March 27, 2002

Please please tell me that and my Even site work. I spent something like 5 hours altogether for the both of em, isn't that's so pathetic, I don't know if I want to think about it.


Then again, I was in school longer than 5 hours and that was definitely worse. I would rather sit here all day and strain my back/neck/brain staring at the computer while trying to make tables work and crap. I used style sheets this time, which definitely made things easier. Yes, I now luurve style sheets. ...what the hell is lurve? [shrugs]

And now I really must pee.

And I don't care what STEPHANIE thinks, I still feel that her song is wonderfmuhful. Full of wonder and muh. But if she protests then I guess I will not link her song. FIIIINE BEE THAT WAAAY!

..:) ...


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