February 18, 2002

This amused me for a while, although I'm not sure what it...does. And what the heck is this?

Watching ice dancing right now. The Canadian pair completely fell down at the end, ack! I mean they both...totally went down...it was kind of funny at first though. Sigh.

So what the heck have I been doing for the past 2 hours? Going to a million sites of record labels and such stuff for electronic music type...stuff. Am I that bored? It's not really boring, actually. But so many of these sites are really flash-heavy and my 40 k connection doesn't appreciate that, I think. I wouldn't mind having some nice techno-ee stuff to listen to...

Oh man, they're replaying the canadian pair falling again...!

Anyway. I'm going to download this now, even though I don't know what it is. Great, yeah? I may as well waste some time, hoodeedoo yeah HOOyeah-oo!


many minutes later

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS PROGRAM?! It won't work. Yeah. Well. I want it to anyway. Error: The buffer memory has been lost and must be restored. Well, that tells me so much, I practically hold all of the world's knowledge in my pinky, now what?

Ah well, to make me feel better, the New York Daily News did a review of Rufus's concert. :)


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