March 21, 2002

I took some kind of reading comprehension test at and got in the 34% percentile, or somewhere around ther. Doesn't that make me a dumbass or something? Well, I already knew, but I was thinking...hoo. Yes, I'm screwed. I'm not too fond of reading, apparently.

And this is funny (not in the "haha" way, in, other way). Okay, I wrote a song about Stephanie (well, some random chords last night and today during school knocked out some lyrics, ha! It's STEPHANIE'S SONG and no one else's!). The story is, she was going to see Radiohead, but because of rain (and bad luck, I guess) the show was cancelled., I wrote a song about it. There's the story. I only put it here because it didn't suck as much as it could have. Yes, the sucking potential was high, but I defeated most of it. I will hate it soon. And it's funny because in real life I don't sound like that. I'm not sure what my speaking voice is like, but it's quite annoying. Especially when the maniacal laughter sets in. Besides, I put reverb on it, and that makes things sound better. Oh well, that's like the second song with words I've written in my entire lifetime (made a song about Rebecca some time ago. Yup, if you're my friend you may possibly be made into a song, but most likely I will be too lazy, joy to you!), although I guess it was done much faster than those non-word songs I've done. I think then I can only write lyrics about...people. Or burritos...

[Sigh]. I had an odd day. Probably carried over from last night...which was also odd. For one thing, I went to bed at 2 AM, maybe. Actually, that's not rare. But all day at school I was relatively awake. I took a nap during lunch, but only because I didn't want to do anything else and just sitting there staring at the wall would have been a stupid choice. So drifting into a state of semi-unconsciousness it is! Yup. And I wasn't close to falling asleep in any of my classes. In general, my classes were pointless today. I mean, in physics and math we ALWAYS do something. They would only be pointless if the teachers were absent. But for Russian, English, and History, we all did out own work since we had big assignments to work on. Blah. Math was crap-ass for me. I thought I got at least a B on my math quiz, but I was off by ONE EFFIN POINT so I got a C. I'll never get an A in that class. It might be surprising for you to know that I was actually good at math before. I mean, I think I was. [thinks]...yes, although it's nothing to brag about, now that I suck crap. I'm sure I've gotten dumber over my high school years. And well, I haven't taken a nap today. This is going to catch up me soon, either in the form of extreme lethargy, or hallucinations of dancing hot dogs in water fountains.

And I thought something else happened today, but I can't recall. Maybe that's it. [Thinks...slowly]...this is where I'm supposed to say something absolutely hilarious. The hilarity level would potentionally be high and dangerous. ...but I'm drawing a blank right now, so I guess not. Oh I know, would anyone like to think of a name for my imaginary music publishing company? And not "Robyn Lee Music 2002" or something. Actually, I would also like proper titles for my songs which are extremely...untitled. Sandra wants to use a song for something. I have to create a cooler aura around my songs to make them fit the ultimate coolness of Sandra a bit better. She is psychotic in the greatest way possible, which is great...we all are.

Oh, I remember what else made my day better. I got a wonderful Radiohead "Amnesiac" postcard from Holly. Radiohead rocks the socks like no one else. So I say many thanks to her! So far, just her and Cristen have sent me Radiohead postcards. For some reason I was only able to send one free one out, while everyone else seems to be able to send...more. I may as well pay for them, they're pretty cheap and still nice. But it would be even nicer if some other people out there sent me some Radiohead goodness in postcard form....


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