March 25, 2002

A random note...don't screw with me, if that is possible. Does this make sense to you? Alright, don't ask...[sigh].

Anyway. If you like Rufus Wainwright, maybe you can make something of this e-mail:

Subject: Rufus T-shirts

Hiya guys. I'm trying to scrape up enough money for this upcoming southern tour. I gotta get myself to 8 shows. So...I figured this might be a good way to do it. Daphne and I are collaborating to make Rufus
T-shirts. We're gonna be doing 2 different ones, each $15.... and then....custom ones for $20. Here's what we're thinking...

The first shirt:
Front: Rufus Who? (kind of looking like a "got milk?" thing.)
Back: PIC, and quote underneath.. "The parts don't fit? They fit!"~Rufus

The second shirt:
Front: A PIC and his name..
Back: another PIC, and a quote from a song underneath.
I'm thinking maybe.. "Life is a game, and true love is a trophy"

We're also doing a few little things for fun... Rufus tattoos $3 for a half sheet, and $5 for a whole. Bracelets...saying whatever you choose. We're basically making anything asked.... People have mentioned Tote bags,
Calendars, boxers.....ect.

So...if you're interested in anything...just e-mail me. (If you want a T-shirt, I'll send you the pics we're using, so you can see what you're getting)
Thank you so much
Keep in touch..

~Much Love~
Adrienne G

She is an absolutely gigantic mega Rufus fan, maybe you can help her follow Rufus to all his shows. I think having the first shirt would be funny. The parts fit, says Rufus., you can use your imagination. That is from the time he was on Politically Incorrect, I think.

As for this, there wasn't any magic of Photoshop involved, just cutting and taping. How...unintriguing, hehe. Well I used photoshop to make the background a little off-white, so I'd know where to cut it out. I think it reminds me too much of the Amnesiac packaging...NOO! But that is red and my notebook is orange! So isn't that a really big diference? maybe? Um. ...[shrugs]

Today sucked, I think. I mean, really, the only way a day does NOT suck is if, at the very least, I'm not in school. Supposedly it will snow tonite but not very much. Something funny did happen this morning...but it wasn't actually that funny. It made me kind of sad. I think it will sound stupid for me to complain about this, but I don't like it when people think I'm smarter than I actually am. Then it's as though I'm misleading everyone. I should wear a giant sign that says "DUMBASS" and maybe people will get the idea. YEAH! That is a wonderful idea, which I thought all by my sorry self. Yay!

Why would anyone search for i am made to wear a nappie on Yahoo? And the biggest question maybe, why did it lead them to my site? Another one I got a few times was Lord of the Bling. Did I ever mention that? What in the...yeah, I hope not.

I put up more songs so you better listen to em. YOU BETTER! Don't you want to enrich your life a bit? Maybe?


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