March 26, 2002

Diana got her own domain --> art - without words...oo. :)

The Velvet Teen has been all sickly and such (actually, they appear kind of sickly when they're in normal health, perhaps because of all the coffee/beer/burrito consumption, har har..HAR), which is why they haven't updated their site in a while. ...okay, only I care, I guess. If I don't read one of the band member's lovely prose/photo commentaries each and every day, I lose a bit more of my sanity (maybe that will explain why I've been acting so oddly lately...although I have a feeling that's just because I'm odd). But yet, you read on! You are like robyn slave meat! Bwa. Here is a nice tour diary excerpt:

Logan, who had since died and risen again wasn't in the mood for cheesy bread and spaghetti, though. His only craving was for human blood. He was considerate enough not to drain it from any of us.

Sometimes I too crave the sweet sweetness of human blood! ...wait...nono, that's just chocolate bunnies. Nevermind, false alarm. I was kind of thinking it would be nice if there weren't a ton of people at the show Diana and I are going on (ON FRIDAY!!!) since, you know, I don't have much affinity for being around a bunch of strangers, but that would be kind of mean, eh? The size of the crowd when I saw Even was nice, although I don't think I would have minded if there were a few more people who were more into...Even? Maybe they were, I don't know. Maybe I just appeared to be a casual bar-goer as well (although I highly doubt that, no matter where I go, I never fit in, except for maybe TAIWAN...that entire island).

Who wants to go to the Miyazaki show with me? Anyone?...alright, I'll ask my mum. For some reason last night at around 1 AM I thought "Where did I put my tickets?!" and decided at that very time I would go frantically looking for them. I hate my brain.

Oh yes, school today was pointless, like usual, right? First period I think my class was watching Family Matters and Saved by the Bell. Remember those shows? I can't believe I used to watch those all the time (although that episode of Family Matters I actually hadn't seen before). Okay, WHY in god's name were we watching TV? Our teacher was absent and we didn't have a substitute, hehe. And of course, ALL the TVs in my school get cable and HBO, but the regular channels don't work. Don't ask me, I haven't a clue what's wrong with the school (everything). Oh well, I certainly didn't mind too much, the people in my first period class are generally a nice bunch of people if not a little foggy minded (then again, I look at most people as foggy).

I think I singlehandedly managed to "waste" 20 minutes of my physics class! How did I pull such an amazing human feat? Well, my teacher was telling us last week about an experiement in which a guy had to wear goggles to turn everything upside down, which was a study to see what would happen to people if they saw everything...upside down (when you are a baby, everything looks upside down for a while, although you don't know that of course, being a BABY and all). I remember that in last winter's issue of Giant Robot they had an article about that (a funny one of course, that magazine is great) in which the guy being tortured with the experiment wrote about his less than wonderful experience. So I made a copy for my teacher and during the break between our two periods of physics, he made copies for the entire class and talked about it for a while. Then he started talking about a blind student he had for about 10-15 minutes, which was interesting...about the student, I mean, not that he took up so much time. I can't imagine being blind and having to learn vectors, can you? [shudders]

And I did take a nap. I'm kind of hungry again. I ate some hard boiled eggs for lunch (I had two initially but after peeling em and kind of smashing them they got somewhat gross and I didn't eat all of it) and a bown of carrots and peas (not an entire bowl...that would be kind of scary). I want apples now I think. I mean...EPLES! ...yes. Hm, I think I wrote somewhat comprehensibly today, wouldn't you think?... ... ... [insert uncomfortable silence here]


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