March 31, 2002

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The first band was called Orange Park, a very tight pop outfit with actual melodies. I cannot stress enough the pleasure it is to see bands who have songs with melodies. Take it from me--if you're trying to get people to like your band, a good gimmick is to have good melodies. Not just repetitive ones.

We played second and finished the night on the two-band bill. Given that we had enough time to play as long as we wanted, and that our friend Catherine (who was visiting Mike and his friends for a while) had a list of requests, we managed an eleven-song set, axing only one song at Judah's throat's request. It was great. Despite the nearly-overwhelming amount of cigarette smoke, Judah sang a top-notch set with a voice that's back up to 99 percent power. There were quite a few people there, and they all seemed to enjoy the show. I mentioned to the audience that I had my They Might Be Giants shirt on because they were from Brooklyn. One guy in the room, who was also wearing a They Might Be Giants shirt, screamed "THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS! WOOOO!" while flailing about madly. Someone in the back said "Let's hear it for that guy!" and the crazy fan received a warm round of applause. Josh asked the audience how many of them were from New York originally, and only two or three people raised their hands. A lot of them were originally from California.

Heh, they mentioned Tim and his "flailing about madly" thing. Yes, he definitely did. Flail. He was kind of mad overall. But it was cool. If you want to hear it (along with the crap recording where there is a distortion about every millisecond, I think it's mainly the bass drum, and I think you could only appreciate it if you really liked the music...and even then, maybe not) click here. At then end you can hear the THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS WOO bit. You are so unexcited, I can tell. Actually, I'm tired too.

Hey, I'm from NJ. But Diana is originally from California, so I guess she fits in that California crowd. I am not cool enough...[insert fake]

So why the hell am I up? I got up before 9 AM and I went to bed after 3, which (if I do my math okay) does not equate to a buttload of sleep. Why oh why. My uncle, grandmother and some distant relative came over last night and stayed the night, and they left early to go to NY. I mean, that was the point, we are a stopover. YAY. I don't like any of my relatives. I mean. I don't hate them. I mean my older relatives, I'm sure the people of my generation are somewhat okay, but I think if I knew Chinese I'd be worse off. My relatives talk about the absolutely dumbest things because I don't think they socialize with anyone outside their own families. The other relative who is related to me in some way, she is from Costa Rica and said I was tall or something, which any normal person can tell is completely untrue. If I am tall, then everyone else is a midget. I think my grandmother was telling my mum she was too skinny and that she should see a doctor. Well, you should never listen to my grandmother actually, but just that she said something like that is completely ridiculous. I think my mum is of a normal (not average) body size. I think most people know that doctors are not wonderful people anyway.

I don't think many people read my last post, but I figured if you wanted to read it, then you would have. Or maybe it's in the achives now. Here is another song "Death" where the sound isn't too bad at first. You can really hear all the people talking in the back, which sucks (unless it makes some kind of atmosphere, wooha) since the song is pretty low-key. I like it. Bwah. I'm in the process of making proper pages for the Velvet Teen photos and things. Here is "You Last Words" which during the first seconds Judah was singing into his guitar.

I didn't know those were the ghost towers thing. I think I saw it then without realizing. Does anyone thing the whole idea was pretty dumb? Oh well, maybe I shouldn't say anything since I didn't lose any loved ones in there. They're just lights! Or not just lights. [shrugs]...maybe not dumb. Maybe. Taco.

...muh. I think I'm going to NY today. I have to take the 2 o clock bus to catch the Miyazaki movie. Crap, I have to tell...Jen...since that's somewhat important to know. Crappin crap. I'm in an okay mood, not a typical one, sorry I can't think of anything wittier to say. Not that I usually do...yeah, I've just assumed I could. Crap. Actually, yesterday I was in ...actually, nevermind.

[wants to go back to sleep, ooh glorious ears are starting to bleed listening to this recording, I think. I don't want bloody ears. Muh. Muuuh.]

And now I realize the Velvet Teen did not have a blue and white van, making me wonder what van I've immortilized in digital photo-form.. Crap. And I just took a look at my window with Hotmail in it, and I think it said "Hjotmail", which makes no sense and now I'm scared. I'm seeing extranneous js, what is that a sign of?

<---wow, that rules. Jeez.


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