February 24, 2002


..why, HELLO. ...lovely Sunday we're having. Eh. Today I did pretty much nothing. I wouldn't mind taking a nap, but I figure I should just keep myself up until a NORMAL time to go to sleep. And then I can wake up all bright and happy for SCHOOL AAH YEESS THAT LOVELY INSTITUTION where naive kids are crammed into classrooms with naive teachers to learn about wonderous things like the equation of a parabola, yes, thus is the meaning of life! ! ! ! ! !

[Yes, by the way, I am in an odd mood...whoa, brackets, I've never really used those in here before. There's a first time for everything. I guess I'll use italics if I want to stress sarcasm or...whatever, and brackets to convey random thoughts in my head, although technically everything on this page is random, so it should all be in brackets. But it's not. Well, sidenotes, then. Fwish!]

I installed another browser on my computer (which is on its deathbed, I think) called Opera, and it's quite nice, but I'm already using two browsers so I figure three would be...a lot. Mmwell. My computer froze 6 times today, although four of those times were because I unsucessfully tried to install and uninstall an icon making program. Another time it froze during startup which is just pathetic but I'm used to it. Honestly, all the computers I use really end up being pieces of junk after a while, just because I'm using them. Odd. Well, I am the destroyer.

Well I downloaded something like 4 different icon-making (or more like converting) programs to see if I could MAKE one, and I think I did. The nicest one is this one so far. I didn't make my icons pixel by pixel, tweaked em a bit maybe.... Supposedly, if you're using Internet Explorer then if you bookmark this page there should be a really crappy icon I made next to it in your favorites. Same for diskobox.net, my Plone site and my Even Johansen site. Wonderful. It's completely spifftastic...sigh. Yeah, I wasted too much of my life on that.

Would anyone like to join a group blog that I'll make if...um, anyone wants to join? It's a dumb idea. But blech, I guess I'm bored and want to make another page. It'd be for diskobox.net...you don't have to be one of my hostees, but it would just be a blog for anyone who wants to...actually, I have no idea. If anyone wanted to tell me something...haha!...or if there's some weird site that the world must see or else the world will perish in it's own ignorance. Also it would help if you already had blogger and knew how to use it. And then I could make the most freakin fun group blog on the face of the unverse, unable to be surpassed by any other because IT WOULD JUST BE THAT GOOD...[oh no, I've gone drunk with power again].

[I don't know many HTML tags but I'm determined to try and use all of the basic ones.]

So what...am I...u...m...m. I guess I'm just tired. Not depressed or anything, oh, never! Just...just as always. I can't believe it's so late already....I could say more, but then I'd sound too much like a teenager.


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