February 15, 2002

Today was definitely one of the most pointess days of school ever.

sidenote: whoa, someone on the rufus list is trying to sell a ticket to the Clinic show I wanted to see, apparently he can't go. WHAT IS WITH THIS? the pain! the reminder that I am not old enough to go, stop it stop it now! someone is out to get me...

Here's my page for the concert so far. This picture came out the best I think. The pictures really didn't come out that bad compared to what I've done before (most of that is really horrible though, so it's not much of a comparison). Still, you've got me, not very good of a photographer, and then the 400 film and the no-flash and the far-away-ness. You can factor that all in! :D

Back to the pointless day of school...it was quite pointless. I didn't even do anything in PHYSICS (for the first periods we continued working on our lab from yesterday but my group finished) and then the second period, my teacher talked about all different stuff and decided to screw teaching us. HAHA! He knew we didn't wanna listen and he didn't feel like teaching anyway. Good thing he kind of thinks like us.

And then..blaarg. Yeah. Math quiz did NOT go well (they're really quizzes, but they're always hard and so..it's poo) and we had a fire drill during it. Oops. Hope he adds some points to mine, I think I got a C, hooha.

Hm...am I the only one who DIDN'T eat candy yesterday? My Rufus shirt would have been nice to wear yesterday, although now I think it's to ored to ...wear. I don't really have any red stuff, I realized, except for my beck sweatshirt, eehee.

Here's a little thingy I made of pictures Diana and I took of ourselves in front of a mirror at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Eehee. Okay, we had a bit of time to kill, and some film to use up! :D

Hey steph, if you come with me to the B&S concert, then sure I'll go! NAHAHAHA aaa...sigh.


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