February 22, 2002

I'm watching that Canadian pair skating....cute.

Well then. ...wait, I think they're doing an encore...okay, not really. Just another flippy thing in the air, that's all.

Alright then! Uh. I spent 2 and a half hours playing the Neverhood. Too bad the official site doesn't exist anymore, but then I forgot that the game is about 6 years old already. There are a ton of fan sites there anyway...do they still make the game? I think you can download a demo. I didn't think it would be that fast to beat, but then I've got a cheat guide...yes, I'm too stupid to figure out the game on my own. Saaaaaad. But I love the game anyway, even though there isn't actually a whole lot you have to do. It just looks cute, all made of CLAAAY!. There are two endings...one is a lot suckier than the other. Actually, another funny thing about the game is the black and white "Making Of" segment. In one part apparently the gamemakers had a bet of $1000 to whoever could drink 4 liters of fruit punch soda. They show a nice clip of one dude barfing it all up. Yum!

I LOVE WILLIE TROMBONE! ...No, that doesn't mean much. "Hello chum! I have a hole in my head!" I have some pretty freaky weird e-mails from Willie Trombone.

The skating exhibition is so much more fun than the competition...the Russian pair is doing...uh, something...cute! :)

So today I've accomplished pretty much nothing. I ate two brownies...okay, that's not an accomplishment. Ate some nice Japanese food. I've only been up for nine hours...on a regular school day by now I'd be up for 17 hours, I think. Ack...school, go away.

And I think that's all the wisdom my little brain can offer you right now. Aren't you lucky?

Oh wait, I forgot something else. At the Japanese restaurant, I ate shumai and dipped it in some yellow sauce which I figured was mustard sauce, but I failed to remember how SPICY that stuff is. So I stuffed it in my mouth, and thus commenced A SERIES OF TINY EXPLOSIONS taking place in my sinus area. Ow. It happened two times. Watery eyes...cleared sinuses (well they were already clear, so it was really ...yeah) and me going "Oh crap!" And my mum in the meantime saying "Ah, I was going to tell you about that..." Uh huh.

Scroll down a bit on this page and look at the dog/radiohead look alikes. The Thom one is quite perfect, isnt it? Hooha.

I took this test incorrectly...cos I'm stupid...yeah, I should stop taking tests. But...eh, I dunno.

I don't know why I was reading this, but I didn't really agree with most of em. Actually...mm. I'll agree with nice hair, good manners, and creativity, although as for the creativity I don't think I'm thinking about it in the same sense. I can't understand what a cool car has to do with anything. Ack, I haven't even learned any driving yet...ugh. As for scent, I just find cologne quite...bleeeech...I'll stop thinking now, for your sake. And mine, I guess.


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