February 28, 2002

Why did I do this? Well, it took less than 2 hours, I'm hoping. Ha...ah. I messed up the end, but eh, I dunno how to tween...shapes. TWEEN THE SHAPES! The song in the background is "Plaything" by Plone. So obviously I didn't take a nap. I was hard at work, perfecting my flash skills (HAHAHAHAHA please laugh, it will make it less painful) and this is what my mum was talking about today...that I spend too much time on the computer when I could be studying PHYSICS or something. I'd probably fall asleep doing physics. Well I feel like I'll fall asleep soon anyway...

...WHAT IN THE...what, I thought I was considerably happy today, but what the hell is going on?! I placed an order an insound nine days ago, and I've been wondering what is taking so long. And according to my order history, I didn't even order it! But I got an e-mail saying I ordered it...so did I or didn't I? Ugh, I guess I'll have to e-mail them, while in the mean time I've been checking the mailbox every day hoping to see something for no reason, and it's not like I get any normal mail...

ARGH that annoying girl is sending me a million e-mails! I don't know if she knows what she's doing, but she'll send all these e-mails with NOTHING in them and then other e-mails that say the same thing. ...................................yeah today sucked.


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