March 14, 2002


How the hell could it be 10 ALREADY? I have homework!...[thinks]...yes, I have to type an outline for English. Well. ...

What HAVE I been doing? I spent an insane amount of time on this (warning: it's a song in realaudio, in case you want to protect your ears) and it's not even finished and...well, the realaudio version does sound pretty crappy, but in general, it kind of sucks. Oh well, I got to use the new (drum) brushes I bought today. Which reminds me that I owe my mum $15. Argh. Okay, I can already tell that the electric guitar sounds too loud, at least in my opinion and now...

...I ate too much (again). Feel like potato sack. SACK of potatoes. Lumpy potatoes. How can a stomach hold so much JUUUNK. There must be stuff from the ice age in my intestinal tract! Just so you know. Yeah, you definitely didn't want to know that.

My biggest problem with my..."music" (or one of them) is that I can't seem to play at steady beat and everything is off so I chopchopchop it up like CARROTS until it all flows and even then it doesn't and well, now I'm frustrated.

...and I have to pee. And I want to sleep. And I want it all!...or none...none! yes. That's it! All I want is to eat the big chocolate bunny I got today from Whole Foods. That's all...and I want the sun to disappear for a while. It's making everything hotter than I'd like it to be. :(


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