February 16, 2002

I finally finished the Rufus page! And I'm gonna assume all those links to the songs work. Now you can listen to Hallelujah...actually, listen to the apron story...:)

So that's pretty much what I did today. I woke up, ate lunch (eel rice, I'll get tired of it some day, maybe) and then spent the next few hours doing...this stuff. I was planning to go to Ackermans (that's a page I made for them although Anthony, the guy that runs the place, never seemed to get it up anywhere so I've just left it here for now) to buy some brushes and mallet things for the drums but then I didn't feel like it. And. Well, yeah. Maybe Monday.

And I was planning to go to NY tomorrow, but I just got my period today. Which is something like 5 days early (not that you need to know...but...I don't want these things to happen!) and ugh. I could go, I don't think I'll feel too sickly (although I usually feel a bit ill) but I don't want to go searching for public bathrooms in lower Manhattan, you know? Yes? The worst time I had my period was during a group tour thing in..Asia. That's a bit vague...Asia...well.

So I've got a fuuun week ahead of me. I suppose it's better to have my period now than during school, just like getting sick or something, but...eh. Mm. R..rar. I think I'll go eat a cookie now before I am glued to my chair.

A new Wallflowers album...coming out in the summer. I barely listened to the last one, maybe I should go listen to it again. Last night I was listening to their first album which might be my favorite, since I forgot it was in my stereo, hehe. I mean...mm...I guess I'm not really into them, but when I do listen to them it's really nice, for some reason. But them going on tour in the summer sounds like possible concert-ing for me, heehee. A few of you could imagine if I could see them 3 years ago, I would have gone absolutely nuts. It WAS three years ago, the whole...yeah...anyway. But the first album is very good...didn't anyone buy it? :)

Oh yeah, wanted to show you another picture of the internet cafe Diana and I went to. That's Diana and her page on the screen. So you see...uh...lots of screens. Tons more than in that picture at least. I didn't even notice all the cameras at the top..oo. And next to all the screen there's a "phone" to listen to audio.


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