March 21, 2002

I've just realized that this site must look like utter shit (for lack of a better word) to anyone who has got a resolution of 800x600 or below. But if you're that person...Stephanie says, "well, that person should go out to best buy and buy a new computer". I agree. HAHA. Nono...uh, don't.

So why am I still here? This whole week, I've been spending the most insane amouts of time on the internet and barely any time on work. I suppose my English essay due on Friday (just a rough draft though) is almost finished. And my history project is nearly completely. I didn't finish my math homework though because I completely forgot how to do determinants. Hm.

I think I absolutely love the Kings of Convenience. Wait, I forgot...I don't like the word "love", so I guess I'll have to use something else. "you are getting all lovey dovey" says Stephanie. Um. Why am I quote stephanie? Cos she's full of wisdom! If I ever get lovey dovey, you can shoot me or bash my head in. Brain cells grow back, don't they? they don't. Maybe you shouldn't shoot me then. But this music is incredibly lovey. I put up a song (among other fun scandinavian pieces) in the song-o-matic page, which I don't think many people go to. But some (wait, ALL) of the music in there is good. I swear! Er. And you definitely have to listen to the Haken Hellstrom song, it's in Swedish and it's lovely. Oh damn why am I saying that? Morten has told me about a buttload (which is a large amount, I guess...actually, I don't know what a buttload is) of wonderful music that I really really must buy or else I'm going to go crazy. Actually, I already am. I'm completely wide awake and it's getting closer to 1 AM. I haven't showered yet. I haven't done a lot of things yet. I'm not eating any less. And I think we should all move to Scandinavia. Maybe. Hell, they probably know English better than I do...

Actually, I think Stephanie was on crack (and I mean that in the best way possible), she said many strange things:

well, we *can* start an even tribute band.
become orthodox even ministers.
form an even johansen university
make even majors and even minors. even computer science. even graphic design. even studio art. where everything you do...FOCUSES ON EVEN.

What else did I do...I wrote an e-mail to Logan of the velvet teen to defend cheeseless burritos. They deserve a wonderful burrito-ee life as well as the ones with cheese, I believe. ...and only 8 more days until seeing the Velvet Teen, I'm happy. Or maybe it's more like 9.

And I ought to shower. I haven't a clue what kind of mood I'm in right now. But I kind of wish I was in this mood more often. I have to pee. Nature calls. And I'm sorry if the colros on this site give you epileptic seizures.


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