February 25, 2002

Oh man, why am I here? Well, I ate too much. No problem, it was quite good...had a hamburger for the first time in ages (fries also). Yes, I'll embrace my unhealthy-ness, alright? Also at the end of dinner, Aliza, her mum and I shared two pieces of pie. I've never had pecan pie in my life, but I really liked it...mm, pie. [MPIE! You all know what that stands for, right? All you Radiohead fans?...yeah, well, nevermind.] Also had a chocolate mousse pie thing, cos ye know...chocolate is good. I think I liked the pecan thing better. During the dinner Aliza mainly told me the story about Passover, except I've forgotten a lot of it so I guess I'll just have to relearn everything on that day they're celebrating...the day before Good Friday. I won't be the only non-Jewish person there though, supposedly, hooha.

I have many amusing links I could post, but I think I'll post em on the other blog. Why have two blogs...because I have no life, that's why! HAHAHAHA OH GOD oh...god, I know, this is getting pretty bad. I should definitely be doing something else with my life. Perhaps sleeping. I went to bed pretty late last night. Well, it took me an hour to fall asleep, I'm thinking. Sigh.

Oh yes, don't you want to know what amusing Google/Yahoo search engine queries I've been getting lately? You DON'T? Oh well, if you're still reading this then you've already been sucked in. The suspense is killing you, I know....muwahahaha!

  • how it feels to be a blakc child
  • jared leto+male eye candy
  • +mulder +eat-your-vegetables
  • what to do if you get toiletpapered
  • "easiest way to commit suicide"

    I'm afraid I don't know what it feels like to be a blakc child. Then again, I must have spelled it wrong too. Of course, MY favorite was "easiest way to commit suicide" because you know, that's what my site is for. It's a handy-dandy guide to commiting suicide! Don't you want to? Heehee.

    Oh yeah, I was really happy for about a SECOND today. Well after doing some research (I looked at a calendar) I found out that the Velvet Teen show I want to go to is on a FRIDAY (ON A FRIDAY! Radiohead...when Phil had a lush head of HAIR...wait, did he ever had lots of hair? ha...ha). But not just any Friday, Good Friday, and I don't have school that day! THE CONCERT GODS HAVE FINALLY DONE SOMETHING RIGHT! But anyway. Still, it's in Brooklyn. The L train goes there. I'm still not very knowledgable about taking subways though. I mean, I've taken that train once, my friend and I ended up in Brooklyn because we took the train on the wrong side...oops. Oh well, it didn't cost us anymore, but eh. [That whole night was crazy, that ONE night.] Anyway. If Diana can go...okay, I haven't even asked her yet, but I'll talk about her anyway, if she decides to go, then I think my mum will only let me go if Diana will take the train back with me to the Port Authority. The thing is, Diana lives IN Brooklyn and it would be an awful lot of unecesary traveling just for my sake. Well. I think I should ask her first. Ha. But I was pretty happy when nearly EVERYTHING seemed to work out, except that the show is not in Manhattan...well. You can't have it all.

    [I must sound spoiled. I'm rotten. Like old stinky socks.]

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