March 25, 2002

I know I've gone off the deep end because I made a website for my imaginary record label of nonexistant artists! It's oh so much fun. Actually, it's just that one day I was fiddling with Photoshop and got a lot of weird lines, and wanted to make a page showcasing the MARVELOUS USE OF LINES and a bright electric blue background!

Oh well. Hakan Hellstrom makes such incredibly horribly cute music, I wonder why I'm even trying to sing in Swedish. "Blaah blalh ahlahl a..asomsiogsdgdf..blal!"

Yeah. That's Swedish, Robyn style! ...sorry, if you are Swedish. I haven't a clue what this song "En vän med en bil" is about. But it's makes you wanna go "Hooha oohhahaha *bounce*" and other fun things!

JESUS why am I always so awake late at night? My mum thought it might have something to do with my change in diet, that all those carbs don't weigh be down so I'm actually able to stay up later and get less sleep without sicking myself and having hallucinations of dancing jelly beans, but this can't be such a good thing. I just don't get much sleep! But I don't wanna! Cos I'm gotta have things floating in my head to the tune of Swedish songs. I'm being deprived of chatting with one of my favorite people (I think you can have favorite people, right?) who I think is on spring break leaving me all alone with too much time on my hands.

...[fidget]...mweef!...I would never say "mweef" in real life.

Which Kotex Product Are You?

NO that is not true!!!




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