March 21, 2002

Stephanie says many funny things. But I will believe them, because I may as well...and I will bask, like this. [reclines, goes into basking mode]. But she did a very important thing as well, being an inspiration and all, isn't that important? Tell her that before she wallows too much in something unpleasant. Yes, we are both part of invisible bands...that was a terrible Travis reference. I apologize. Profusely. Actually, to be fair, I think the song is called "Stephanie Wanted To See Radiohead", although "Stephanie's Song" would be much simpler, heehee. What a lovely...title...sigh. I think I will just make that then tenth (and final) for my pseudo CD just to say I am done with that. And I'll have to think of something else to waste more CD space. BUY YOUR COPIES NOW BEFORE HELL TAKES THEM ALL!

Oh, I will never be in a band. A duo, at most. Two is not much more than one.

And now I just blab. I think I will eat an apple. Or an eple, if I am to get all Norwegian on you. I have successfully learned ONE Norwegian word, go me! I am so unsmart. Yay. I have a buttload of math homework. ...oh my god...[feels pain].

Robotic Obedient Being Yearning for Nullification


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