March 17, 2002

British men are less fertile than hamsters.

I just though, well you don't see THAT headline every day.

I've done another 1/6th of my history work. YAY. The fractions mean nothing.

What If the words still run off the screen, then there isn't much I can do. You can wait until I make a more suitable layout, or you can increase your resolution. I think I will change the layout sometime anyway, every time I see a nice website, I think "Goddammit I suck suck suck" and then I shoot myself in the head and somehow regenerate. The human body is amazing. Now I need an idea. Another Thom Yorke inspired thing, I'm sure.

I think the date header is in French now. Why? I was getting bored of English. And out of all the languages available, that was the only other one I knew, somewhat. You want to see how proficient I am in French? Je suis le fromage! J'ADORE les petits gateaux et le chocolate! Et tu es un grenouille.

I bet I spelled a lot of that wrong. Har har.

admit it rob. you ARE talented. you can draw you can sing you can play guitar you can play drums YOU MAKE ME SICK. yes, you get the royal "YOU MAKE ME SICK" that i only give to uber talented fiends.

Oh Stephanie, my poor deluded child (did I just call you a child?), it is a lie. That is just my evil slave twin who I forced into a cage to do that for me. Sometimes I feed it worms. HAR! But Stephanie, you are smart and funny and write cool (that was probably bad English, I have baaad English) and take pictures of people lying on cars and SOME DAY YOU WILL SEE JONNY IN THE FLESH and you make cool sites and draw extremely firkin well and design neat stuff and your hair is probably pillow soft.

HAHA, I don't know where that last thing came from. Mmboy. We all make each other sick. As my physics teacher would say..."I'll look at you, you'll look at me, and we'll all puke."

I think it would be fun for me to rattle off a list of nice things about all my net friends. Cos there many, yeah, right. HAR HAR. Hm.


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