, all those arrows!...yeah).
    Today was definitely one of the most pointess days of school ever.

    sidenote: whoa, someone on the rufus list is trying to sell a ticket to the Clinic show I wanted to see, apparently he can't go. WHAT IS WITH THIS? the pain! the reminder that I am not old enough to go, stop it stop it now! someone is out to get me...

    Here's my page for the concert so far. This picture came out the best I think. The pictures really didn't come out that bad compared to what I've done before (most of that is really horrible though, so it's not much of a comparison). Still, you've got me, not very good of a photographer, and then the 400 film and the no-flash and the far-away-ness. You can factor that all in! :D

    Back to the pointless day of school...it was quite pointless. I didn't even do anything in PHYSICS (for the first periods we continued working on our lab from yesterday but my group finished) and then the second period, my teacher talked about all different stuff and decided to screw teaching us. HAHA! He knew we didn't wanna listen and he didn't feel like teaching anyway. Good thing he kind of thinks like us.

    And then..blaarg. Yeah. Math quiz did NOT go well (they're really quizzes, but they're always hard and so..it's poo) and we had a fire drill during it. Oops. Hope he adds some points to mine, I think I got a C, hooha.

    Hm...am I the only one who DIDN'T eat candy yesterday? My Rufus shirt would have been nice to wear yesterday, although now I think it's to ored to ...wear. I don't really have any red stuff, I realized, except for my beck sweatshirt, eehee.

    Here's a little thingy I made of pictures Diana and I took of ourselves in front of a mirror at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Eehee. Okay, we had a bit of time to kill, and some film to use up! :D

    Hey steph, if you come with me to the B&S concert, then sure I'll go! NAHAHAHA aaa...sigh.