March 17, 2002

I can't understand why someone is downloading my dulcimer crap stuff off of me on Audiogalaxy. They're going to be sorely disappointed. And I must be the only person who has it, so...[shrugs]. Maybe they just want to know what a dulcimer sounds like. So far out of all the songs I've done I think I like magnet2 the most, but probably because I haven't had as much time to get sick of it yet.

[I will in due time...yay.]

I have no ideas for my next song. Crap. And so far I think I've done one twelvth (that definitely looks like it was spelled incorrectly) of my history project:

Northern Democrat David Wilmot first proposed the Wilmot Proviso as an amendment to a bill, which would give $2 million to negotiate a treaty with Mexico, that slavery will not be allowed in newly acquired American territory as a result of the Mexican War in 1846. It has been passed by the House of Representatives, but not by the Senate, which is Southern-dominated. It has been proposed again, alongside a new bill to appropriate $3 million instead, but the Senate again would not pass it and instead has drawn up its own bill, which excludes the proviso. The Wilmot Proviso has created much tension between the North and the North on the issue of slavery, illustrating the constant refusal of antislavery action by the South.

How is that for some badly written journalism? It's really crappy, wow, my crappiness is crappy. Ugh. And I'm writing another informational article about the Compomise of 1850, how very exciting.

I had some bad eel for lunch. Which could have cause some weepage.

I'm listening to a song by Ralph Meyerz and the Jack Herren Band right now, it's pretty funky. I should try and make better music. Last night I listened to Even (I updated his page as well, although barely but meh, alright?) and thought...damn. Okay, my thoughts are getting very very pointless to the point of insanity. It's a bit of a backwards insanity, inverted insanity. Hooha. I'm cold. This Radiohead shirt is not very warm. But you'd think being covered in layers of fat would keep me warm, jeez. The discovery of my eraser twin has been the most freakin exciting thing that's happened to me all day, although I think I find it more fascinating than my twin. Then again, I am amused by mere dirt. And I think I want to take a nap, how pathetic.


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