February 21, 2002

Mmwell, haven't gone anywhere for the past few hours. I decided to clean out my favorites, although I ended up not really deleting anything. But I've added a chunk more links for you to go to, because you sure as hell won't stay HERE for long (I hope).

Gee-golly-hoo-haw. Farkinpootdammit (that was not a word, I know), why can't I think of such wonderfully lovely prose such as that? I'm such a waste of human life. Someone should use my brain as a sponge...or a pea holder (if there are no other sponges or pea holders within walking distance).

rolls around laughing on the floor for a bit...actually, no I'm not. Have I ever rolled around on the floor laughing? Could be fun, except for all the dust mites...

Because I'm a loser, and I'm downloading a 5 meg mp3, I'll do a survey, because there are some things that you are dying to know...and this survey isn't going to fulfill any of those desires. sorry...wait, no I'm not...

* Full Name: robyn pace lee (pace? ...yes)
* Nicknames: "rob" "robbo" "robbie" "stupid head" "you there"
* Sex: female. we think...if not, then I guess I'm just a plant
* Birthdate: august 27th. yes, you best mark your calendars, because now that you know I expect you to lavish me with gifts.
* Age: 16. i think. I don't do math.
* Where do you Live: new jersey. Hey, it wasn't my decision.
* Do u have a pager?: no, who the hell would page me?
* Ever stolen before: yes...I've stolen people's thoughts, and then I made a cake out of em, and then I ate the cake...and then I puked it up because it was a bad cake, because I'm a horrible cook, you know.

note: I have no idea what I'm talking about. I really need to take a shower. I haven't showered in many many many hours. I think colonies of unidentifiable organisms are starting to form on my scalp

* Height: 5 feet. maybe. and an inch, if I'm lucky. wait. being short is absolutely peachy...um.
* Eye Color: I used to think my eyes were black. But they're just dark brown. you like, like everyone else.
* Hair Color: i guess technically its just really dark brown, but it looks black to the UNTRAINED EYE...yes...gasp!
* Curly or Straight: straight, but not the nice asian way, its straight, and then it goes foop because it's not very soft, so my hair can shove it
* Nationality: chinese. unless...
* School: ramapo high school
* Grade: 11...ONE MORE YEAR.
* Do you have a Job: hell no. ha! no one in my family has a job, and yet we still manage. don't ask me how.
* Any Piercings/Tattoos: nope. I really don't see why anyone would want to pierce themself someplace. ears are conventional, but anywhere else it's like they're trying too hard to do something trendy or something that's against the grain of society which isn't true because...wait...I'll stop now.
* Do you wear Glasses: yes...since the 4th grade, I think. they're premanently attacked to my head. I superglued em.
* Ever been involved with the Police: yes, that one time in mexico...I mean, no
* Who's Your Role Model: I have no idea, which kind of scares me. I'm more likely to just observe what dumb things people do and not do those things
* Best thing you've done this summer: probably seeing Radiohead. and listening to Even. God, doesn't that sound lovely? ITS SO FREAKIN LOVELY...yeah. okay. Peering at Thom through binoculars...yes.
* College: well, what do you know, holyfriggincrap I still don't care which is definitely not good, but eh.
* What style of Clothes do you Wear: I dunno. the kind that covers the skin, I suppose.
* Sibling name(s): Hubert (...yes)
* What Shampoo/Conditioner do you use: I forget. I got it at the Whole Foods Market
* Do you have any Pets: nope. unless my stuffed animals count.
* How many Languages do you speak? one. English. Because I'm stupid and can't learn any languages. forget asian languages, I gave up on that a long time ago, I think. and european languages don't like me either, unless I can survive in Franch just knowing "J'aime le fromage!"
* Do you collect anything? ...not really. do dead bodies count?...no?...*shrugs*
* Are you a Ditz: ...I don't think so.

My Faves....
* TV theme Song: I still dislike TV...sigh.
* Spice Girl: ..uh
* Backstreet Boy: .....
* Fruit: persimmons are good, although they don't seem to have a very long season. so apples and bananas for me, how boring.
* Teacher: ah, this is hard...Mr. Lindgren, my 6th grade science teacher was beyond cool, but then my 7th grade math teacher Mr. Puckett was really cool too. Yeah well. that was ages ago, now all my teacher are just...well, teachers, and nothing else.
* Day of the Week: any day without school.
* Candy: chocolate. CHOCOLATE! GIMME!
* Disney Movie: ...hm. hm...I'm drawing a blank.
* Thing in Your Room: my bed. to sleep. my stereo. to give my muuusic hooha!
* Rapper(s) and R&B singer: eh...
* Restaurant: ...mmm...a japanese one
* Actor/Actress: ..mm...*blank*
* Songs: a ton. "How To Disappear Completely" comes to my mind first, though.
* Celebrity: ...um.
* Animal: penguins
* Radio Station: i don't listen very much, but WFUV plays the best music it seems
* Drink: ..water. :P
* Thing to do on Weekend: sleep
* Season: winter, except this winter has been the biggest pile of crap I've ever lived though
* Number: one wth a lot of...zeros.
* Characteristic about Yourself: ...*blank*
* People to talk to: myself...not as much of a favorite as much as a last resort
* Sport: ehhh, maybe like basketball and badminton, and tennis
* Movie of all Time: ah..um.
* Perfume/Colonge: perfume and cologne have got to be some of the dumbest products out there. I can understand why they're made, but I can't imagine myself ever wanting to buy it.
* Toppings on Pizza: i'm not supposed to eat pizza. but basil and tomatos are good. as in, no tomato sauce.
* Sesame Street Character: ...probably cookie monster. god, i want a cookie right now.
* Song Lyric: "i'm a loser baby"...I don't know.

Do you believe in:

* God: ..neh
* Aliens: ..mm...yeah
* Yourself: e...no
* Heaven/Hell: neeh
* Love at First Site: neh
* Do you Have a Religion: yes, robynism. join me on a pilgrimmage to the mothership...

My Future :)
* If you could have any Occupation: ice cream tester...ha...ff.
* What's Your Dream Car: i really don't like cars
* If you could Live Anywhere: in the middle of nowhere, preferable located somewhere
* Dream House: a nice ...one. that's circular. and has a million windows.
* What Age do you want to get Married: married? i don't want to
* How many Kids do you Want: ...zero. :) i have that loving motherly quality, as you can see
* Girl's Names:
* Boy's Names: well my imaginary kids will all be named Sigurbjorn, har har

Have You Ever...?
* Given Money to a Bum: yes...although not much. I was little and in NY with my dad. I think i only gave like 50 cents, what a cheapskate...
* Named Your Goldfish: ...I haven't had goldfish. so I guess, no
* Gotten in a Car Accident: not really
* Sat through an Entire Dawson's Creek Episode: yes. oh god, why

Things to make You think
* If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring 3 things...what would they be?: lots of food...ots of cds...a cdplayer with lots of battiers
* Where were you when you found out OJ Simpson was innocent: i think 5th grade in my science class. there was a radio and we were listening to it. and we all thought it was a load of crap.
* Where were you when you found out about September 11: physics. we just continued class as normal though. great.

For Girls...
* Do you prefer Guys With or Without Hats:...uh. hats?
* Facial Hair: well, Thom can pull it off. kind of.
* Do you prefer guys with or without Boxers or Briefs: whatever goes, boxers are cool though.
* How often do you REALLY shave your legs: ...i don't know!

And for the Guys... (if I was a guy)
* Do you Prefer Girls With or Without Makeup: ..without?
* Do you prefer girls with Long Hair or Short Hair: ...uh
* Why do you wear your Pants so Low?!?: because i'm a dumbass

Nightie Night :)
* What do you Wear To Bed: clothes. i mean. yes.
* What's Your Bed Time: usually around 1 AM, for some reason.
* Do you Wish on Stars: I look at them and think "the light from that star is really old..so it's acutally dead already..yay!"
* Is there a TV in your Room: nope
* What's the Last thing you do Before you Fall Asleep: turn off the light?
* Person who knows the Most about You: people who i dont associate myself with anymore, which is really crap
* Who do you talk to on the Phone the Most: phones suck
* Parents Married/Divorced: married, but I dont know why
* Any Siblings: a brother. a very disturbed individual
* How many Schools have you been to: ...5? three elementary school, 2 middle schools, one high school...wait, thats 6.
* Do you get along with your Parents: i get along with my mum fine
* Vanilla or Chocolate: chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Craziest/ Funniest Dream: ...*blank*
* Would you rather be Hot or Cold: cold.
* What is your Curfew: curfew? ..whenever I get home? ha.
* What is your Favorite Halloween Costume of all Time: i never liked halloween very much. every costume looked dumb
* Do you Play any Musical Instruments: yes....not well though.
* Talk Shows = Real or Fake: ...uh..how about pointless?

Silly Stuff [You're almost done!!]
* Do you Glow in the Dark: doesnt everyone?
* Do you Possess Magical Abilities: sure. i can make food magically disappear into my digestive organes
* Do you keep your underwear and socks in the same drawer: nope
* Can you name all 4 Teletubbies: po, lala, tinky winky, dispy...oh man, why can I do that?
* If there were a 5th, what color would it be and its name: smpoooosh.


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