February 19, 2002

I ate snails for lunch.

...well, not just snails. That was just the appetizer. I mean the HORS D'OUVRE...wait, did I spell that right? Eh. I'm quite disappointed that after taking French for so many years, I've pretty much forgotten everything already. But yeah, doesn't that just make your mouth water? The snails! Hey, don't say anything if you haven't tried it...

Oh well, I just blew a chunk of money at insound. If you ever buy stuff from there, use my code roboppy and then you can help me save some money, pleeease? Please? Eh well, here's what I got, if you're curious enough:

  • Zealectronic Aubergine - Fleischmann
  • For Friends: Tomlab + Audio Dregs - Various Artists
  • Hydro Electric - Phonem
  • A Choir of Empty Beds - Fleischmann
  • Battle Record - 8-Bit Construction Set

    Yeah doesn't that just...uh...I dunno. I hope it wasn't a waste. The restriction I put on myself was to keep everything under $50, and I had a coupon so I kind of got free shipping, phew. I don't usually spend much money, I think. So it's alright...right? I always feel guilty for some reason when I buy stuff that I'm not really DYING to have, because it's not as though I did any hard work earning my money (besides just living) and maybe I'm just throwing money around too carelessly when it could be used for much bigger better things in the world. Is that odd? Maybe I could save children in third world countries instead of eating those SNAILS! Goddam snails!

    And this Beachwood Sparks album is great! Yeah, trust me, okay? I like the dude's...voice...all the dudes. Four dudes! It's all sweet sounding. Maybe it'll give you nice dreams. I had some very odd dreams last night, but I think I've forgotten them all by now. Which is weird because I had them...YES I remember! Alright. I was...nevermind, I can't explain it. But I can picture it (yes, I know you don't care).

    If the some of the images didn't work before, can you tell me if they work now? Or if they still DON'T work? I think I corrected it. :)

    I think we should have a moment of silence for Rebecca's teeth which have just been RIPPED from her skull. *bows head*....

    This might be a dumb question, but should I go to a Gorillaz concert next Thursday? I wouldn't think twice about it if it was on Friday, but ugh, THURSDAY! I hate that. School! I HATE YOU, SCHOOL! Diana asked me to go because one of HER friends asked her, and she said she'd go if I would go to. I haven't even got their album (not really a fan, but I don't mind them)! Diana at least has it....mm. Well. I think if my mum lets me, then I'll go, and then I'll just suffer the next day. Eh well, Diana has to work the next day too, so we'll all suffer in unison, how about that? :P

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