February 20, 2002

I think I was just watching skeleton on the TV....so what's that like, sledding for psychos at at insanely high speeds? Mm, looks like fun! I think I would like to try that once (once because I'd probably die doing it).

Anyway. It's raining!...yay! I think. This winter has been the crappiest winter I can remember. Nearly no snow. No snow days at least. There's always at least ONE but I don't see it happening this year, unless it flurries in the middle of March.

I've definitely watched enough Beck for the day. Make a 6 hour video, smushing as much stuff as possible on it. Making me believe that Beck is the coolest human being on earth...really, who could be as cool as Beck? I was watching this video of a concert he did in Germany in 1997, and while he was singing "Minus" (I really like that song, although I don't know why) I swear he was saying "blah blah blah blah blah bluh blah blah" or something, and then suddenly he said "TAPIOCA!" and resumed the "bluh blah"-ing. A bit hard to understand him sometimes...yeah. Also watched the episode of Futurama he was in, god that show is hilarious. I heard FOX is cancelling it....first Invader Zim, now this? Then again, it's not as though I really watched either of those shows religiously, so I can't say I was much help. Hopefully they'll have videos.

And that was my lovely exciting day! Tomorrow is another fun filled day of staying home and doing nothing! Maybe I'll watch some more Olympics...woo. God, this vacation is practically over, what the hell have I been doing? ARGH!


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