March 23, 2002

Holy crap, Euan got a ton of Libido bootlegs! 5 = a ton! Hopefully we'll be able to work something out and I'll get my Libido-loving hands on them...[mwahaha].

[Eating a chunk of white chocolate]...yes, this is definitely yummy. Can't you tell that out of everyone in the whole world, I eat the healthiest? [rolls eyes]. I lost about 5 pounds this week and my fat percentage has gone up, and now I am eating chocolate. [makes some kind of weepy noise]...5 pounds isn't much for someone who weighs a lot to start with, if you are wondering. But the only people who know my weight and my mum and myself. She reasoned "Well a lot of your fat is in the lower part of your body, so that's why it [the scale] reads so high..." Thanks, mum. I have the body proportions of a teletubby. :)

Oh yes, Euan also informed me that Even will be supporting the Dove's touring in May. Which is all in the UK, but that is positively...spiffy. When I cannot think of another word, I just say "spiffy".

Last night I stayed up until 5 AM reading About a Boy, so obviously my recommendation would be to read this book. Do you have a clue on how hard it is for me to find literature that I enjoy? I must be incredibly picky, because I hardly do. At least, Jack Kerouac nearly put me to sleep. I think he did. But anyway, it's a great book, although I can't tell you much else besides that. It's funny and odd, and it's easy to read. I'm sure I've haven't picked up any vocab words of SAT caliber, but who gives a crap? A book is a book. However, I'm only halfway through at this point...

I tried to make some short little piano piece...on the piano. It worked out okay, except I can't play it the whole way through without screwing it up. I wrote out all the notes, fingering, and flats (B and E, I forgot what key that is. A? ...if I have to learn any more crap about the cycle of 4ths/5ths I'll go nuts) but I'll have to practice it a lot more before it's listenable. Actually, it's probably crap, I've just realized...and while on Audiogalaxy, someone downloaded my radiohead remix, which made me feel kind of bad cos they'll listen to it and be disappointed at how I've screwed Radiohead's song, eh? Haha! Oh well. :)

And today I woke up at 2 PM. I got out of bed closer to 3 PM after reading a bit, and I am. My whole day so far has consisted of eating, playing piano, playing guitar, listening to music, and writing e-mails. And of course being here, but that goes without say...where else would I be?


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