March 23, 2002

I look like this every day...every fhhsfsdireks day...

Neh, I won't put up scary pics of meself in here a lot or anything, but I thought "Yeah, that photo really captures that ROBYN essence! YEAAAH! Hoorah."

And now I am listening to songs from the movie "Amelie" and it sounds nice but it's kind of sad. But don't you know, that is the best way to be. I'm not sad, but I didn't get to do what I was planning to do and then I wasted a buttload of time just sitting here. Yesterday's entries were crap anyway. I'm starting off to a fresh new Saturday at 3 AM. And now I want to play something on the piano except I can't really since SUCKING never ever helped anyone. If it did, please tell me. This is like John Tesh music...wait, no, that would be scary. Remember Yanni? Okay, nevermind that. This reminds me of the "Ghostworld" theme song...


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