March 23, 2002

I can't believe I already got two reviews of the electronic dooda that I didn't like very much at first. Now I've been conditioned to like it. Muh. [braindead]'s short because i couldn't bear to hear it for any longer. It really is too short though. It starts, then it ends. Boom. If anyone cares, I didn't just use Fruityloops (which doesnt work for me anyway, like most programs on my computer it crashes), I just used the drum things and such from it and used Acid Music[insert something here]...I feel kind of bad now, actually. For the record, I still have yet to encounter a female who liked electronic music and such stuff.

I finished it. The book, I mean. Good book. I don't expect I'd read it again anytime soon, but it was interesting, although I wouldn't be able to tell you why. [attempt to think about it]...nope. I wouldn't really say it was a funny book. But it wasn't completely depressing either. ...yeah, I really cannot say anything about it, you'd have to read it yourself.

That is the longest survey I have ever seen in my entire life.

Because I like it, here is that Mogwai song I was listening to. I think I would buy Rock Action just for that. Something is very comfy-feeling about it. Err, at least in my head, which doesn't mean much I guess.


Weird. After going to elasticheart which rerouted me to this page about Badly Drawn Boy I find out that "About a Boy" is a movie. And I was thinking about that while I was reading the book..."This would be a really weird movie." Oh well. So I watched the teaser which doesn't have the "boy" in it (well, I guess the adult and the boy = the boy...nevermind) and now I have a movie I want to see, and maybe a soundtrack I'll want to buy. Yay. I do have "The Hour of Bewilderbeast" and I barely listened to it. Aren't I a mean one? I haven't even a clue when I bought it. Sigh.

I already knew that. I used to joke about dying my hair blue. "What if I just did that? Would anyone even notice?" Har. I won't. My lovely too-long greasy black asian hair will do fine.

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I guess I'm content with that analyzation. ...did I just make up a word? [shrugs].


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