March 30, 2002

God I'm tired. Maybe because it's really late/early. I got home at 2:30 AM. Buhhhh brain no workee.

Okay, I woke up I forget. But I took the 4 PM bus, so just fast forward to then. Yup. Ladeeda, going to NY is fun daadeedoodee (see, my brain isn't working) and I got to NY at around 5:30. Nothing very interesting happened on the way to NY. I did not reach any life changing revalations of any sort. What a bummer.

Well then! Diana met me by Au Bon Pain and we ate dinner at the new Yoshinaya that opened on 42nd street. Cheap Japanese food, isn't that appealing? For $5.33 I got this nice beef/chicken thing (I'll have pictures later, bwa) and I ate it in about 2 seconds. I guess I didn't chew or something.

After practically inhaling my dinner (hey, for lunch I had an apple and a banana, but I was still recovering from the matzoh overload of the night before) we trotted over to HMV because I wanted to get "Quiet is the New Loud" by the Kings of Convenience, but they didn't have it. Then we trotted again (why are we trotting, I don't know. Why can't I just use a normal work like "walked"?) to the Virgin Megastore, while weaving through crowds of people, reminding me that Times Square is hella crowded and somewhat not a fun place to be if you're not a tourist. Anyhoo, they didn't have the CD either. Both stores had a ton of copies of the remix album, although I want the ACTUAL album first, yes? They had the Royksopp album, but it was too expensive for me to want to buy it. So some other time, I guess.

After that we decided to walk to the subway station. Diana led the way since I had no idea where we were going. I bought us each a bag of honey roasted nuts from a street vendor ("NUTS ABOUT NUTS") and happily munched on what I'm sure was very unhealthy. Screw it. They're just NUTS, dammit. Diana liked my almonds better, so I switched with her peanuts. I don't think I care what I'm eating sometimes. A nut is a nut. As long as it enters my feeding tube (points to mouth/esophagus) then I'm alright.

I think by this time it must have been around 7 or so. ...wait, that much time passed? [thinks very slowly], I don't remember. Gug. So we went to Brooklyn to make our way to VELVETY TEENY HAPPINESS at North Six, which is at 66 Sixth Avenue, nice address eh? Easy to remember. Well, we somewhat wandered around that area a bit (Williamsburg) and generally, it was somewhat deserted. Kind of a weird feeling. It's more a nightspot I found out later, but at that time there weren't many people and I would definitely put it on my list of "Places to not go to alone at night". Then again, that could include ANY place, but just imagine, okay? When we found the place, it was pretty inconspicous, just a door that had a small sign which said "North Six" on it and something about showing ID. At first that made me think there would be an age limit, but there isn't, just if you're drinking you need ID. The place itself seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. It was kind of odd. "Where the hell is this place?" we were thinking as we kept walking down to the end of the street.

Anyway, they weren't going to let anyone in until 8, so we had a bit of time to kill. We took some pictures We walked around the back of the building which was even more deserted, but better lit. We proceeded to take some random photos of each other (every picture of me came out really horrible, I think. Diana seemed to cringe at any picture which showed her face. Why, I do not know, she is all kyoot, right?) and I'm sure people passing by (well, a car every now and then) had no idea what we were doing. I didn't know either, acutally.

At some point I guess it nearly turned 8 PM. So we waited in front of the place again. It was just us and this other guy. Diana started talking to the guy named Tim, who we (and him, I guess) decided was very weird. Not in a bad way, in a way that you could admire I guess, in that he didn't seem to care about the people around him. So the three of us kind of stuck together throughout the night. Actually, he made me realize that there wasn't anyone else Diana or I could have really talked to, everyone else there was what I would call of a typical bar/live music seeking crowd (we refered to the groups of 20-somethings huddling together as "the in crowd"). We never really fit in that description, which you can interpret however you feel like.

Well, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. So we waited out there until they let us in. Tim, also from Jersey and traveled three hours to see the Velvet Teen I think, also think Jersey sucks. God, who in Jersey DOESN'T think it sucks? I mean there are places worse than NJ but in general I would agree that it sucks. After going in, we had to do a bit more waiting, but first we had gigantic Xs written on our hands to show that we were too young to drink (because I could really pass as a 21 year old, riiight). They weren't going to open the doors until 8:20, I think. And then I saw a sign that said "THE VELVET TEEN - 11" and I thought jesus crap, 11 PM?! It's a tad late, yes? Another band called Orange Park was scheduled to play at 10. We decided that Orange Park was something like Jurassic Park, except with killer oranges.

So when inside, more waiting commenced. It wasn't so bad, we found ways to kill time. We sat on some of the last barstools and I was looking through Diana's sketchbook as she went to the bathrooms there (which she said I should definitely not use, unless they were the last bathrooms on earth or something in that sense). Then we drew some things in the book. Of course, Diana was something like a billions times better of an artist than Tim and I were. We each drew something on a page, and Tim drew a person with a penguin growing out of its head. ...I think. Well, it was because Diana had drawn some things with penguin, I don't think the idea would have come to him otherwise. I filled a page with blobs and random words ("I like burritos! Yooha! I am sobby!") which might be somewhat amusing to look at, if you are on crack.

Diana drew tons more things (she draws so friggin fast and everything comes out lookin perfect, gah!) and drew this really funny picture of our imaginary band called "Exit Sign" with Tim on guitar, me on drums, and her on bass. We had a conversation earlier about how leaving the instruments just LYING there on the stage was too much to bear as we all wanted to play them. I guess if we did that we'd be kicked out and left for dead, but it was a nice thought at the time. And then of course, what do we NAME this imaginary band? Exit Sign, of course! ...I don't know if I'm even being sarcastic anymore, I just don't know what I'm typing. [shakes head].

Oh yes, and at certain parts of the evening up to the point, we saw members of the Velvet Teen just walking around. Like when we had entered the building but still had to wait to get into the actual performance area, we saw Logan and Judah and that other girl whose name I can't remember but I wish I could standing out there talking to...someone. And again when we were drawing things, Logan and Josh were standing behind us. Bwa. I think some of the members of Orange Park were around there too, which was funny because Diana thought that this dude looked like he was in a band since he was dressed up pretty nicely, and later he ended up being the bass player for Orange Park. ...I think. We also bought some stuff while we were waiting. There was a giant bin of stuff on this table by the end of the bar which I guess had Velvet Teen things in it. Judah and the girl who has been with them throughout the tour were sitting there. Everyone seemed kind of tired, I mean I was too in a way, I guess. Must've been something in the air. So Anyway, I bought a nice picture disc of theirs and a set of buttons for $8, and Diana got their two albums, which made her completely broke I think. :(

And more waiting. "When is ORANGE PARK going to start? I can't wait to see them! THEY'RE MY FAVORITE!" Of course we had to joke, it was either that or go insane. Actually, Tim and I talked about the song Chad Gadya (I wrote about that in yesterday's entry, if you don't know what it is) and when I told him that at the seder I went to we all made sound effects, he said he never heard of that and one does that, apparently. Or they were trying to trick non-Jewish folk like me. Hmmmm. Yes, maybe.

I'm not sure what else we did, but Orange Park decided to play at 10:30. Yes, it's just one of those rules of the universe that nothing can ever start on time. They were a nice band, played some nice music, although nothing I could really get into. Not my type of music, I guess. Despite that, I bought a copy of their demo CD for $5 (actually, Diana wanted one so I decided I may as well get one too) although it's only got 4 songs, so after I found that out it didn't seem like such a great deal. Hey, I'm cheap! Poot! But it's not bad to have not many songs, because on the bus ride home I listened to it two times. It's nice, I guess. And the band members themselves were kind of funny looking, I would say...British looking, ha ha. Or non-American. Maybe I'll just say European. They were pretty skinny, maybe that was it. And I think they were all smoking, or if not all, 3 of em. Diana took some very nice pictures of em with my digital camera (I'm really glad I've got a digital camera, definitely a good thing to have at concerts).

Alrightee then, after they were done, the Velvet Teen started setting up. Yay! The drum kit was very cute,, it was. Yup, you'll just have to take my word for it. And they are a very nice band. [Why am I writing like a 3rd grader? Sigh.] But they are, and I'm glad I'm not completely obsessed with them because then I would be in some trouble. I just like them for whatever reason, and they are all kyoot (there is a difference between cute and kyoot, although I can't really explain it). I wrote down the setlist in Diana's sketchbook so I can't really recall it now, but during one song Judah sang into his guitar at first and it sounded really cool. Oo. There is some Jonsi-ness in there. And they played really well, although they managed to play everyone from "Out of the Fierce Parade" except for "The Prize Fighter" which is one of my favorite songs from the album. At least, it was my FIRST favorite song when I first gave the album a listen. They played lots of other nice things, although it would have been nicer perhaps if they played "Counting Backwards". At some point, a girl shouted that out for them to play, but I guess they already planned out what songs they were going to play. I mean, of course they did. ....doot. At another point, either Logan or Josh said something about Tim's "They Might Be Giants" shirt, to which Tim replied something enthusiastic like "YEAH WOOHOO" (he is the kind of person who would do that a lot. I think after Orange Park was done playing he shouted "YEAH ORANGE PARK!") and then another guy said "Give it up for that guy!" It was funny. ...maybe you had to be there. And the last song they played was "Death" which is one of my favorite songs...wait a minute, how many can I have? Well, it's a really nice song, Judah sings really well in it at least. I recorded the entire show with my MD player, and obviously the quality is pretty much crap but I've done worse.

Okay, I guess it's over now. Sniffle. The show was very good though, I'd love to see them again. I sat the entire time, by the way, pretty close to the stage. It wasn't really packed, but there were a lot of people in the back closer to the ALCOHOL talking and stuff, which kind of sucked because some songs call for a more quiet atmosphere and it was just weird to hear all this chattering in the background, especially during "Death". To the pooheads in the back I say "Bah poot!". And honestly people, don't smoke! It's something I will never understand, smoking. I can understand drinking but smoking is just...GAARH! Fills Robyn with Robyn-rage! It's a milk rage, but it's still there. Gr! Well, after the show was over, Tim must have immediately left to attempt to catch his train/bus/some mode of transportation back home, but he had already told us that he would probably miss it anyway since the Velvet Teen ended up playing so late. Mm, well.

looking at slowdance...oh my god, there WAS a party! "Also, after the show there will be a loft party at "Slowdance East," the poorly named East Coast version of this West Coast label. If you come to the show, track down Mike (the prettier half of this tag-team duo) and he will give you directions and such." Tim was actually talking about that ("I heard there's some party after the show") but neither Diana or me had any idea what he was talking about. Not that we could have gone, but...yeah, nevermind, we wouldn't have went even if we did know where it was!

Diana had drawn a picture of the Velvet Teen from the cover of their "+ - =" ep (looks like this) while we were waiting and she got Judah and Logan to sign under their pictures. :) Josh was nowhere to be seen, I guess. Two-thirds isn't bad. Hell, I would have never approached them anyway, Diana is much more outgoing than I am.

And we left, stinking of cigarette smoke. I didn't know this until Diana told me that we both smelled, to which I took a whiff of my sweater and...yup, I was practically a walking cigarette. My shirt smelled pretty awful also, I found out later. Meep. The show itself ended at around 12:20 I think, so I obviously missed the 12:20 bus. I had to take the 1:20 bus home, which was the last one. Wasn't like I was anywhere near missing it, but still, that's cutting it pretty close.

When we got to the subway station we saw Tim again. "I think I see him at the end!" said Diana, obviously more perceptive than I am. So we talked a bit more ("You just left without saying anything?") and took the L train to the Union Square stop. When we got there Diana told Tim how to get to Penn Station, or at least she attempted. The last words she said to him were "Take the L train!" as he hopped out of our subway car (we transferred to the Q line, and he wasn't really supposed to be in there with us, but Diana was still explaining everything and he was almost trapped in there when the doors suddenly reopened). So there is someone we will never see again, but I don't think we'll ever forget how weight the whole night was. Well, maybe not weird, but certainly unique. Maybe that's a better word. [nods].

A bit more walking to the Port Authority and finally, I'd be going home. Woo! Home is nice sometimes, yes? I felt bad for having to drag Diana with me, but I don't think I could last very long on my own. Well. Maybe I could, but I don't know. She lives in Brooklyn so it would be a bit of time for her to get home as well as me. The bus ride for me wasn't too long though, about 45 minutes. So I got home around 2:30 AM, and had what I'm sure was one of the most interesting Friday nights of my life. I can reflect on it and other fun crap like that. Woo! REFLECTING TIME! [pause]...

I have nearly 100 photos, which I'll work on to put up here later. I think I'm going to make an entire site for the Velvet Teen, which won't be too hard since I don't have much about them, but I have my recording and the photos Diana took to SHARE WITH THE WORLD and sharing I shall do, YES YAHOOHA! [did anyone notice what a painfully long sentence that was?]


Before I forget:

The Velvet Teen Setlist:
1 - a special gift to you
2 - naked girl
3 - your last words
4 - four story tantrum
5 - mother love
6 - red like roses
7 - caspian can wait
8 - radiapathy
9 - into the open
10 - penning the penultimate
11 - death


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