March 24, 2002

Palm reading, anyone?

  • You have a good imagination, and often exhibit sensitivity to others.
  • At times, you may tend to be overly sensitive to criticism. You can be excessively cautious or narrow in your outlook unless you receive the right kind of encouragement.
  • You are a warm hearted person, with much love to give. You probably like children, and exhibit many playful characteristics.
  • There may be times in your life when you give in to feelings of sadness or depression.
  • You are likely to make decisions based on intuition or feelings rather than intellect.
  • There are inconsistencies in your energy level, possibly triggered by external factors or emotional changes.
  • You have a basically strong constitution, and should enjoy good health most of the time.
  • You were probably given a good start in life by your parents. This could be based on your general upbringing, or on physical characteristics you inherited.

I practically got the same thing as Rebecca. Well, I know that "You have so many interests that you may have trouble deciding which ones to pursue." doesn't apply to me but I don't know about that second one. I like to give up though, YAY YAY YAY [throws confetti and makes a big mess]...wait, I don't like children. Do I? This IS incredibly vague...


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