March 29, 2002

I already posted this, but god, just looking at Phil run makes my day 5 billion times better.

But it's technically Friday already. The seder ran from 6 PM (well, I guess it started at 7, but I got there at my friend Aliza's house at around 6) until 12:30 AM, hehe. PARTY YEAH! PASSOVER STYLE! Anyway, it was really cool! I mean, it was a heck of a lot more fun that the Christmas get togethers I've been going to each year at my great uncle's house. That's just eating and talking, nothing very special. Seders are filled with lots and lots of singing (although I didn't know most of the songs since they were sang in...not-English) and lots and lots of eating (after I was done eating, I thought I was gonna puke up matzoh, really) and I guess lots and lots of drinking (I didn't take part in that, of couuurse).

Well, maybe I should go into more detail. Um...[thinks]...god, what happened? Well, we all got ...a book. Dammit, I already forgot what it was called! I'm retarded. I just called it the Maxwell book because they had a whole lot of em distributed by Maxwell (the coffee company. it was really funny, on the inside cover, it had an ad for their coffee, as though it was the official coffee toi have at Jewish celebrations). There were something like 30 people there, I think. I think fitting us all in my friend's living room could have been considered a fire hazard, but HEY it's all good. Made everything feel...cozier! :) Anyway. I can't remember the name of anything. Except the charoses, which was this yummy fruity stuff I put on the matzoh that I think was supposed to represent mortar for the bricks that the Jews used to build things in Egypt? Okay, if I'm really wrong, don't kill me.

And there was lots of singing. My friend's dad played the guitar and sang, and her godfather played the accordian, it was pretty nice. Well, I guess anyone who could sing along also did that, I just stared at my book kind of like "Huh?". But a lot of songs were also in English. I remember one mainly at the end called Chad...something. Well, it was about a goat who got eaten by a cat, who got bitten by a dog, who got hit with a stick, which caught on fire, but then the fire was put out by water, and then a cow drank the water, then a butcher killed the cow, then the Angel of Death killed the butcher, and then a good holy something got rid of the Angel of Death. Got that? Well. Yeah, I remember that because we had to make the sound effects for the animals and stuff. "Baa! Moo! Meow! Woof!" It was fun, I think. ...yes! :)

And I ate too much. I said that already. Food just KEPT COMING OUT of the kitchen and I was completely "Holy crap, this is tons of fooood!" The brisquet was really good. I dunno if I spelled that correctly, but it was yummy. I've never had it before at least. Matzoh ball soup was good too, although it was really chickien soup with a matzoh ball in it, hehe. There was something else, which I haven't a clue how to spell but it sounds like "koogle" and that was really good. Well, the matzoh one at least, since it had fruit in it. A kind of cake-bread-thing...thing. And...blah blah blah, it was nice.

I need to digest now.


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