February 18, 2002

Okay, so I guess this works? Besides the site tracking icon ending up in the middle of nowhere, this layout somewhat works. *cheer...CHEER dammit*

Because there's nothing more I'd love to do than buy a t-shirt for 30 pounds...mm.

HOLY CRAP...why does the phone keep ringing? It's safe to assume it's not for me, and then my mum never really expects any phone calls, so they're all CRAP I guess. Actually, at around lunch my grandma called and neither my mum or I like to talk to her. That might sound mean, but...it's true! First of all, she speaks to me in Taiwanese as though I'd understand (I don't, by the way) and then she speaks in English (somewhat) about stuff that...actually, nevermind. No matter how annoying I must find it all, it must be more worse for my mum.

Anyway. Finally went to CD World. A pretty good sale too, I got "I Might Be Wrong" for $10. I waited long enough to get it I guess. There was a sticker on the CD that said I'd get something free with it, but they ran out. And they ran out of sampler CDs that they always give out. SOB...alright, I've recovered. Also got the Beachwood Sparks self titled album for $9! I don't know if I could have done much better than that for a brand new CD, so I'll be content at the moment. And it's a very good album, although I don't think it's very long because I listened to the entire thing without really realizing I had...listened to the entire thing. Ah...yeah. That's not a bad thing though.

And of course, no Clinic CDs. They had that little plastic insert that said "CLINIC" on it in the cd rack, but no CDs in sight. In addition to that, the free monthly magazine they publish had an article about Clinic. Uh huh...great, thanks. So I'll buy those now, yeah? ...*goes to insound.com*....dumdeedum. FAARKA they have...sorry. Um. Mm. They have Clinic stuff, but I also would like the 8 Bit Construction Set album. Yeah, now I'm really just talking to myself, sorry...that you are still...reading this....bloop bloop...bleep bleep.

Actually. I can just wait till the end of the month until their next album comes out and buy everything at once. Yeah, why not I've already waited a few months...I'm patient (or maybe it's just laziness).

...um. uhhh...wait, is it Monday? I barely noticed, having no SCHOOL and all. I woke up after 1 PM. Hm. I guess I should dinner now...tofu and salad, here I cooooome!

Wait, watch this first. Hooha. It amused me, at least.


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