March 16, 2002

Oh, all of Radiohead are sleeping! I didn't know they were in the Face in January, I probably would have bought that issue then. I guess this is what I get for not going to the bookstore every month...or

And since I'm sure hardly anyone read my last entry, I will say listen to my song because I've only got one opinion about it so far. And I forgot what it was I think. Oh well.

And it is past three AM. What did I do? Well I updated junk. Oh, radiohead is all sleepy...that makes me sleepy...

And I signed up for three SATIIs to take on June 1. Gee, won't I want to kill myself taking three tests on one day? I signed up for writing, math level 2, and physics. Eh well, if I do crap on em I just won't tell the colleges. And I probably will, you know.


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