February 19, 2002

Why does this even exist? The world is full of frightening cheese-related possibilities, as I've always said...

Um...no. So anyway, guess I'm going to the Gorillaz concert if Diana can get tickets. WOO...ha...ha! I will use 800 film this time. Uh huh. Then again it'll probably be a big screen with the actually people behind it, eh? Maybe I should check on that...

Another fun site, which will direct you to such fascinating places like this!

And because torque rhymes with Bjork, here is a delightful song for your listening pleasure. Actually, this is really amusing me, does that make me a...dork? Actually, I will download the song so I can make the magic last forever.

Gee, this was so much fun...yes...lookit those SKULLS! HOOHA! Man, this is just one of those crazy sites that makes your head bleed, kind of like superbad.

Am I missing out on something by not listening to the Boards of Canada? I like the Geogaddi artwork...oo this site is pretty. Hooo...aaa.....*falls over in chair*.

Well, not literally. Gee, this sounds very unsafe...yeah. Great....Oh man, I must be bored out of my mind, to have gone to so many sites. And I guess it's a good thing I didn't go to that Liberty State Park Radiohead show, because I wouldn't have been remotely in this crowd, I'd probably be in the back of the line...in another state...yeaaah.

Anti-Bloggies? Yikes. The Radiohead obsesser isn't that obsessed with Radiohead, ah. See what wonderful prizes that person got? Well. Sometimes the world just sucks like that. HA! Crap, that's a lot of quizzes.

For whatever reason I can't understand what a meme is. Actually, there are many other things than that that (I said that that...damn) I can't understand. Like HTML. HTMfreakinL. I use Frontpage, you know. Am I one of the dumbest people on earth? I can't understand CSS either. Or...or...*feels useless*...

*yawn*...three posts today, I've hit my limit. Boohoo. I think I've hit a new low in my life, that during my vacation, no one is really online. Nice how these kind of things work out for me.


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