February 23, 2002

Would you like to hear a run-through of my day so far?


Oh well, you're going to hear it anyway.

Well, I went to bed at 6 AM. Why? Because I'm stupid? Eh. You know something's wrong when you go to bed and the sun is coming up. I was listening to Sigur Ros, which I haven't done in ages, and yeah...that's definitely some nice stuff. sigh. And I was doing more dumb paint-by-number puzzles, which I stopped doing because I got...tired. Naturally. Of course, would have been more natural to go to bed when the sun was down, but sometimes you just can't help these...things...okay, I could have. I'm living out my last days of vacation to the last moment, I guess.

one more day before school...sob.

Well I woke up at 2 PM. Alright then...went on the Internet a bit, completely wasting my time. Got the mail, realizing that I probably won't get my insound crap for some time since I haven't gotten an e-mail telling me that they shipped the stuff. Or maybe I'm wrong, but anyway, I really want my Phonem cd. I just went to the website and listened to the stuff when I wore out listening to Radiohead for too long. Uh...yeah, well more fun COLLEGE CRAP in the mail today. Why do alumni members of certain school send out mass letters to prospective students also? I mean, I know why, but it hardly make me wanna go to the school. I got one from someone who works at Tommy Hilfiger...yes, my dream is to one day work there too! Eh. So that's four letters from places in Pennsylvania, and then one from the University of Tampa. I'm ruling that out immediately, even though it looks like a nice school, because one of my uncle's families lives in Tampa along with my grandparents (well, they're going to live there) and if I go there for college I can expect that I'll have to visit them a whole lot. This is why I don't even GO to Florida anymore with my mum and bro like we used to, we'd be pressured to have to visit out relatives and well, we don't want to! What's so wrong about that? Yeesh.

Retreated back to my bedroom for more Sigur Ros/paint-by-number fun. HA...ah. I somehow got really tired, and decided to read a book (I'm somewhat skimming through a Carl Sagaan book right now) and then fell asleep at around 5 PM. Ye think something is wrong with my internal...sleeping clock?

I woke up sometime before 7 PM and went straight for the KITCHEN cos I was...hungry. Yeah, aren't I always hungry...ugh. I ate a lot. One of my friends had perfect timing though and happened to call JUST as I was sitting down to eat...! I mean, I don't mind helping her with stuff (I just haf to fax her a few things) but I just hate phones. I mean, talking-phones...obviously I'm using a phone line now, but it's not phone lines that annoy me. It was ironic because during this entire vacation, the main phoneline in my house has been getting 10-15 sales calls a day (what would I do without caller ID?) and I was completely surprised to get a REAL call. Generally the only other real person who has called during the week was my brother. And what are those other people trying to sell? It's ridiculous, maybe they call twice because they're bored...

Advertising is scary...but I knew that!

I made a really bad font.

Oh god. I'm in some random chat room. Except it's not...it's a PENGUIN chat. I wanted to see what it was. Everyone is a little penguin and you can waddle around. Whoa. You can see why I'm so amused then. Except people in these chatrooms have got...uh..problems. Seems like everyone wants to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Isn't that somewhat sad? "Ne 1 hot in here? Any girls who wanna chat?" sigh. I think I'm older than most of these people anyway. I'll just pretend I'm smarter.


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