March 25, 2002

Anthony wants me to make a new page for Ackerman's Music Center, but so far this is all I've got. I don't think he'll expect a marvelous professional looking thing. He had the idea of using the phone book ad though, I scanned it color brown popped in my head. On my monitor, it's a LOT of brown and white on the screen, but I wanted to make it fit for all resolutions so

[shrugs]...hell crap, how much time did I spend on that? NOOO! [sob]

Whoa, how could I forget! Even is playing tonite somewhere in the UK which is all very nice and exciting for me who is definitely not living in the UK. Damn, that bar looks neat. I doubt they'd let 16 year olds in though.


Oh well. Today I made a nice suggestion to my mum:

"Why don't we just get a big chunk of Valrhona chocolate, melt it down, and mix it with tons of nuts and raisins and crap?"
"...yeah, we should! Why didn't we think of that before?"

Buying something similar to that in a store costs $45-$60 a fricking POUND, and while I was sitting there staring at a jar of walnuts, and after cutting a chunk of chocolate, I put two and two together. Of course, this isn't exactly akin to the discovery of fire, but I predict we will be melting chocolate and stuffing it with crap. And then we will FEAST! Yeah. Can you tell that we eat too much chocolate?

Holy crap, what is this? I LOVE IT! FUG!


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