February 15, 2002

Rufus singing "Hallelujah" = very good stuff...like...FOOD...no, nothing is like food.

Ah, they look so happy! I'm glad...yeah? They skated perfectly it was scary!

What's Your Style? Find out @ She's Crafty
You're a true nature chick who loves the outdoors. Because you're always running from activity to activity, you have zero time for a full, fussy face of makeup. Instead, you want to be able to hop out of the shower, pull your hair into a ponytail, slap on some sunscreen, and go. Just make sure that your laid-back, all-things-natural attitude doesn't lead to you become lazy -even on-the-go girls need to glam themselves up sometimes!

HAHAaaggagGAGGEA *explodes with evil laughter*...it's funny cos I'm just lazy, period. And that's about it! The idea of me having many activities is funny to think about though..hooha...ha!

*yawn*...this is a pointless post, I thought I had something to say, but then I...don't. I am tired though. I had a weird frozen dinner for..dinner. Something my mum got at the chinese supermarket. Beef and something. Hm...

Oh yeah, the picture that I thought came out the best (forgot to put an "h" in the tag..uh..anyway) is this one:

I have another picture that looks nice, but for some reason it was developed panoramic. I've probably said this before, but my camera doesn't take panoramic photos, and almost every time I get them developed there's a panoramic one in there. Anyone in the field of photo development that can explain this? It stinks because Rufus is cut out of the picture...a...then again all you can see his the back of him, eh? Heehee. This one came out okay..this one too, but the other one is more...colorful! :)

Damn, that's funny, and so very wrong, but I laugh of course. Nice sound effects (I'm thinking of the cupid one, all those arrows!...yeah).


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