March 26, 2002

Right up the pooter...yes, why was I playing poowarrior and why in the hell was it so much fun? Something feels awry. Leave it to Morten to find something like that. Of course, I am silly enough to use the translator to read that page, although sometimes you get some funny stuff:

Have you always was dreaming to pan barnerumper along with spruteflaske? no matter H√łytrykksspyler? No matter I rather . But draughtsman am nevertheless humorously.

...dammit, yes, I WAS!


I just remembered something weird that happened today, which has made me pretty sure that one of my friends is a homophobe of some sort. We were talking about colleges (we were really bored, I guess) and I mentioned that my mum wanted me to go to NYU. Then somewhat whispering, she said "People there are weird. Like there are a lot of gays and theatrical people." To me, that doesn't sound weird at all, at least better than what I heard (that it's full of snobby people) but I guess my friend doesn't see it that way. That scares me, I mean I know she thinks that way I guess (not really close minded as much as...not open minded. [shrugs]) but I guess the way she thinks is as weird to me as the way I think is the way to her. Buh. I'll be off now.


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