March 16, 2002

"All our base are belong to him."

...whoa, did he just say what I think he said? It's not wrong for me to be so amused by the Velvet Teen's tour diary, is it? Yes, it's the best one I've ever read, although it's the only tour diary of a band I've ever read... but that doesn't make it any less special.


Look at my awesome use of HTML:

Okay, not awesome. I just stuck images in here. Nothing special. My knowledge of HTML is so limited, it's sad. [weep]...anyway, I drew those today. The first one is supposed to be Beck, and the second one is supposed to be Jean-Benoit. Pseudo-art! Am I making any progress?

Holy crap, someone sent me a long e-mail about Even...[reads]...

Magnet has the best voice of all of Bergen, though (expression of opinion, not stating of fact :).

I agree. He DOES, dammit.

Wow, this person wrote a pretty nicely thought out e-mail. Usually I get little short ones that, while nice, are just...meh. Of course, I appreciate ANY kind of feedback about my site(s), don't get me wrong.

Speaking of Norwegian music (am I?) I just downloaded a song by Royksopp (Norwegian duo making electronic music type things) called "So Easy" and it's quite nice, although not the bliptronic stuff that I like so much. So. Go about listening to that.

Today I went to Borders to buy some SAT II prep books. I am extremely screwed, honestly. What IS this crap?! I can't write...I think I'll probably end up doing really badly on all the tests, which woudl render taking them somewhat pointless. I'm not being pessimistic, I'm being REALISTIC; physics, math, and writing are not my strong points (although I have none, so...there's no consolation). I also got this little vocab workbook which I was planning to work on, but then I ended up sketching those pictures up there...I'm just wasting my time.

Oh boy, I am so content. Say hello to Holly, who is probably killing herself trying to work out all the kink of BLOGGER. But I think she's doing a good job, yeah? She's got the "wet rat" photo of Thom, which is marvelous. :)


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