April 01, 2002

I hate talking on the phone.

...okay, I hate talking on the phone with the scary girl from my school. She knows I don't like talking on the phone, what is her problem? She really doesn't care at all what other people think or what other people want, and I can't imagine why. She started talking to me about her weekend like I cared (I sound kind of mean now, don't I. Well, I'm not usually, but I think you'd agree that people aren't usually that...annoying). She keeps getting kicked off AOL for various reasons (which I don't understand) and this has been her third time so she doesn't get to use the Internet anymore. Or something. "So I guess I'll have to call you from now on..." I don't understand why she assumes I want to talk to her. I really just don't get any of this. Well, she's very controlling and childish, that's all I know. And no one would ever tell her to go away and stop bothering her, I guess, not like that to a "special education" student. She'd probably get angry. "Robyn, I'm angry.." HOLY CRAP, I don't care at all!


I am 81% worshipable! And you? Find out!

Wow, that sucks. Don't.

I'm strange!
How much of a freak are you?

...I thought many people had a cynical view of the world. Unless that's just the small group of people I associate myself with. Hm.


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