February 25, 2002

Okay, I can edit this post because no one has read it yet.

I forgot to add another college thing that I got from Ithaca College. It looks nice, except I don't really want to live in Ithaca. Why am I so picky?

Oh DOODA, tour dates for the Velvet Teen! Oh crap...oh well, they're playing in Brooklyn at a place called North Six. Could I make it there? DIANA HELP MEEE! Oh crap, I don't know if I signed up for the Slowdance mailing list...well, I could just sign maybe for the second time, but that might look stupid. Oh what the hell, I am stupid! So it all works out then. Great!

Holy crap, for the past week whenever I fill out forms or have to push a form button, the browser completely freezes for a few seconds...maybe my computer is in dire need of a defragging or maybe I should just reformat the whole stupid thing.

Oh, I'm going to complain some more...Velvet Teen stuff on sale. I already bought "The Great Beast February" although I haven't got Comasynthesis. Fine, that and the new album are only $18, which is kind of the price of ONE regular CD so I suppose I can get that dough. The dought that would have gone towards the Gorillaz concert if I had decided to go (and if it wasn't sold out, haha). ...ah. Um. ...

Oh, I already signed up. It told me so. Well I guess I am stupid then, HOOHA!...oo..ah.

And my mum just said I could buy the CDs. Not that she would refuse, but I always have to ask, right?

Mm well...today my physics teacher was telling us about how the way we live (in Bergen County...where I live...yes, hunt me down, why don't you) is only representative of something like 1% of the living standards of the entire nation (well, that's not really true, but he was emphasizing these things a bit). Alright, I don't live in a million-dollar mansion, but I know what he means...as in we should all be very thankful for how we live. He went down south and was telling us about how some of the houses are about the size of one classroom. And that they all had satellite dishes. I guess TV provides lots of..entertainment. I'm sick of television. But I remember in Taiwan even the smallest place would have a nice sized TV. I always thought it was a little odd, but I guess not (well, also seeing Taiwanese TV shows and wondering "This is entertaining?!"). Well then. Oh, it's not like I'm not thankful for life...oh wait, I guess it sounds like that a lot. But still, some of the worst living conditions in the US don't really compare to those of third world countries. Not that they should...they shouldn't, but well, visit Indonesia and it'll put things in perspective (maybe...you have to get off that resort beach first).


Whoa, I...talked on the phone!

Actually, I was thinking that in the entire day, I only really have conversation with one other person besides my mum. Or...maybe TWO people, but neh, generally just one. Ahh...well then, my friend Aliza called me about joining her during a Jewish holiday...thing...okay, I forgot the name already, so sue me. [I'm completely non-Jewish.] But it's something that goes on during Passover, a bit thing with..uh...singing and drinking and eating, that's about all I got. Something about a song about a goat. And lots of drinking. ...I've got it down to goats and alcohol, but I think I'm missing something. Ah yes, her and her crazy Jewish family will shove wine down my throat and make me sing songs about goats.

Well, Aliza said I can just say "watermelon bubblegum" the whole time, which sounds like something I am capable of doing. Yes! And tonite I'm actually going out to dinner with Aliza and her mum....a last minute thing I guess. I don't mind stuffing myself with Italian food. Haven't had that in ages.

HOLY CRAP there's a cat in my backyard....okay, that was random. It just walked by. I dunno who's cat it is. [Do I have a cat?]...no.

Oh yes, anyway, today was the first day back in school since this horribly exciting vacation has ended. I say I hate school, but it doesn't really deserve to be hated. I just hate...going to school...oh wait. Well. I hate things that don't deserve to be hated, I know it's not their fault, but it's much easier sometimes to hate things than to like them, isn't it? *smiles*

[yeah I'm mean sometimes]

Oh well. I've got a freakin physics test next Monday, I find out. [Please kill me]...oh yes how I love physics! [kill me]. Everyone in my class was like "Can we just bribe you?" "Yeah, $100 for one point."

I suppose I'll fail then, hooha! I got a C on my math quiz/test (technically they're quizzes, but they're all hard and CRAP POOP FGGG...[fggg?]) which is ye know, great. The teacher added two points to everyone's test. Well, without those two points, I still would have gotten a C.

Oh joy, more college crap stuff! Yahoo! Let's examine some snippets (did I just say snippets?....damn, I said it again) of the letters. Well, none of em are from Pennsylvania, wow!

St. Mary's College of Maryland - In a small way, we're different because we don't pretend to send you a "personalized" letter that was really produced by a computer...blah blah blah<...Do the unexpected--learn more about Maryland's public honors colelge by returning the form below.

[thinking...thinking...honors? I don't even take that many honors classes. Ah...well. If it's unexpected, why should I do it? Hooha!]

Actually, the back of that letter says "EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED FROM A COLLEGE"...and I was thinking, how am I supposed to expect the unexpected? Wouldn't that just make the unexpected the expected? I know I'm being too literal here, but ye know, just think about these things...

Northeastern University - With a degree from Northeastern University, you'll graduate with more than a diploma. You'll have a resume sure to dazzle future employers.

[Man, there ain't nothing more that would warm my heart that to dazzle those employers...I DAZZLE! HOOHA!]

Oh god, what's wrong with me...*shakes head*.

Mount Holyoke College - In my 15 years in college admissions, I've observed that smart, motivated students know who they are. They might not talk about it, but deep inside they know they've got what it takes to contribute to the world and to be successful. I have reason tobelieve that you are one of these students...

[STOP right there...no I'm not! You tell lies, Mr. Bunny.]

University of Delaware - Life shouldn't be ordinary. Not now. Not ever.

[Okay, honestly it says a lot more than that, but it was in it's own little paragraph and I thought, golly gee whiz yes, you are right!...and then my mind completely wandered off to thoughts of cookies and pillows.]

Actually, I think I'll put all my college crap in my other blog, in addition to that. Keep everything organized. BLOG OF COLLEGE THINGS AND WHY I CANNOT GO TO THEM! Joy.


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