March 27, 2002

Hehe...David Sedaris. Well, it's around Easter time. I think that excerpt is from "Me Talk Pretty One Day", and that's probably the funniest part of the book, when he's talking about his misguided French class. BWA. He's doing a show (well, not like he'll be dancing and singing) at the John Harms Center sometime...soon? I don't think I'm going, but there were some postcards promoting it at Barnes & Noble and I took a few anyway. Bwa.

Another poor soul is downloading my Radiohead remix on audiogalaxy. If I named it the "Robyn remix" I don't think anyone would download it. Maybe I SHOULD! ...but I'll let em download it so they can have a good kick out of it. I didn't really change the song much in any way. Buhhh.

I cut my mum's hair today. She pretty much stuck her head under the kitchen faucet and told me to chop off 2 inches. I'm not exactly the hair cutting expert (although I have cut my mum's hair a few times, and I used to cut my own in 8th grade, and now I just let it GROW) but I guess she wasn't too disappointed. Getting hair everywhere wasn't very fun though. "You're going to look like you got mangled by some dog," is what I told her, I think. [Shrugs].

God, I'm tired. [looks at watch] the hell did it practically become THURSDAY already?!

Oh yes, and a note to Stephanie, if she decides to read cheesy song about friends came out much worse than I expected, and it was just crap as hell. So I'm going to leave that alone for now. I did not fulfill the requirements of FOLK POP DUO-ness. [stuffs song in a paper bag, ties it up with dental floss, and beats it repeatedly with a stick].


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