March 16, 2002

Okay, is the page corrected now? I had no idea it was screwed up before, sorry. If the words still don't fit on the page, I don't know what's wrong. [sob]...someone smart should correct it. SMART! Brains! [points to head]

I actually went into the world today. To see a movie, no less. Whoa. My mum and I saw "Ice Age" and it was a pretty cute movie, actually. Funny too. Kind of odd. Acutally, I think I was more excited about seeing the Star Wars trailer. It looks cool, but then I guess nothing will be as good as the first three movies. Sigh. What is with the surge of advertising at movie theaters? I hate hate hate hate it. Remember back in the day when there weren't commercials before the previews and you weren't given free junk food after the movie? And there weren't advertisements on the friggin TICKETS? God. [shakes head]...

I sound like some disgruntled adult don't I. There's some annoying Burger King commercial on right now...when will the pain stoooooop? Okay, now there's a "Fear Factor" commercial on. Now I remember why I don't watch TV usuall. I am watching Saturday Night Live. WHY? I watched TV yesterday night also. I think I'll only watch TV on Friday nights from now on, to see Conan O Brien and "Late Friday" which to me is one of the funniest shows ever. There was this one stand up comedian, whose name I don't know, but I've seen him on David Letterman I think, and he was a very odd character. But I was laughing my bum off. Yeah, it just FLEW off. No joke. I do not think I make sense.

Oh wait, SNL is actually pretty funny right now. "The Delicious Dish." I laugh, but I don't know if I really want to...

Oh yeah, and the broken image was on my Even Johansen site, not here. So you probably didn't see it. :)


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