February 17, 2002

Man, look at this picture Diana drew of a young Rufus wearing an apron (and damn proud of it...HA!).

Okay, a little silly, but it made me laugh. She also drew a picture of me playing guitar in the bathroom, hm.

Well then, my Sunday got off to a fabulous start. Initially, I felt like puking. I could almost swear my body temperature went up a few degrees, it was about the most uncomfortable thing...well, that's not true, there are many things worse than nausea. But still. And then it went away, and I went back to sleep, later waking up and eating my lunch of EEL and rice. My mum says it's a symptom of menopause, which I definifely don't have, so...hormones. Screw em.

While I was eating lunch, I wanted to read something so I picked up an issue of US News about colleges which was buring in the back of the magazine rack in the kitchen. Blargh. I skimmed it and have come to the conclusion I'm screwed as for getting into any college my family would consider good (then again I didn't need to read the magazine to figure that out). My essay would go something like "I hated high school. And I'll hate college. YOU SUCK!" Ah, yes, it practically screams Accept me! I am good student-slave-meat! But really, if there are so many other people out there who are better, then why should I even bother? At least I don't think I have to take any SAT IIs...in the school I go to, I've beem made to believe that I HAVE to take a science, a math, and an English (I mean, I know you don't have to, but anyway) but that's because these people in my school say things like "Yeah, I wanna go to Amherst, no where else," and related ideas that make me wonder where I've gone wrong. Honestly, there's no college that I want to go to. Just stick me in one where no one will bother me, 'kay?

:) I know, I sound absolutely pleasant, so full of potential and crap! Yeehaw. Actually, I'm just full of semi-digested organic material.


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