March 20, 2002

There was snow...and now there is mush. I could take pictures of the muggy weather right now, but it's not that spectacular. I like gloomy weather, but snow is still the best. Sigh. All that snow pretty much disappeared by the end of Monday though.

Gaah I MUST redesign this site! Fff ff mumble! I didn't want to turn into one of those people who decides to redesign their site every week or two, but I think I already don't like it. Why can't I ever be satisfied? FARK!

...I don't remember what happens in school anymore. Somewhat. I remember nearly falling asleep during health. And during physics, my teacher got very angry with the class, although I don't blame him. The sounrce of his anger involved the two morons that sit beside me. Before class, the guy on my left put a wad of his chewed up gum on the seat of the guy on my right (they're really good friends, which I find utterly frightening) and when the other guy saw this, he took the gum and threw it at his friend. Except his aim wasn't that good, and it hit the girl sitting behind his friend. She was just like "What the heck?!" and the teacher was right by, which was COMPLETELY moronic. Alright, if you ask me, putting gum on the guy's seat was really stupid in the first place. But I wouldn't say it was the second guy's fault completely, it was both of their faults. The really dumb thing (it gets dumber, sadly) is that the teacher was shouting at us, asking who threw it, and the right-side moron said nothing. No one said anything. Well, the left-side moron said "I didn't do it" which was true, but...these people are just...[fill in the blank].

...and. Um. Yeah, that class sucked. Oh what the hell, I would hate to leave out anyone...THEY ALL SUCKED! HAR HAR! Har. ...I still don't understand why during lunch, a 5 minute nap feels like an hour. I could swear that my dreams last much longer than 5 minutes, but how can the time difference be so great? [meh]...I must be that dead tired. One of my friends mentioned that it must be loud in the cafeteria, so how do I manage to sleep? And it is pretty loud, all the talking, but it doesn't do much to me...yikes.

In English class we got to use the Computers On Wheels. Or, as you can see...COWs. "We're going to use the COWs today." Okay. Well, they are quite nice, for every department of the school to have 20-something mac laptops for students to use, and for them to still be in working order. I typed some of my English essay on it, and e-mail what I wrote to myself. Macs don't really have disk drives, eh? Well, it was easier. I wasn't really used to just being able to go on the internet without having to plug anything in. Yeah, me and my giant PC, we make such a great couple. Like one of those dysfunctonal ones. On Monday, we actually used those computers in History class also, but for some reason I didn't get one. Either my teacher read my mind (I didn't need one) or she completely forgot I was in the class. I don't think either of those is true though, so I still find it odd. Meh.

And I am getting less and less sleep each night. Last night (aka, this morning...oh, HAPPY SPRING by the way, it's spring now. And gee, sure does feel like it...not) at around 1:30 AM I thought "Well, I can go to bed now and be tired in the morning, OR I can sketch another picture and be...tired in the morning." So I opted for the second one and drew another picture of Jean-Benoit (I swear, he just must be easy to draw or something) before going to sleep. But it actually came out kind of bad, so it's not really worth showing. :)

Oh and another thing, joined a webring for people named...Robyn. Oh god. OTHER PEOPLE NAMED ROBYN! I will put the code for that on my page when I think of a new design. Yes, if you are getting bored of THIS Robyn, check out another one.


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