March 26, 2002

I didn't think I'd be posting again so soon, but here I go (I'm sorry if you read this page on a daily basis, I'll think about that when I'm in hell)

Stephanie debuts the ROBYN SONG oo yeah isn't that neat? Bah, and she says it took "not very long at all" to do. I like it, don't you? [you nod, like sheep!] It might be worth looking at the lyrics:

robyn says hello to the bluebird today
"i found an earthworm would you like it split away"
i dug a small hole in the loose dirt
and look what i found, my just reward

robyn wants to know what is aching at her side
a broken wing is not
it can't coincide
with a day where the wolf is lurking nearby
to sink its fangs into her soft cheeks

robyn run away get off the ground and hide

robyn just got bitten with an appetite
because the poor thing had a broken wing
and now her song is never heard again
and now her song is never heard again

"tweet tweet! tweeeeeeeet....*plop*"

YAY! Yeah! Stephanie rocks like 6 foot cheese wedges!

Okay, and here is something else from slowdance:

We'd like yo say THANK YOU to you. It only took one day to sell out of the first pressing of THE VELVET TEEN's "Out of the Fierce Parade" CD. The record was released to stores on 3/19 and by 3/20 we were on the phone ordering more. Damn...

Just a quick note to say that we are TEMPORARILY out of the new Velvet Teen CD. I know, I know, but we sold out so quickly that it even took us by surprise!
But no worries, we will have more back here at Slowdance HQ in about a week. The CD should be at your favorite Mom & Pop (+ corporate) record store RIGHT NOW, so maybe pay them a visit and pick it up. We'll post it here when the friendly UPS man arrives with his mighty booty... and the CDs too.

-- posted by: ezra

I know none of you got the CD. But. I did! I thought it came out earlier though, or I've just felt like I've had it for a while. I've managed to half memorize the new songs (half because sometimes I haven't a clue what Judah is saying so I just mumble something nonsensical, while I could look at the lyrics I suppose) although I still don't know all the older songs. [thinks]...I don't remember when I got the album. It's good, buy it!

I have misplaced my pants.

I don't know why, but I want this book. Doesn't anyone have an extra $30 on hand? Maybe?


Oh myyy, he actually put my gross distortion of this up. It's so robyn it's sick, isn't it? The flames are licking his butt! I feel like I did something horribly wrong now. [insert quasi evil grin...ow, it hurts to grin]


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