February 23, 2002

I'm sorry, but I'm going to do a survey now because it will amuse me for a short time period of my meaningless life.

1. What facial feature do you find the most attractive on others? ...hair? eyes? then again, if someone just had hair and eyes that would be scary. not that that would happen. ...oh god.
2. Would you vote for a woman candidate for president? ...why not? as long as I thought they'd make a good president.
3. Would you marry for money? ...no. i can understand why people would do that, but it's just...*trails off*
4. Have you had braces? yes. good thing too, I guess, my teeth would look quite horrible by now without them. i would scare little children...wait, I already do.
5. Do you pluck your eyebrows? I have done that, I was wondering if it hurt much (no) but generally, no. what's the point?
6. Do you like hairy backs? why, GOLLY GEE YES who doesn't? ....erm
7. When was the last time you had a hickey? when was the first time?
8. Could you live without a computer? technically, yes. technically.
9. Do you use ICQ, AOL Buddy list etc..? i use it ALL because i'm..pathetic!
10. If so, how many people are on your list(s)? let's see...37, after I cleaned it out a bit. I don't know why though, I only talk to maybe 5 people on a pseudo-regular basis
11. If you could live in any past time period, which would it be? the 60s. i think i would have fit alright in that time, except for the drugs and sex...uh..hm, maybe not then.
12. Do you drink enough water? well I've been trying, and I end up going to the bathroom a million times. oh well, I can only recall 4 times in my life when I was REALLY dehydrated...
13. Do you wear shoes in the house or take them off? take em off...the shoooes!
14. What is your favorite fruit? apples..bananas. persimmons. yum.
15. Do you eat wheat bread or white? i don't really eat bread.
16. What is your favorite place to visit? NY I guess, figuring this "place" is somewhere I go sometimes...
17. What is the last movie you saw? ....hm. does Beauty and the Beast at IMAX count?
18. Do you kiss on the first date? ...um...*shrugs*
19. Are you photogenic? ...I don't know. not un-photogenic
20. Do you dream in color or black and white? color. I don't think I've ever dreamt in black and white
21. Are you wearing fingernail polish? nope
22. Is it chipped or fresh? ...
23. Do you have any dimples? I don't know...uh...I guess not
24. Do you remember being born? yes, it was a most magical time...um, no.
25. Why do you take surveys? because I'm bored and pathetic! yes, I encompass...everything into one neat little package
26. Do you drink alcohol? never
27. Did you like or do you like high school? hell no, get me out please
28. What is the most beautiful language? icelandic is neat. well, when sung by Jonsi, hm.
29. When you are asleep do you like being kissed awake? ...what?
30. Do you like sunrises or sunsets the most? sunset. sunrise is crap, then you realize you have to live through another hellish day. well, it could be hellish. well if you have a NICE day, sooner or later you will have a crappy day, unless you die on that nice day...ponders...
31. Do you want to live to be 100? maybe. as long as I can walk around and not live in a hospital and my brain still works
32. Do you think women should be expected to shave their body hair? they are expected too, but they shouldn't be, I think
33. Do you like salty food or sugary food the most? can't I have both? CAN'T I HAVE IT ALL? *boohoo*
34. Is a flat stomach important to you? would be nice, but I think it's an impossible goal to reach
35. Do you or have you played with a ouija board? once, it was completely pointless
36. Are you loyal? to...whom?
37. Are you tolerant of other peoples beliefs? ..yeah, as long as its not "I think it'd be great if we could kill everyone in the world with a giant blender, ya!"
38. When you watch movies at home, do you like the lights on or off? ...matters. if it's day, then i don't have the lights on anyway and...uh...I don't know. I don't like movies very much.
39. Do you believe in magic? ...eh...no?
40. Do you have nightmares frequently? Not really.
41. Do you like your nose? if I can breath through it
42. Do you like abstract art? i guess...I don't NOT like it
43. Do you think you can draw well? I can draw ..stick figures! although not very well
44. Do you listen to music daily? yes....tooo much
45. Do you like to watch cartoons? i...guess?
46. At what age did you find out that Santa Claus wasn't real? I don't know. once I asked him for socks though.
47. How many pairs of shoes do have in your closet? well my closet has no shoes.
48. Do you like to wear the same shoes everyday or do you like a variety? the same pair every single day...exciting! and they're still in good condition
49. Do you write poetry? neeeeh. i write meaningless strings of words though...like right now!
50. Do you snore? sometimes
51. Do you sleep more on your back, front, or sides? ..hm...I dunno. i toss and turn. because i'm just difficult
52. Would you rather have a poodle or a rottweiler? a penguin
53. Do you lick stamps? Envelopes? well, if i have to...eh..
54. Do you use an electric can opener? why yes, when I open CANS.
55. Have you ridden in a hotair balloon? yeah, it was pretty freaky.
56. Which hurts the most, physical or emotional pain? emotional. then again, I haven't yet had my body smashed into many tiny pieces or had to undergo major surgery. so maybe i can't say
57. Do you think balding men should shave their heads? ..no?
58. Do you know anyone who is clinically depressed? well, I might, but I don't really know it...does anyone really know? DO YOU!?
59. Do you prefer a piano or a violin? violins sound nicer, if they're played by someone who knows what theyre doing...at least
60. Are you a sex addict? ...how could I be a sex addict?
61. Do you know someone who has cancer? my grandma? heh..eh.
62. Do you like to argue? not really.
63. Do you hunt? ..no.
64. Do you like fast food joints, or expensive resauraunts? well i'll assume that there couldn't even be a "good" fast food restaurant, so I guess I'll have to go to expensive. as long as I'm not paying
65. Would you rather visit a zoo or an art museum? ...thats hard. matters what kind of art museum.
66. Do you have a middle name? What is it? Pace. ..eh.
67. Are you basically a happy person? I don't know.
68. Are you tired? yeah, all the time...ugh. unless I'm seeing EVEN JOHANSEN LIVE or something, but that doesn't really happen often.
69. Did you drink anything with caffeine in it today? ...no.
70. Have you ever met anyone off the internet? two. maybe in the summer i can make that three.
71. How many phones do you have in your house? ...hell, I don't know!
72. How long is your hair? its like..um. um. I dunno. I don't know my measurements very well, but more than 6 inches past my shoulder.
73. Do you get along with your parents? ... i guess?
74. What color of eyes do you prefer? ...i dunno. prefer? what am i'm choosing for? light eyes always seem the nicest, but then they also scare me the most for some reason. i have this issue with looking at people straight in the eye...I usually can't. I don't know why, but it just makes me feel uncomfortable...*shrugs*


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