March 24, 2002

Crap, I kept playing the piano thing over and over and still kept getting mistakes. This came out the best, but there was a little mistake at the end, and I decided to take it out. You can probably tell where I cut it out...but I'd like to believe it sounded worse with the little mistake. And if you play piano you can tell that it's not even such a hard song...gah! I'm sticking to my guitar.

And I didn't really do anything today. Not very different from any other day. I ought to do homework. Maybe I'll just take a nap then...oh crap, my laundry! Probably sitting in the drying just waiting to be folded. Fug.

And I think I had just hit the ultimate low of all lows of crap-ass internet connections. 4,800 bps. I didn't even know that was POSSIBLE! How could it be 44,000 bps (which is what it is normally) and then go down about 10 times? And the fluorescent lights right above my computer don't work, so I'm sitting in half darkness right now. They're kind of flickering, like they'tr trying to hold onto whatever life it's still got. It's sad, actually. I hope staring at the flickering doesn't have adverse effects on my brain.


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