March 17, 2002

Aw, Morten is da coolest (dammit, I said "da" instead of "the" which instantly renders me a loser) .

Jeg fant en fanside for Magnet alias Even Johansen (vokalist i Libido, og ex-vokalist i Chocolate Overdose) og sendte en mail til sidens kreatør ettersom jeg selv liker Magnets Quiet & Still veldig godt. Hun har et bra øye for form og farge og på hjemmesiden hennes (en blog som denne) har hun postet noen tegninger hun har laget. Jeg likte i sær den av Jean-Benoit.

...I don't know what he wrote, but I'm sure it is something nice. He draws stuff much better than me, so check out his site and click aimlessly. Maybe I should learn Norwegian...(well, the first language I should learn is Chinese, and THAT ain't happenin'). Or not. Jean-Benoit...JAY BEE BABY. Oh god, why did I say that. OH ...damn, my brain is going into hibernation again. I say dammit a lot more than I used to...dammit...dammit, I'm really odd, dammit.

Oh wait, I tried to translate it:

I found a fanside for Magnetic tape alias Even Johansen ( vokalist in Libido, and ex- vokalist in Chocolate Overdose ) and dispatched a am not sending at afterwards creative as I herself likes Magnetic tape Quiet & Calm awfully be comfortable . She has a a good one eye for admonish and color and at hjemmesiden her ( a blog as this ) has she posted a few designs she has layer . I liked in sær it at Jean- Benoit .

Yup, I've got a site for MAGNETIC TAPE! Well, this is the only translator I know. :)

Maybe I swear when I'm happy. Oh well. I will stop. Um. Yes. So there is another addition to my horrifyingly exciting day, and it's not even 7 yet. This, and the discovery of my eraser twin have made me happy as a pancake drowning in syrup, marmalade, and other confectionary substances that I would never ever eat. :)


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