March 27, 2002

I cannot remember if I have homework or not. ...that's never a good thing. I went upstairs (which is where I do homework, not in this hellish dungeon...mwa) and ate an apple, then played piano and realized I didn't know how to write music, so again I've got a piece of paper with lines and black dots on it. It's like...a secret code. And I can hardly play the first few bars of whatever gibberish I've written down, so it's quite pointless. [sigh]

hehehe look at thom there, what a guy. i'd like to see a statue of him made in butter. hm yes.

That is definitely one of the weirder things I've seen in my guestbook. But a butter-ee-fied Thom? Buttered Thom. ....glaarghrar [insert Homer Simpson-esque drooling noises], that made no sense. Sorry. Sounds like some weird entree. "Is the buttered thom FRESH today?" "HELL yeah! Caught it this morning from fabolamafoombaa!"

...[insert lengthy uncomfortable pause]...ow, I bit the inside of my cheek. Eating chocolate. Definitely not losing any weight/fat but I don't feel so bad. Of course, only I could gain weight on a diet consisting of mainly fruits and vegetables. What wonderful Jewish FOODS will I eat at tomorrow's seder? MATZOH GALOOORE, I think. I will tell you about that tomorrow after I potentially stuff myself with matzoh and become part Jewish for a day.

I think the worst name for a folk pop duo would be "Robyn Lee and Me" although you have to admit, the rhyming makes, horrible, but it has that. Um. That. Thing. You see? Yeah, alright then. :)

ROOOYSOOOOPPP! Is great. Is it pronounced how it's spelled? Is that a dumb question? I'll put up another Royksopp song later, because I know you don't give a damn, but maybe. You should!

Oh I just remembered, there's a physics day at Six Flags sometime in May and I wasn't planning to go when I first heard about it. And I still don't want to go. I'm sure if I don't go, I'll be the only one. Bwa. I have to be the odd one out, yeah? Generally, the park is filled with some thousands of physics students (no one and you learn about the physics of ROLLER COASTERS and such stuff while going on the roller coasters (although you don't have to, of course) so I figure, why don't I just save $40 and do the crap work on my own? I know that's not the point, but honestly, how much fun will I have in a theme park with no friends? Well. I guess I COULD just take some crack before I went and have a nutty jolly time but...actually, I'd rather just stay home. That's the Friday before the SATs. What a crap poo. Isn't it great how I've pretty much got three semi-good friends in my school and none of them take physics?


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