February 28, 2002

Why was today not such a bad day at school? Well seeing this has something to do with it (I guess Stanley does exist! That excites me. And he resembles a creepier Phil!...well, that's not as exciting). WHAT HAPPENED TO THOM?! Oh, he's so funny looking, in a nice way. He looks like he could be a lumberjack...I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay, I sleep all night, I work all day...

Oh, anyway. Ah...during Russian, we went on the Internet to do research for a Russian thing (My topic? Lacquer boxes...yeah! ...it's not such a bad topic, if I had something about history, I would hate that much more) and I checked to see if there were any pics from last night, and...there you are. It was the most amusing thing I had seen all day.

So anyway. Today all the juniors got their class rankings. I've always thought class rankings are kind of stupid. I mean, they are, they just depend on how competitive your school is. I think my school is semi-competitive. Although I'm not...really. I was hoping just to get in the top 50 (there are 296 people in my class) and I did. I don't really need to get much more specific, I think, but I was VERY VERY VERY surprised with my GPA, and it wasn't just me, my mum was too. So then I thought maybe the school screwed up but...I guess they wouldn't do that. The school GPA system is based on a 5 point scale. Is anyone else's school like this? Because it seems like most are on a 4 point scale. Anyway, I found out about that right before my pre calc class, and was feeling pretty happy...but my math class is full of the smartest people. The top 8 are in my class. Maybe the top 10, I don't know who number 9 and 10 were, but...yeah. So that kind of killed things, haha. But that's only a little less than half the class. One guy was number 29, which is the highest you could be and still be in the top 10%, and my teacher was making fun of him. It was funny though, I mean my teacher isn't cruel, he would just refer to him as "Number 29" instead of his name, heehee. I was surprised, I honestly thought he was...smarter? Actually, in a way not really, he's one of the annoying guys that sits next to me in physics (today I think he was shooting spitballs at his friend who sits on the other side of me. I'm RIGHT in the friggin center, it's...it's...!!!) and he seems to take mainly honors/ap classes (I don't) so...mm. *Shrugs*. Which is why GPAs and class rankings don't mean much to me (although this did make me somewhat happy)...do you know what I mean?

My problem now though is that I can't do any more worse in any of my classes if I want to retain my rank, I guess. I don't care as much as my mum, though. I'm looking at my PHYSICS grade mainly, which always seems to be thisclose to a C. I have a test on Monday and I am completely unprepared! Well, as long as I'm not stressing out....that's the other thing, when the guidance counselor handed me my rank, she said "You must work hard," and I'm thinking Eh..eh...ack...no. I really don't. I do what I have to do to get by, and not much more than that. I am a terrible, aimless teenager.


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