February 22, 2002

Oh well, I guess I'm not seeing the Gorillaz after all! Not so bad, I save $40. Haha....eh.

But I just spent $9 sending something by Global Priority Mail. $9 I could have used for...COOKIES!

Or...not. Mm, well. Vacation...finished, practically. I woke up at 2:30. There's my excuse to skip lunch. I ate a banana though, I guess that was a lot...of...banana....m.

Ah well, haven't gotten my insound stuff yet. Apparently I haven't been checking the mail very carefully lately, some college crap stuff has been coming in for me. Which is making me think that my other friends who get much better grades and did much better on the PSATs that I did must have their mailboxes STUFFED with letters from colleges. Oh well, at least some colleges seem to think that I'm intelligent, or...something. Most of the stuff I got is from Pennsylvania. Well, because they have so many colleges, but I don't think I want to live there. Why would I move from the suburbs to live in...the suburbs? In these brochures all I see are TREES and colonial-era looking buildings. Well, just the trees that make me think "middle of nowhere"...aren't I nice?

Out of the college things I got today, the nicest one seems to be from American University in Washington DC. So, of course, I doubt I could get into that. The brochure has the nicest design too, ah...eh. Okay, the FIRST page of the brochure goes like this:

Some universities describe their students with numbers...test scores, grade point averages, percentages. American University got beyond the numbers. We describe out students with adjectives and nouns...leaders, intensely engaged, pacesetters, global thinkers, pragmatic, enterprising, creative, doers...
Are these words that are used to describe you?


...well, I could think of some adjectives and nouns to descibe myself. Lazy, aimless, tired, follower, boring...god, yes! ...stupid college. They try to sell themselves to thousands of prospective students, but in the end YOU have to make yourself seem worthy of going there, and I'm too honest so my college essay will probably not look very appealing. I don't like ...that. I don't like the whole world of advertising (this is like advertising, isnt it...maybe?).

Ah, great, I dunno what I'm talking about. That university seems to be the most global, if that means anything. I don't wanna be shoved into the forests of Pennsylvania.

Anyway. Rufus was on the Rosie O Donnell show this morning. I taped it, I mean, cos I wasn't going to wake up at 10 AM...ha. She did a nice 5 minute interview after he performed "Across the Universe", which was nice. Geez, Rufus is skinny, although lots of people are skinny, but...I don't know. I was thinking that if I was skinny, I'd probably look different, so maybe I should just keep stuffing myself with sweets and stay my same ol' self, yahoo!

I got a postcard in the mail too. Highly unexpected, but really nice I guess. From a friend in Taiwan who went to Vienna during the Chinese New Year vacation. Vienna...wonder what that place is like. In the meantime, I'll just sit here in from of my computer like...a...person who sits in front of their computer. I should probably keep in better touch with my old friends, but then I'm kind of too lazy to do that. Yeah, I'm horrible. shrugs....

They were both drunk? You don't say!

National Slacker Day May Be Too Much Effort...oh god, what's wrong with this world?

And for whatever reason, I think this is stupid too, although I'm not Jewish so maybe I shouldn't say anything...

Would I be crazy to want this? ...yeah, I guess so. But holy crap, slowly downward has been updated, which means that stanley donwood is NOT dead. . . . . .and. . . . .doot.


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